Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hotmail is Now Outlook

Microsoft is giving its 16-year-old Web-email service a complete overhaul and a brand new name. and therefore the results are spectacular.

Starting on, it'll be known as Outlook.com. this is often a part of a brand new Microsoft strategy to use "Outlook" because the name for all its email offerings.

I've been employing a pre-release version of this new email service for the past seven days and it includes dozens of good options that simplify the otherwise-exasperating method of managing your email inbox. Examples embrace optional one-click scheduled cleanups of mail that delete all however the last message you bought from someone; a secure, built-in thanks to unsubscribe from newsletters; and simple strategies for making email sorting rules for brand spanking new and previous messages. I cut the amount of emails in my inbox in 0.5 once the primary day of using Outlook.com.

The new Web-email service conjointly incorporates social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, displaying profile photos and standing updates alongside email messages. And yes, you'll need the choice of obtaining a brand new, @Outlook.com address, though you'll be able to conjointly value more highly to keep on with your @hotmail.com address. Though Hotmail continues to be the leading internet email service world-wide with over 325 million users, in line with comScore Inc., Yahoo and Google's Gmail dominate within the U.S.

This is only 1 of the many dramatic moves at Microsoft this summer. the corporate is readying for the large fall launch of Windows eight, which can traditionally meld the desktop computer and pill operating systems in one place. It conjointly simply announced a brand new version of workplace 2013, that updates the software program to figure smarter with the online. If that wasn't enough, in June the corporate announced its upcoming iPad challenger, Surface, that favors Apple's model of planning and producing hardware in lieu of Microsoft's ancient software-only philosophy.

Not all of the options in Outlook.com can work as you expect. solely half my email contacts' names appeared with profile photos automatically pulled in from Facebook. This was as a result of those friends either weren't on Facebook or had registered for Facebook with an email apart from the one they were using to speak with me. I solely saw some friends' Twitter updates. Facebook chat is additionally inbuilt, however I rarely use this.

When Outlook.com's automatic linking to social networks did work, the result was magical. Dull, text-only contact names were suddenly enhanced by photos, some from individuals I did not recognize were on Facebook.

I did not have to depart email to visualize my friends' latest standing updates. I might click a thumbs-up icon to "like" the standing right in Outlook.com, or click a word bubble to comment, though this sent me off to Facebook.com. If somebody was registered on Facebook however we tend to weren't friends, I saw that person's profile photo and a link to feature the person as an acquaintance. I did this with one in all my longtime tennis teammates.

The overall look of Outlook.com is way cleaner and a lot of refined compared to Hotmail. Fonts are larger and easier to browse, and it's built-in, playful animations that created me wish to send emails: when I hit Send, the total message perceived to instantly shrink and be sent off removed from me.

Rather than cramming Mail, People, Calendar and SkyDrive (Microsoft's cloud storage service) into one screen, Outlook.com enables you to toggle between these classes using four giant tiles. And these tiles solely seem once you faucet a drop-down arrow, so that they do not take up area on your screen.

Microsoft Reboots Hotmail As Outlook
The previous Hotmail did a pleasant job handling photos. Outlook.com takes that a step any by seamlessly integrating SkyDrive. after I hooked up photos to emails, a message appeared within the composing screen prompting me to, instead, share the photos via SkyDrive, that sends thumbnail pictures in emails and links friends to the online to visualize actual pictures, instead of clogging my friends' inboxes with huge attachments.

Also during this email-composing screen, I might name the new SkyDrive folder that might hold my photos. folks that received these emails were delighted, like my sister, who said it had been simple to scroll through images—and she loved that there wasn't an advanced sign-in.

But what if you employ another internet mail service and every one of your friends already recognize that address and email you there? Outlook.com is barely too happy to import your contacts from different services, and it offers the simplest way to receive email from different accounts. you'll be able to conjointly send mail from Outlook.com on behalf of your different accounts, like Gmail. Outlook.com is technically in an exceedingly "preview" stage, however Microsoft said it'll take away the "on behalf of" later this year and simply send emails as if they were from your different account.

Outlook.com does not have a wise approach of automatically sorting necessary emails, like Google's Gmail Priority Inbox, that is my favorite feature in Gmail.

Microsoft's new Outlook.com appearance elegant and encompasses a remarkably user-friendly interface. If you are overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox, desire a higher thanks to type emails or would like a better thanks to share photos and files, Outlook.com may be a winner.

No have to be compelled to be kind here: telling individuals you employ Hotmail has been the web equivalent of admitting to necrophilia. however once a decade as a punchline, Hotmail simply attained the largest victory within the inbox game since Gmail. And it'd simply get you to modify.
This is setting out to look acquainted to the purpose of predictability. Microsoft takes one thing boring, partially broken, and completely entrenched: Windows, Office, Mobile. Toss nearly everything ugly and uninspired into the ash heap, place good individuals to figure on it, and pack it packed with Metro. Windows 8, Office 15, and Windows Phone have all turned stale things into vibrant, fashionable successes. And Hotmail—now Outlook—can boast a similar.

It truly appearance smart

But, come on, is Hotmail capable of a makeover? Hotmail? Even the folks that work on Hotmail can admit while not reluctance that the name itself is one in all the service's biggest liabilities. no one desires to mention Hotmail. no one desires it on their resume, on their card, or shared over drinks. it has been stigmatized notwithstanding how smart or awful it truly is—when was the last time you even checked?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics a sellout for all the incorrect reasons

Apologies to all or any of you who have simply rushed back from your closest Westfield looking centre, grabbing the most recent Olympics-themed burger from McDonald's on the manner home to settle in for the evening's action from London.

This is an unashamed critique of the sham called the Olympics - a sporting spectacular that's extremely an over-commercialised celebration designed for the profit on an previous boys network, additional intent on creating cash than celebrating sport.

Where to start? perhaps the $54m gap ceremony. What a waste of cash. every Olympics puts pressure on successive host to form this extravaganza larger, higher - and dearer. At what cost? London and England have enough troubles in their back yard than to gloss them over with a glitzy celebration.

Think back to the not-so-long-ago riots that enveloped and scarred the country. pay the money on upgrading those awful housing estates. No? Oh well, simply lightweight the flame and find on with the show.

And what have the primary few days thrown up?

Plenty of empty seats is that the lasting impression. way too several empty seats when general fans cannot get them as a result of events have apparently been sold out. It's a humiliation. begin staring at the allocations given to those on the "gravy train" who then fail to point out.

Swimming heats that feature 3 competitors? These appear to be designed to cater for the athletes who don't have any show of advancing. It saves them the embarrassment of finishing to this point behind the real contenders that viewers marvel why they're there the least bit. and that is the question - why are a number of these athletes concerned once they are therefore clearly not up to standard?

What concerning the questionable sports. Why do the Olympics glorify shooting? because the world reels in horror at the most recent mass-murder in Colorado and yankee gun laws are once more questioned, Olympic viewers are inspired to applaud girls with pistols larger than those carried by "Dirty Harry" firing at targets. Sport?

The men's soccer competition? Why ought to the Olympics embody an age-restricted class, particularly when it involves the world's biggest game? Having under-23 squads boosted by "a few previous men" makes a mockery of soccer. Roger Federer and Serena Williams are at the tennis, Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins rode cycling's road race nonetheless most of world's best soccer players are absent. maybe petty it's Olympic jealousy at FIFA's World Cup; world sport's alternative major sham when it involves commercialism and previous boy networking.

The predictable doping scandals that have already reared their ugly heads and nobody has even started running round the track nonetheless. it is a unhappy indictment on what the Olympics became - a necessity to try to to something to do to induce a gold medal.

It's early days for the London extravaganza however way too several anomalies are already hidden amongst the real achievements to appease the sensation that the Olympics leave themselves way too exposed to the mercies of the sporting cynics.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kashmiri Saffron by Post

The Department of Posts these days launched 'Saffron Post' theme that may deliver the famous Kashmiri saffron at the doorsteps of the purchasers anywhere within the world.

The Saffron Post was launched by Agriculture Minister Ghulam Hassan Mir at Saffron city of Pampore, in Pulwama district of Kashmir valley.

Saffron Post is on the market in packets of zero.5 grams, one gram and 5 grams at choose post offices in Kashmir, a political candidate of the Department of Posts said.

He said customers should purchase the product face to face at India Post shops in Jammu and Kashmir.

"They may also place orders of Saffron through the Post Master (Saffron Post division), GPO, Srinagar and therefore the product are going to be packed and delivered through Speed Post across India and round the world," he added.

Addressing the perform on the occasion Mr Mir appreciated the involvement of the Post workplace in promoting saffron.

At the inaugural perform the Chief Post Master General of J&K, John Samuel declared that whereas this new service are going to be a significant boost to the Saffron growers and dealers, it'll conjointly facilitate them across India to urge top quality Saffron through the postal network in convenient and economical manner.

He said this new initiative of the Department of Post brings Kashmir into the lime light-weight, as Kashmiri Saffron is sold and delivered the postal network.

Bhalla Nasir review progress on 4 lanning of NH

In order to scale back the hold up the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway and supply respite to the commuters from the frequent traffic jams, the Minister for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Raman Bhalla together with Minister of State for Revenue, Nasir Aslam Wani these days conducted a busy tour along the National Highway and took stock of the progress of land acquisition on the sixty five kms long four lanning Qazigund to Lasjan Bye-pass road project.

Commissioner-Secretary Revenue, B.A Runyal, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Dr. Asgar Samoon, District Development Commissioner, Srinagar, Baseer Ahmed Khan, District Development Commissioner, Anantnag, Farooq Ahmed Shah and alternative high ranking officers conjointly accompanied the Ministers.

At Lasjan- Bypass (Budgam), the Minister was informed that out of eleven.7 kms from Gallander to Lasjan, compensation of 10 kilometers has already been disbursed among the landowners, whileas the remaining land acquisition method is in progress.

The Ministers directed the involved officers to planned out the bottlenecks and acquire the remaining land for early construction of road project.

The Ministers later visited Galender-Pampora and enquired regarding the progress of the land acquired for the said project.

They were informed that in Pulwama district, Rs 65.24 crore are disbursed among the land homeowners. They were any informed that Rs 252.02 crore are distributed amongst the 3181 beneficiaries of Anantnag and Budgam districts as compensation.

It was conjointly given out that out of sixty five kms, work on thirty five kms is currently in progress, whereas on the remainder, work are going to be started soon.

During the visit, the Ministers were informed that the compile work of newly Sangam Bridge has been completed and therefore the any work is below progress. The District Development Commissioner, Anantnag informed the visiting team that regarding a hundred and twenty structures are dismantled and work on the project is below progress.

The Ministers conjointly visited Pujtang (Bijbehara) together with NH-I and inspected the progress of the continued land acquisition work.

Meanwhile, Bhalla whereas taking a powerful note of the slow pace of the work on the project directed the involved agencies to expedite the pace of labor on war footing in order that the project is also completed in time. He said whereas an honest portion of land has already been acquired for the project there's no any question of hurdle within the progress of finishing the project.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shrine Board reviews ongoing Amarnathji Yatra

Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board met here today under the chairmanship of Governor N.N. Vohra, who is also the Chairman of the Board. The meeting reviewed the ongoing Yatra and expressed satisfaction over the strenuous efforts made under the Governor's sustained direction for ensuring satisfactory management of the pilgrimage despite serious constraints arising from the heavy snowfalls in the preceding winter and bad weather for several weeks before the commencement of the current Yatra which commenced on 25th June 2012.

The Board Members, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Pt. Bhajan Sopori, Justice (Retd) G.D. Sharma, Dr. (Prof) Ved Kumari Ghai, Sunita Narain and Vijay Dhar visited the holy cave shrine early morning alongwith Navin K. Choudhary, Chief Executive Officer of the Board, to pay obeisance and to inspect the arrangements made for the Yatris. The Board Members interacted with the Yatris and Doctors running the Medical Aid Centres (MACs) to review, the obtaining arrangements for providing suitable treatment to the Yatris.

The Board meeting, attended by the CEO and the Additional CEO, Preet Pal Singh, expressed satisfaction over the enlargement of the network for the Registration of pilgrims. The Board was informed that 4,07,815 pilgrims had secured Registration uptil 22nd July 2012 as against 2,59,897 Yatris during the entire Yatra 2011 in which 6.35 lakh pilgrims had paid obeisance at the Shrine. The Board was further informed that as against 99,315 pilgrims who had secured On-Spot Registration during Yatra 2011 as many as 93,902 had secured On-Spot Registration up to 22nd July 2012 in the ongoing Yatra.

After detailed discussion, the Board observed that while the Registration process had gained considerable headway and a significantly higher percentage of the pilgrims were arriving only after procuring Registration based on Health Certificates, further efforts would be required to ensure that 100% pilgrims arrive after procuring Registration based on valid Health Certificates in future Yatras.

As regards the casualties suffered by pilgrims, the CEO reported that, on the basis of statistics being maintained by the Shrine Board, as uptil 23rd July evening 90 pilgrims had lost their lives, 84 due to medical reasons and 6 on account of accidents within the Yatra area. Besides, 22 pilgrims had lost their lives outside the Yatra area, of whom 18 were killed in accidents.

The Board was informed that consequent to the directions of the Supreme Court in a recent Suo Motu proceeding, the Governor, as Chairman Shrine Board, had nominated Sunita Narain, Director General, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi and Navin K. Choudhary, CEO, to represent the Shrine Board on the Special High Powered Committee (SHPC) established under the Supreme Court's order. Ms Narain will advise the SHPC on environmental issues.

The Board expressed grave concern and deep regret over Yatris losing their lives and desired the CEO to prepare a detailed critical report on the various contributory causes where after, as necessary, the Board may convene a Special Meeting to discuss this matter in full detail. The Board observed that while all necessary steps must be taken to ensure against loss of life in the coming years it is imperative to reckon the harsh climatic conditions of the high Himalayan altitudes through which the pilgrims have to trek. In this context the Board observed that the implications of early commencement of the Yatra would have to be seriously revisited.

The Board observed that more vigorous measures may require to be enforced to prevent the loss of pilgrims' lives.

The Board expressed satisfaction over the measures taken to ensure progressive improvement in sanitation and maintaining of cleanliness at all Camp locations and along the tracks. In this context, Chairman requested Sunita Narain to pay an early visit to the Yatra area, before the conclusion of the ongoing pilgrimage to review the sewage treatment at first hand and advise regarding further improvement.

Chhari Mubarak to leave for holy cave on Saturday

‘Chhari-Mubarak’, Holy Mace of Lord Shiva will start its journey from Dashnami Akhara Srinagar on Saturday for a final darshan of self-made Ice-Shivlingam in the Amarnath cave shrine in South Kashmir Himalayas on Sawan Purnima (Rakshabandhan) day on August 2.

With this the annual pilgrimage, which commenced on June 25, will culminate and Chhari Mubarak will start return journey.

The Holy Mace will remain at its abode in the Dashnami Akhara temple till July 27 for the darshan of the devotees, said Mahant of Chhari Mubarak Mahant Deepinder Giri.

Mahant Ji, who performed traditional Chhari-Pujan on the occasion of Nag Panchami in the temple yesterday, which houses the Holy Mace said hundreds of saint (Sadhus), locals and other devotees participated in the special prayers and had darshan of Holy Mace of Lord Shiva.

The devotees also participated in religious function (Bhajan-Keertan) programme on the occasion till late in the evening.

He said the journey of the Chhari Mubarak will start from here on July 28.

The Chhari Mubarak will pass through various temples en-route to holy cave.

Traditional worship Pujan will also be performed at Surya temple Sonwar, Durga Nag temple Srinagar, Shiv temple at Pampore, Shiv temple Bijbehara, Martand Tirth Mattan, Ganeshbal and will stop for night stay at Pahalgam.

The Chhari-Mubarak will leave Pahalgam the next day and make a night halt at Chandanwari and then onward journey to Sheshnag, Panchtarni and finally for holy cave shrine on the Sawan Purnima.

Traditional rituals will be performed and prayers shall be offered the whole day at Holy cave. However, before dusk, Chhari-Mubarak start return journey and will have night halt at Panchtarani.

From Panchtarani, Chhari-Mubarak will leave at 0700 hrs for night halt at Pahalgam.

Worship (Pujan) and immersion ‘Visarjan’ ceremonies will be performed at 0915 hrs on the bank of river Lidder in Pahalgam. Thereafter, traditional ‘Kari-Pakouri’ religious feast Bhandara will be organized for saints (Sadhus).

With this last ritual, annual pilgrimage of Amarnath will culminate.

Chhari-Mubarak will return to its abode at Srinagar.

Meanwhile 6,550 pilgrims performed darshan at holy cave of Swami Amarnath situated at an altitude of 3,888 meters in South Kashmir today. With this the total number of pilgrims performing darshan in cave shrine has touched 5,90,214 during last 30 days.

A total number of 5.83 lakh pilgrims have performed darshan in the cave shrine till late last night and majority of them have returned to their homes states, an official spokesman said.

He said 569 pilgrims are staying at holy cave and they will perform darshan early tomorrow morning.

He said 2,507 pilgrims left from shortest Baltal track for holy cave this morning while 2,946 left the Nunwan –Pahalgam base camp via traditional Chandanwari track.

The yatris having night haltage at different camps also started their ongoing journey early this morning, he added.

This is the lowest number of pilgrims leaving from Nunwan and Baltal base camps for holy cave or performing darshan since the 39 day long yatra started on June 25.

Besides a fresh batch of 888 pilgrims comprising 545 males, 178 females, 16 children and 149 Sadhus left for the Amarnath Shrine in a convoy of 33 vehicles including 27 State Road Transport Corporation (SRTC) buses, two private and four light motor vehicles, from Bhagwati Nagar Yatri Niwas an official spokesman said.

These yatris after a night halt at Baltal and Nunwan base camp will leave for holy cave tomorrow morning.

Finally the tough measures taken by the authorities have started yielding results as no yatri death was reported during the past 48 hours.

The toll is still 98 deaths, including two locals, a yatra official said today.

He said no yatra death was reported from any part of the yatra route.

Health Minister Sham Lal Sharma said the Government was planning to set up medical boards from next year, where doctors would examine yatris’ fitness before allowing them to undertake the pilgrimage.

This, he said, would be done with the consultation of Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) and others, connected with the annual pilgrimage.

Official sources said this has been because of strict measures taken by the authorities who had decided not to allow any unfit yatri to undertake the pilgrimage.

Shri Budha Amarnathji Yatra 2012

A batch of 1016 pilgrims, majority of them from Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab reached Poonch from Jammu in 29 vehicles here this evening.

The pilgrims were given receptions at Sunderbani, Rajouri, BG and at Poonch town where they will take night halt today.

The batch of pilgrims was received at Poonch by SSP Shamsheer Hussain, Addl SP, Poonch, Yougal Manhas, Yatra Nodal Officer Ashok Kumar besides SD Sabha president, VHP district body members, Akhara Mandir management committee and other prominent citizens.

District Administration, management committees of various religious bodies of Poonch have made elaborate boarding and lodging and other logistic arrangements for the yatris. ‘Langars’ have been set up by Akhara Mandir committee and Baba Biram Shah shrine management committee with the support of social organizations. Many locals are offering their services in the Langars.

These pilgrims have been accommodated at college, Higher Secondary schools, Geeta Bhawan and ITI building. These pilgrims will leave for Mandi town in the morning where shrine of Budha Amarnathji is located.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Michael Phelps in another Olympics

In those terribly public nevertheless somehow personal moments together with his mom at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps counted down his eight seminal swimming races.During every victory lap round the Water Cube pool deck, he would notice Debbie Phelps within the stands, hand her his medal-stand flower bouquet, lean in to provide her a hug, then whisper in her ear, "Seven a lot of to travel," "Six a lot of," "Five a lot of," on right down to history.

He never spoke publicly of the eight gold medals till they were all in hand. He offered insights on such things as his starts and turns however little or no on the mini-series of surpassing greatness during which he was starring.Yet simply because the world knew it absolutely was watching history within the creating — the primary athlete to win eight golds in one Olympics — he obviously knew he was creating it.

"Yes, I even have been ready to rewrite history a bit bit," Phelps told USA these days Sports recently, "and do some things that people haven't done before. that is one thing that from Day one, I invariably needed to try and do."The medals, though, are simply a live of his place within the record books. they're not his focus, whilst Phelps, 27, heads to the London Olympics, able to pass another medal milestone."It's not regarding medals for Michael," his mom says. "It's regarding the sense of accomplishment."He wants 3 medals, of any color, to become the foremost embellished Olympian in history. In what he says are going to be his last Games, he plans to swim in seven events — four individual and 3 relays.Golds are going to be more durable for him to win than in 2008, with competitors like U.S. teammate Ryan Lochte rising, and the U.S. men less dominant within the relays.

"When i am finished in London, hopefully, if I will relive on my career and say I've done everything I've needed to try and do — with putting the medals, the records and this which aside — if I will say i am happy, that is all that matters," Phelps says.He is back to happy when briefly considering retirement in 2009, smarting from the scrutiny he got when a photograph surfaced of him with a marijuana bong. At competitions in 2010 and 2011, he lost virtually as consistently as he had once won.Only within the last eleven months, when he lost to Lochte in their 2 head-to-head races eventually year's world championships, did Phelps' dedication to coaching approach pre-2008 levels. eventually month's Olympic trials, Phelps won 3 races to Lochte's one in their matchups.

"I assume he is a lot of centered to prove one thing — that he is not done and he is not simply reasonably floating through this Olympics and seeing what sort of medals can come back," says Phelps' trainer, Keenan Robinson. "The portrayal is that he does not care as much. however I see him a bit bit a lot of centered."

Phelps doesn't provide specifics on his goals for London, aside from to stress that he is not in it only for the hardware."He still has some things in his individual events he desires to accomplish," says Bob Bowman, his longtime coach. "Most
importantly, he desires to lift the profile of swimming. And he is aware of by swimming in London and swimming well, that he'll continue to try this."Phelps claims he failed to apprehend, till interviewers began asking him within the last year, that Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina held the all-time Olympic record with eighteen medals, won in four Olympics through 1964. Phelps has sixteen, together with six gold and 2 bronze from the 2004 Games.

His mom failed to understand Latynina, either, till she saw footage of Phelps meeting the gymnast, during a hr piece that
aired this spring."I failed to apprehend who had the foremost medals. I failed to sit and calculate," she says. "Did Michael sit and figure that out? I would say no."Love of sports has deep roots

Even when he was a youngster, when he used winnings to induce specialty rims for the used Cadillac Escalade his mom allowed him to buy, Phelps wasn't in it only for the bling. His vision then appeared beyond his age and beyond the reach even of his
paranormal wingspan.The first time his agent, Peter Carlisle of Octagon, met him, he asked Phelps what he needed to try and do in swimming outside of the pool. The 16-year-old Phelps, who through most of the meeting had been silent, looked directly at Carlisle and said, "I want to change the game of swimming."

Says Bowman, who was within the meeting: "At the time, I thought, 'I'm not therefore certain this one.'"Phelps needed it to be a sport his friends knew and revered the maximum amount as soccer. He needed his academics and classmates at Towson (Md.) highschool to understand what it meant that at fifteen he had set a world record. He needed it to be as cool to possess swim
practice before faculty because it was to possess basketball apply when.He wanted, he told Carlisle, to ascertain swimming on SportsCenter."He had a chip on his shoulder, that i believe is nice," Carlisle says. "I assume that is what drives him."The chip was such that at one purpose, Phelps told his mom he needed to do another sport.She did not outright reject the notion, however she did remind him that swimming had place him on a worldwide stage and will be a years-long pursuit that will take him to multiple Olympics — opportunities that top faculty sports probably would not open for him.

"He needed to be like his buddies," says his mom, a principal at Windsor Mill Middle faculty in Baltimore. "They were transitioning from middle to highschool. That transition is incredibly arduous for kids. they need to travel into highschool and they want to be accepted."Phelps stuck with swimming. He signed with Carlisle. He got an endorsement take care of Speedo, that offered him a $1 million bonus if he matched Mark Spitz's 1972 Olympic record of seven gold medals at one Games.
The hype of that chance place him on magazine covers and, yes, on SportsCenter, leading into the 2004 Olympics.Phelps never created any daring medal predictions. His public mantra was that he needed to win one gold.He won six. The bronze medals came within the 200-meter freestyle and 4x100-meter freestyle relay.Phelps did not get the $1 million, however swimming did get a bump from the publicity surrounding his pursuit. USA Swimming membership grew seven.2% in 2005, up from a four.9% increase the year when the 2000 Games.By the 2007 world championships, Phelps seemingly had no peers. He won all his individual races at worlds, some by body lengths, and came up in need of eight golds solely as a result of the U.S. men defaulted during a relay.The story line was set for Beijing. As events there unfolded, as Phelps counted down every race together with his mom, the  spotlight on swimming grew brighter.

"He broke barriers and walls for us that i do not assume the other athlete may have ever done," two-time Olympic swimming
relay champion Brendan Hansen says. "When he won those eight gold medals in Beijing, he place swimming in superstar tanding."
Standing up for his sport NBC broadcast the 2008 Olympics finals live in prime time on the East Coast, and Phelps and his U.S. teammates provided daily drama, with such feats as Jason Lezak's superhuman anchor leg within the 4x100-meter freestyle relay and Phelps' by-a-fingernail finish within the 100-meter butterfly.

Swimming is currently the No. one Summer Olympics sport within the USA, displacing track and field and overshadowing gymnastics.The upshot of Phelps' success: the tv ratings for the recent U.S. Olympic swim trials were up ninety one from four years earlier."That's nothing (added in promotion or marketing) we've done," Carlisle says. "It's eight gold medals, viewed at the proper time by the complete world. you cannot manufacture it."Phelps, of course, did get his $1 million bonus when Beijing. He used it to determine the Michael Phelps Foundation, which provides swim programs at Boys & women Clubs nationwide likewise as funding for up-and-coming swimmers. He can devote a lot of time to the inspiration and also the swim programs post-London, likewise as travel and perhaps even a bit golf."Competitively, it's arduous to place variety on it, however plenty has been accomplished," Phelps says of the proportion of his career goals he has reached. "But outside of the pool, it's a lot of up within the air. Obviously, it's getting to take time on behalf of me to accomplish everything with my foundation and my swimming colleges."Phelps has said for years he would not swim in an Olympics past thirty. Bowman is convinced he is finished when London.Others are not therefore certain this can be the last lap.

"I would not be stunned if he came back in '16," says Cathy Bennett, Phelps' initial swim teacher at the North Baltimore
Aquatic Club, where he still trains, and a detailed family friend.Says Carlisle: "If the game starts to fade in relevance from the overall public, that competitive switch may well be turned back on, and what will he do? that is where it may get extremely attention-grabbing."For now, Phelps can stir interest anew together with his march to the all-time medal mark in London. maybe he can share another countdown together with his mom.

But the medals themselves probably can find yourself just like the others, in no special place.He has lost one from 2004. His mom had not seen all along till this spring, when he came back from a media interview with them during a backpack.He laid them out on her kitchen counter to indicate his 6-year-old niece, Taylor, who recognized one that was "dirty.""That's a bronze medal," Phelps told her.Then he packed them away, and that they ate lunch.

Sustainability of defence are crucial for India

The Indian hockey team is riding on the wings of hope once more. Back within the Olympic line-up when missing out of the Beijing Games in 2008, India are once more where they have to be compelled to be and also the entire country's best needs are with our players as they appear ahead to the stiff take a look at that the Olympic Games can offer.

India's performance has shown signs of promise, however a sensible assessment is important for the boys to seem at the challenge ahead. India's hopes of manufacturing a fine show can depend on how well the defenders deal with rival strikers and penalty corner specialists.

The Indian strikers forever fancy themselves in making possibilities upfront, however it's the defenders whose performance are the key to what the team manages to attain within the finish.

As always, it'll be sustainability of the Indian defence returning into focus from the instant the team enters the hockey arena at London's Olympic Park.

Let us not get overawed by slogans or boastful claims that will tend to convey that the Indian team is within the rummage around for a gold medal. Where we tend to stand at the instant, each little success is welcome.

There is a tricky road ahead for the Indian team because it strives to regain a number of the lost status of Indian hockey. Success never comes simply. Having played in 3 Olympic Games, I think {about|contemplate|take into account} myself competent to speak about the challenge ahead.

When the Indian team's defence comes fraught, its sustainability becomes crucial to the tip result. things goes to be no totally different. The pressure are acute and it'll be a take a look at of the team's mettle.

Looking back at the draw, the pattern indicates that India tends to urge a stiff gap match at the Olympics. things are no totally different this point united of the strongest European groups, The Netherlands can open the Olympic campaign against India on July thirty.

The Netherlands might not be constant force they once were, however the Dutch are forever a formidable opposition. One should additionally not forget that India's international ranking isn't one thing we are able to boast of within the hockey circles.

The Netherlands have, in recent years, not been ready to reproduce their best, that was evident within the 1996 and 2000 Olympics and nevertheless their strikers tend to provide dazzling stickwork.

The gap outings tend to supply a sign of where groups are headed. throughout my Olympic days, it absolutely was the gap match against Germany that delivered a giant blow to us in 1992, whereas four years later we tend to missed qualifying for the semifinals primarily attributable to the shock defeat we tend to suffered within the gap outing against Argentina.

After that, it absolutely was a tricky climb and that we simply fell wanting securing entry into the semifinal. A spot within the semifinal has continued to stay elusive for India.

India has not simply didn't win a medal since clinching men's hockey gold at the 1980 Olympic Games, however it's not secured passage to the semifinals in seven Olympics thereafter. That, of course, included the 2008 Olympic Games where India wasn't even within the beginning lineup of countries.

Everyone connected to sport in India is hoping for a decent show from our hockey team. For that to materalise, the Indian team must manufacture its finest show against the Dutch team, which might set us up nicely within the Olympic hockey competition.

There are not any simple opponents of late. investigate who we've in our cluster. Defending Olympic champions Germany and also the Netherlands are each multiple time Olympic gold medallists, whereas New Zealand and South Korea are equally robust.

Belgium is that the solely team India may hassle, however the approach they rallied from a two-goal deficit to draw parity within the dying minutes underscored their newly found confidence.

A medal after all are wonderful, however we tend to should be realistic.

Monday, July 16, 2012

GDA introduces Water Walking Ball at Gulmarg

Gulmarg Development Authority has introduced Water Walking Ball, conjointly known as Dancing Ball or Hydro-Zorbing facility at Gulmarg. the power was inaugurated by the Chief government Officer, Gulmarg Development Authority, Mahmood Ahmad Shah.

Speaking at the inaugural operate Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK) President, Rauf Tramboo said that these form of journey activities can boost not solely {the journey|the journey} tourism however will inculcate the spirit of adventure among the native youth particularly among those college boys and women who visit and camp at hill resorts like Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonamarg.

The facility was inaugurated in presence of tourists, college youngsters who had come back on excursion and GDA officers. The spokesman said that the activity is being operated through a neighborhood travel agency, journey decision Tours and Travels (ACTT). ACTT has the specialization in operating the journey tourism.

It is for the primary time that such a sports activity is introduced at Gulmarg. The CEO, informed said that efforts are afoot to introduce additional journey tourism connected activities at Gulmarg for the interest of tourists. He more informed that the kids Park is gaining additional popularity and is second favored place when Gondola in Gulmarg.

Director, journey decision, Muhammad Yusuf, informed that his agency is already operating the land Zorbing and Boating within the youngsters Park.

Centre sanctioned 14 tourism centers

Centre has sanctioned fourteen tourism mega comes of Rs seventy three.50 crore for the State throughout last three months of current fiscal, for creation of tourist connected infrastructure, development of potential spots and conservation of heritage sites within the State, revealed Tourism and Culture Minister, Nawang Rigzin Jora whereas reviewing the pace of progress of various tourism connected comes being executed below Central monetary help (CFA) within the State.

The Minister said that nine tourism comes of Rs thirty eight.35 crore which has conservation of heritage corridor of Jamia Masjid Srinagar, construction of TRC at Yousmarg, budgeted accommodation at Aharbal, construction of Kashmir Haat at Chinar Bagh Srinagar, development of picnic spot at Pahalgam, Sarbal Lake at Verinag are being distributed in Kashmir valley.

Mr. Jora said that four tourism comes are sanctioned for Jammu Division by the Centre, which has Rs sixteen.92 crore for conservation of Mubarak Mandi heritage palace. He said a whooping quantity of Rs. 13.78 crore would be conjointly incurred on development of tourist infrastructure at Mansar, Sanasar and Natha prime, besides development of Darhal as Base Camp and Shikar Marg as gate manner of tourist destination of Pir Panjal. He said the centre has conjointly sanctioned a project of Rs four.45 crore for development of tourist infrastructure in Kargil.

The Minister directed the involved authorities for making certain timely completion of formalities for usurping of those comes well in time.

Commissioner Secretary Tourism and Culture, Atul Dulloo, Managing Director JKTDC, Satish Nehru, Director Tourism Kashmir Talat Parvaiz, Director Tourism Jammu, R.S.Mehta, Joint Director designing Tourism Department, Parvaiz Handoo, Chief government Officers of Development Authorities besides alternative senior officers and engineers of involved departments attended the meeting.

It was informed that out of 147 tourism comes the work on regarding sixty comes are completed whereas as work on remaining comes close toly|is sort of} near completion.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister underscored the requirement for timely completion of all ongoing tourism comes. He stressed on involved authorities to submit utilization certificates of every project well in time for unharness of second instalment of funds from the Centre. He directed the involved authorities that tourism comes hampering for need of forest NOCs ought to be handed over to Forest Department for execution. He conjointly instructed that solely those comes to be taken where State land is obtainable, as there's no part of land price in funding of Central tourism comes.

Panun Kashmir welcomes Obamas statement

Welcoming US President Barak Obama's statement on Jammu and Kashmir, Panun Kashmir nowadays said it's in tune with India's position that no external intervention of any kind are often allowed within the affairs of the State.

"We welcome the statement of Barak Obama that no external intervention of any kind are often brought into the affairs of Jammu and Kashmir," Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, president of Panun Kashmir, said in a very statement issued here nowadays.

Chrungoo said the PK in a very meeting of its affairs of state termed the statement of Mr Obama as in tune with the Indian position that J&K is an integral a part of India and no external intervention is needed in its affairs.

Ruling out any answer from "outside" to the difficulty of Jammu and Kashmir, Obama had yesterday underlined that disputes between India and Pakistan will solely be resolved by the 2 countries themselves.

He said the Simla Agreement of 1972 has categorically denied any third party intervention in J&K Affairs, Chrungoo said, adding subsequently the Parliament resolution of 1994 unanimously declared that entire J&K as well as the portion below forcible occupation of Pakistan and China is integral a part of India.

Virender Raina, national spokesperson of the PK, said that the overwhelming sentiment of the individuals has invariably been for the whole merger of Jammu and Kashmir with the Union of India and their aspiration must be kept in mind.

The meeting among others was attended by Upinder Kaul general secretary PK, J L Kaul vice chairman, Kamal Bhagati, N M Gadroo and Vijay Qazi.

Near five lakh perform darshan in twenty two days

Two additional pilgrims died on their thanks to holy cave taking the death toll in ongoing yatra to eighty six whereas eighteen,000 pilgrims performed darshan of Swami Amarnath cave shrine at an altitude of three,888 metres in South Kashmir district of Anantnag nowadays, officers said.

With this the overall range of pilgrims visiting the cave shrine since the annual yatra started on June twenty five has touched four, 98,301. until late last night four.80 lakh pilgrims have performed darshan in holy cave.

The officers said the frenzy of pilgrims is constant and thousands of yatris from completely different elements of country and abroad are daily reporting at Base Camps of Baltal and Nunwan –Pahalgam for his or her onwards sojourn to holy cave.

They said a recent batch of eight,014l yatris left the Nunwan Base Camp for holy cave via ancient Chandanwari track whereas five,610 pilgrims left from shortest Baltal track early this morning for darshan of Ice Lingam.

They said besides the yatris who had night haltage at completely different camps conjointly left for onwards journey this morning. The pilgrims who left via Chandanwari track when an evening halt at Sheshnag and Panchtarni can perform darshan tomorrow or the day when tomorrow whereas people who left via Baltal tack came back when paying obeisance within the cave shrine. Over 4.70 lakh pilgrims have came back to their home States, they added.

The two additional pilgrims died nowadays on thanks to cave shrine. they need been identified as Badri Prasad, twenty five resident of MP and Shimatha Navral of Bihar. They died at Rail Pathri and at Sangam prime respectively when cardiac arrest. With this the death toll in last twenty two days of yatra has gone to eighty six.

Meanwhile a recent batch of 2351pilgrims left Bhagwati Nagar, Jammu Yatri Niwas for holy cave early this morning in a very cavalcade of sixty nine vehicles below tight security arrangements. They embrace 1519 male, 473 female, sixty one youngsters and 298 Sadhus.

These pilgrims when an evening halt at Baltal and Nunwan Base Camps can leave for holy cave early tomorrow morning.

The thirty-nine day long yatra can culminate on Sawan Purnima falling on August a pair of with the taking of holy mace of Lord Shiva to Swami Amarnath Ji by the Mahant of Dashnami Akahra, Deepender Giri Ji Mahraj. The day conjointly coincides with Raksha Bandhan pageant.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dalai Lama in Valley

His Holiness Dalai Lama arrived in Srinagar for a week-long visit to Kashmir valley once a niche of twenty four years.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Tourism Minister Ngawang Rigzin Jora received him at Srinagar International Airport this morning. The Chief Minister welcomed the non secular leader and conveyed his sensible desires to him. He conjointly enquired regarding the health of Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama prayed for peace, prosperity and development of the State.

After his arrival, Dalai Lama straightway visited Nehru Guest house where he's staying as a State guest.

Members of the Tibetan Muslim community, members of the Ladakhi community in Srinagar additionally as Tibetans received him on his arrival at the Nehru guest house.

The management committee of the Tibetan public college and heads of the Ladakhi community expressed their greetings to him within the guest house.

Dalia Lama can visit the Tibetan public college in Srinagar's down city space and address the Tibetan Muslim community of Srinagar on July fourteen.

Dalia Lama initial met with the Tibetan Muslim community in 1975 at the recent Tibetan Muslim settlement at Idgah, Srinagar. He met the Tibetan Muslim community once more in 1988 and through militancy he did not return to Kashmir. this can be his initial visit to Kashmir valley since 1988.

22000 perform darshan in Amarnath

Braving quick winds, drizzling and slippery tracks, 22,521 pilgrims drawn from completely different elements of country performed darshan in holy cave of Lord Shiva in South Kashmir district of Anantnag these days.

This was stated by officers camping at Baltal and holy cave.

With this, the entire variety of pilgrims performing darshan at cave shrine in last eighteen days since the yatra started on June twenty five has touched four,21,437. Over 3.98 lakh pilgrims had performed darshan in holy cave situated at a height of three,888 meters until late last night.

The officers said four additional Amarnath pilgrims have died these days taking the death toll throughout the continuing pilgrimage to seventy one.

They said Nirmala Tripathi, wife of Vidyadhar of UP died at holy cave this morning thanks to cardiac arrest. Another yatri identified as Shovna wife of Srikant Mahadev Acharya of Raigarh Maharashtra died at Panjtarni these days thanks to heart attack.

Prem Dulari wife of Mukand Lal Yadav of UP died at Baltal thanks to heart attack, they said, adding one unidentified body of a Sadhu was found at Sheshnag these days and he was shifted to Pahalgam for identification.

The officers said the weather remained cloudy for entire day and it absolutely was drizzling for a few time throughout the day and later within the evening. The tracks remained slippery for the complete day. but the yatra proceeded smoothly, they added.

The officers said a contemporary batch of 4600 pilgrims left Nunwan –Pahalgam base camp for holy cave via ancient Chandanwari track early this morning whereas 9070 left from Baltal via shortest sixteen kilometre track.

The yatris who left via Baltal track once performing darshan in cave shrine started their come journey whereas those from Chandanwari track once an evening haltage at Sheshnag and Panchtarni can perform darshan at holy cave tomorrow or the day once tomorrow.

The yatris camping on varied camps enroute to holy cave conjointly started their onwards sojourn this morning the officers said adding over three.90 lakh pilgrims have came thus far.

Meanwhile, amid tight security, a contemporary batch of three,434 pilgrims these days left for the Amarnath cave shrine. The pilgrims comprising a pair of,251 men, 840 women, ninety one kids and 252 ‘Sadhus’ left during a cavalcade of 104 vehicles from Bhagwati Nagar base camp in Jammu at around 0500 hours for Amarnath.

With today’s batch, as several as sixty four,477 pilgrims have left Jammu for his or her onward journey to the cave shrine.

Meanwhile, all the 4.40 lakh registered pilgrims are coated underneath cluster Insurance by the Shrine Board with the New India Assurance Company. Besides 20,000 laborers and thirteen,000 horses conjointly get the danger cowl.

This was stated by Dr Daleep Pandita, Divisional Manager of the corporate. He said during this regard a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has already been signed by the corporate with SASB for Rs one lakh insurance cowl to four.40 lakh registered yatris.

The theme can cowl their death thanks to every kind of accidents, be it a snake bite, drowning, electrical shock, slip/ fall from hill or mountain or unhealthy climatic conditions besides in case of death in road accident in J&K throughout yatra , he added.

Dr Pandita said SASB has already paid premium quantity to the corporate for his or her varied insurance covers covering yatris, laborers, animals, sheds, equipments, vehicles etc. the danger cowl starts as soon as pilgrim enters the state at Lakhanpur and last until he exits from the State.

Besides the insurance cowl of Rs one lakh, the yatri can get charges of Rs a pair of,000 for carrying dead body and education grant of Rs 5000 per dependent kid of the insured deceased underneath the theme, he added.

Traffic Signals in Jammu City

The much-awaited traffic signals can begin blinking within the winter capital of the State any time throughout next week because the Delhi-based Onnyx company has administrated trial at ten locations, that are identified for being created operational at the initial stage. The signals at remaining twenty locations in numerous corners of Jammu town would become practical in 2 phases.

Official sources told EXCELSIOR that traffic signals at twenty out of total thirty locations identified by the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) in consultation with the Traffic Police, are created practical in all respect and trial on ten out of those twenty locations has been successfully conducted throughout the past 2 days.

"As against earlier set up of creating operational traffic signals in the slightest degree the thirty locations in one go, it's currently been determined that traffic signals would be place to use in 3 phases—one every of ten locations", they said, adding "this call has been taken for the convenience of the vehicle operators, who are presently not used to new system of traffic control".

"Even the Traffic Police personnel aren't well versed with the new system and so as to confirm swish flow of traffic following begin of signals, the manpower of Onnyx would held them in the slightest degree the locations", sources said, adding "the company has conjointly chalked out a 5-day programme to coach the cops in blue uniform regarding the traffic lights".

Out of ten locations, where the traffic signals would begin blinking in initial part, 5 are on Satwari to Bikram Chowk stretch, one at Railway Station Crossing, Narwal, Bathindi By-Pass and 2 locations within the heart of town.

Responding to an issue regarding the precise date of creating operational traffic lights at ten places throughout the part one, Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation, Kuldeep Khajuria said, "we need to urge the traffic lights inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister, Tara Chand, who is additionally the Minister Incharge of Urban Development", adding "the precise date would be finalized on the come of Deputy Chief Minister from Union Capital. In any case the traffic lights would be created operational for manning vehicular movement at ten locations throughout next week".

"The inaugural operate would be held at Bikram Chowk", he any said.

In response to an issue, Director of Delhi-based company, Pardeep Kaushik, who is personally supervising the installation of traffic signals in Jammu, said, "the traffic signals are primarily {based} on micro-processor based controller software with LED lights and initially all the signals would be on stand alone mode".

About the apprehensions from bound quarters that stand alone mode traffic lights would produce chaos and confusion, he said, "such apprehensions are baseless. Even in Delhi, solely one hundred fifty traffic signals are inter-connected whereas as a thousand are in stand-alone mode. Moreover, it absolutely was solely throughout last year that every one the traffic lights were connected with one another in Mumbai".

Though contract has been signed between JMC and Power Development Department for power provide to all or any the thirty signals nevertheless so as to confirm that power crisis don’t hamper the functioning of traffic signals at every purpose there would be power duplicate.

The locations, which is able to get traffic signals are Satwari Chowk, Main Stop Gole Market, inexperienced Belt Gandhi Nagar, Chattri purpose, Bikram Chowk, Jewel Chowk, K C Crossing, Shakuntala Crossing, Medical school Crossing, Ambphalla, Canal Head, Bakshi Nagar Puli, Talab Tillo Chowk, BSF college Paloura, Radio Station Chowk, Library Chowk, Vigilance Rotary, Parade Chowk, Ranbireshwar Temple, Shalamar Chowk, Indira Chowk, Vivekananda Chowk, Shaheedi Chowk, Panama Chowk, Janipur Chowk, Roop Nagar, High Court, Kunjwani, Narwal and Bathindi Chowks.

Geelani mastermind of KPs Genocide

Reiterating its stand on carving out of separate homeland inside Kashmir valley with UT standing for over seven lakh Kashmiri Pandits, Panun Kashmir (PK) these days said the demand is changing into additional and additional relevant with on a daily basis in read of the recent statement of separatist leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani who has recently raised objections on construction of transit accommodations for Pandit workers in Valley.

The Geelani’s statement that transit accommodations designed by the govt. for the Kashmiri Hindu workers in Valley are aimed toward demographic amendment solely underlines the intense vulnerability of not solely these workers however the complete Kashmiri Hindu community living there, PK chairman Dr Ajay Chrungoo told reporters here these days.

Flanked by All Kashmiri Pandit Solidarity Conference (AKPSC) chairman, O N Trisal, Chairman political views Committee, PK, Prof M K Teng and its vice chairman, Daya Krishan, he said that the Geelani’s statement is not any but an open declaration of genocidal intensions.

He said the statement of Geelani who instructed that Kashmiri Hindus be settled in their original homes and hearths, that are either destroyed or usurped through the sinister method of distress sales is preposterous and reflects a determined abhorrence for coexistence and pluralism.

Dr Chrungoo said PK considers Geelani together of the masterminds of genocide perpetrated on Kashmiri Hindus and an individual who has committed crimes against humanity. The tolerance shown by the governments within the state and at the Centre to such leaders is baffling and condemnable, he added.

He said the events and incidents happening across the state and significantly within the Valley clearly indicate that not solely the terrorist violence is increasing however conjointly the ambit of radical communalism is widening. All symbols of pluralism are attacked with impunity within the Valley and every one organs and establishments of society and segments of state are stricken by what ought to be referred to as as Geelani’s illness, he added.

Dr Chrungoo said PK is totally alive to the activities of cross border firing and infiltration, systematic and targeted attacks in security personnel, brazen intimidation of all minorities in Valley and growing stronghold and stridency of regressive and radical forces. The claims of state regarding growing normalcy aren't solely ridiculous however a shot of criminal denial.

In read of those happenings the PK has urged the Governments at Centre and within the state to acknowledge the intense dangers to the security of Kashmiri Hindu workers operating in Valley and shift them to Jammu before any untoward mishap happens.

AIKS delegates meet Bhalla Rana

Youth All India Kashmiri Samaj (YAIKS) delegates camping in Srinagar for over every week to influence Government for issuance of orders for benefit list candidates to be appointed underneath PM’s employment package for displaced youth, besides meeting the chairman Service choice Board (SASB) held a joint meeting with Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Minister, Raman Bhalla and Advisor to Chief Minister, Devender Rana these days.

The delegation of YAIKS led by its president R K Bhat urged the govt. throughout these conferences to amend the SRO 412 which is able to pave means for the recruitment of the pending benefit list candidates. They conjointly sought the intervention of the Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah within the matter and urged him to require necessary steps for creating the Amendments within the SRO. They said the 1500 posts be crammed up from the already ready benefit list that is lying with recruiting agencies whereas the contemporary advertisements be drawn up remaining 3000 posts.

Besides the delegation demanded issuance of appointment orders for 134 category four whose list has already been suggested by Relief Commissioner and that is pending with Revenue Minister.

A delegation of a hundred and eighty displaced youth as well as male and feminine are camping in Summer Capital for every week currently in their pursuit to urge the appointment orders issued for pending benefit list candidates.

Later Mr Bhat said that a brand new hope has generated among these youth with the positive response given by Chairman Recruitment Board, Messrs Bhalla and Rana.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jagadguru Bagwaan Gopinath Ji

Kashmir has produced a galaxy of saints and sages from times immemorial and, in the recent past we have had a number of them, but few among the contemporaries have left as indelible an impression on the minds of the people as Bhagawaan Gopinathji has done.

Born in a respected Bhan Kashmiri Pandit family in Srinagar on 3rd of July, 1898, Bhagawaan Gopinathji almost inherited spiritual tendency from his highly religious-minded father and mother. Bhagawaan Gopinathji had two brothers and two sisters. The family being in dire financial straits, Gopinath was asked to take up some work. So, at the young age of fifteen, he started working at a local printing press as a compositor. However, he gave up that job after about three years. In his twenties, he ran a grocer's shop, where he seemed to be generally absent-minded, being absorbed in meditation. The family pressed him to marry, hoping that marriage would bind him to the world, and so he would be a permanent financial support; but he was adamant in his refusal. Shri Gopinath was educated only upto the middle standard, however, he was conversant with urdu, Hindi, Persian and Sanskrit languages besides English.

Bhagawaanji started with the spiritual discipline known as panchaanga - upaasanaa, that is, meditating on the five deties. Ganesha, surya, Naarayana, Shiva and Shakti. Later, his ideal was the Divine Mother Shaarika, whose vision he had for the first time, at the age of twenty-seven. Gradually, he shifted to nirguna, upaasanaa, that is, meditating on the Supreme Reality without a form. His interest in wordly affairs, including domestic matters, dwindled. In the early thirties, he took to intense Saadhana (spiritual discipline). Shutting himself up in a room, which no one except mostly a niece of his, was to enter. An earthenware lamp was kept burning there all the twenty four hours. He did not allow even the room to be swept. His concentration was so intense and he grew so unaware of his body that a rat nibbled a hole in a heel of his. It is not possible to say what type of spiritual discipline it was, but it caused his body to swell and sometimes, made him vomit blood. During this seven year period of Saadhanaa, he would take no food for long periods extending even to six months, sometimes. After breaking a long fast, however, he would take food in very large quantities.

Bhagawaanji helped two devotees separately to have a darshana (vision) of the Divine Mother of the Universe in the form of two girl children. A third was helped to have Her darshana in the form of dazzling effulgence equal to that of several suns.

Having attained the highest spiritual state, Bhagawaanji, as already stated, used to be absorbed in the self most of the time. But he could easily come down to our level of consciousness to answer questions, or to give permission to some one to leave. Immediately thereafter, he would rise to his own state. He talked little and that too, in such low whispers as to be almost inaudible.
Generally, he did not initiate a disciple directly by word of mouth. He did so by a mere glance, by giving him a little bhasama or prashad, or by allowing him to have a puff at his Chillum.
What exactly was Bhagawaanjis spiritual state? A pointer in this direction is that a devotee of the Divine Mother-Raagnaa had a vision of Bhagawaanji seated before Her at the Kshirbhawani Shrine at village Tullamulla, Kashmir. The devotee was a great saint and would have visions of the Divine Mother off and on. Our question is, however, clinched if we consider what Bhagawaanji himself said when an achaarya from outside the state wanted to know from a devotee in his (Bhagawaanji's) room at what stage of spiritual evolution Bhagawaanji was. While the devotee wondered what to say, Bhagawaanji recited the sixth verse of the Fifteenth chapter of the Bhagvadagita, which, translated into English, reads: 'The Sun does not illumine it, nor the' moon, nor fire. That is my supreme abode, reaching which one does not return' (to this world of birth and rebirth).

He felt happy whenever celebate came to see him though he never asked a house holder disciple or devotee to give up his wife and children in pursuit of self realisation.

Bhagawaanji kept a dhooni (sacred fire) burning before him and offered oblations into it off and on. He continued with this practice even while he stayed at some holy shrines in or outside, Srinagar.

In his later years, Bhagawaanji took to another type of spiritual practice. He would emit vibration from some parts of his body, e.g. the knees and the intestines, and through his Chillum smoking. The vibrations seem to have been in tune with (to us, mysterious) cosmic vibrations. According to S.N. Fotedar, Bhagawaanji regarded this (emitting and receiving vibrations) as a very superior and direct method of self-realisation though it involved much taxing effort and many tribulations.

Bhagawaanji was above all consideration of caste, creed and nationality. From 1947 onwards, people of all creeds would go to see him and he would shower his love and compassion equally on all. Once he said, in answer to a devotee's question, IS a Hindu one and a Muslim another?

Among his disciples and devotees are many who never met him in his life-time. These include some in other countries like Australia, The USA, Canada, Switzerland and the UK. That is why he has come to be called a Jagadguru, a world spiritual teacher. During his earthly sojourn and even after abandoning the earthly coil he cared for his devotees in and outside Kashmir and India. Though even after sitting in his room or left the physical frame, he was seen physically at warfronts guiding and directing our troops in 1948, 1962, 1965, 1971 and 1999. Regarding the debates at the UN about Kashmir, Philip Simpfendorfer, an Australian devotee writes: it was thought that Bhagawaanji visited the Assembly because he was heard to speak Russian during that period, and was able to give information regarding the progress of the debates.

Bhagawaanji was Tathvajnani (one who has all the knowledge about the elements of Nature) By a special type of Saadhanaa, he had gained control over all these elements. During a pilgrimage for the holy cave of Amarnath, he brought rain to a vast drought hit area. On some occasions, he stopped rain when it was likely to cause suffering or death. He was able, due to his control over the elements, to know which organ of a person's body was diseased. He could cure a person with a mere look or the Bhasam from his Dhoni; he cured dreaded diseases like cancer, epilepsy, heart, kidney and many other physical ailments of the praying devotees.

The family lived in Srinagar, but it had to shift residence from place to place. Thus, Bhagawaanji lived in eleven different houses including his ancestral house. These included the house of his niece at Chandapora, Srinagar.

Almost on every Sunday, musicians sang till late in the night and he would never ask them to stop. But on his last Sunday on earth, 26th May, 68 he directed the musicians to stop, remarking "we shall not listen to any more music." Then came May, 28, 1968 Tuesday, the day Bhagawaan Gopinathji finally chose to cast off his Bhautik Sareera. At about 3 p.m. he directed one of his devotee to give the three Sadhus rupee one each. He had the last few puffs at his chillum. A devotee started making tea but Bhagawaanji said, "we shall not take tea any more". He asked for water at 5:30 p.m. and at 5:45 p.m. he uttered OM NAMAH SHIVAYA in a low voice, looked around with infinite love towards those present and closed his eyes. He would often urge the devotees to lift the veil of ego that enveloped the Atman. AHANKAARAS NAMASKAR SUIGAV OMKAR - TAMISAATI BANI SAAKSHATKAAR, which means, 'bid good bye to ego and be face to face with truth".

After Bhagawaanji assumed Nirvana, his disciples built an Ashram at Kharyar, Srinagar where his marble statue was installed in 1973. This ashram has become a centre for spiritual upliftment of his devotees.After displacement from the Valley, other Ashrams came up at Udaiwala, Road, Bohri, Jammu and at Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi. At these ashrams all activities that were regularly performed in Srinagar Ashram are being performed. The number of devotees participating in all such activities is increasing day by day.

During the last five years the Bhagawaan Gopinathji Trust has expanded the activities of these Ashrams as well as added to the infrastructure. With the ever increasing number of devotees across the globe, ashrams, meditation centres and Satsang Mandals at Vikaspuri, Mumbai, Pune, Bagalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Australia, Switzerland are rapidly coming up. All these ashrams and centres disseminate Bhagawaanji's ideals of spirituality and universal brotherhood.

Our posterity will be proud of such an ancestor who became a Jagadguru in his life time.

Mahajayanti of Bhagavaan Gopinathji celebrated

The 114th Mahajayanti of Bhagavaan Gopinathji was celebrated these days at Bhagavaan Gopinathji Ashram, Udaiwala, with nice enthusiasm.

From early morning, many devotees started thronging the Ashram and also the range went on rising. The programme started with Paduka Poojan, that was joined by many Sadhoos.

The Chari Pooja was performed within the Ashram amongst the devotees and Sadhoos by reciting bhajans and chanting mantras, followed by serving prasad and giving dakshina to Sadhoos. Later prasad was additionally served to the devotees until late evening.

Adequate arrangements were created by the Trust to facilitate the devotees and customary public who thronged the Ashram. Besides serving with squashes, shikanjvees and juices, medical facilities were additionally provided to the general public.

The celebration concluded with Aarti within the evening.

The Majayanti of Bhagavaan Gopinathji was additionally celebrated at different Ashrams within the State further as outside the State.

Amarnath Yatra Near one.5 lak1 lakh 50 thousand

Even when seven days of annual pilgrimage of Baba Amarnath ji in South Kashmir Himalayas, there had been no quiet in significant rush of yatris at the holy cave shrine. Today, 20,549 yatris performed darshan of holy Ice Lingam of Lord Shiva within the shrine taking total range of pilgrims having paid obeisance throughout last seven days of yatra to one.43 lakh. Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) Director, Amarnath Shrine, BD Mengi said twenty,549 pilgrims these days paid obeisance before holy Ice Lingam of Lord Shiva in Shri Amarnath ji cave shrine. With this, total range of yatris having performed darshan of Lord Shiva’s Ice Lingam throughout seven days of yatra has gone up to one,42,976. over nineteen,000 pilgrims these days left shortest Baltal and ancient Nunwan Pahalgam base camps for holy Amarnath cave shrine, situated at thirteen,500 feet in South Kashmir Himalayas.

Official reports said ten,410 yatris, together with men, women, youngsters and Sadhus, left Pahalgam early this morning for Chandanwari, the last motorable halting station on the normal route. However, a number of them, who were already camping at Chandanwari, joined them to proceed towards next halting station.

Similarly, yatris at completely different halt points enroute additionally started their onward journey this morning, whereas those that had darshan started their come back journey.

They added that eight,663 pilgrims left Baltal for the holy cave.

The authorities had created all arrangements for swish yatra on each tracks and base camps, they said.

A Met department spokesman said the sky would stay cloudy and there would be one or 2 spells of rains on each the tracks these days whereas there'll be no giant amendment in weather throughout next twenty four hours.

From Bhagwati Nagar Yatri Niwas base camp in Jammu, eighth batch of four,268 pilgrims these days left for the holy shrine beneath tight security arrangements.

Amid chantings of ‘Bam Bam Bhole’, the contemporary batch of devotees left from Yatri Niwas base camp at five am.

The batch comprising 3009 males, 821 females, one hundred forty five youngsters and 293 Sadhus left in a very convoy of 156 vehicles together with forty three SRTC buses, thirty personal and eighty three light-weight cars.

With today’s batch, as several as twenty three,677 pilgrims have left Jammu in eight officers batches for his or her onward journey to the cave shrine.

Meanwhile, 5 a lot of devotees died thanks to cardiac arrest at Pahalgam and Baltal base camps raising the death toll within the ongoing annual Amarnath pilgrimage to nineteen.

Megha Gupta, aged twenty four years, a resident of Chandigarh, suffered a vast heart attack at Pahalgam last night whereas on her thanks to Amarnath cave shrine, police said.

64-year-old Jagbir Singh from Haryana and Rinku (55) from Tamil Nadu died at Sonamarg on shorter Baltal route, they said.

Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, 83-year-old Babu Singh died at Baltal base camp when paying obeisance, while, an unidentified man was found dead at Domail, police said.

With this, the death toll since the commencement of the annual pilgrimage to the Amarnath shrine in south Kashmir Himalayas rose to nineteen, they said.

Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) has been forced to open six on-the-spot registration counters as an outsized range of unregistered pilgrims had turned up at varied base camps of the annual yatra within the guise of tourists.

According to sources, SASB opened on-the-spot registration counters when an outsized range of unregistered pilgrims found Pahalgam and Baltal base camps on commencement of the pilgrimage to the 3880-metre high cave shrine.

"Hundreds of unregistered yatris managed to sneak through the protection barricades got wind of by police and CRPF en route the cave shrine. Stopping such a large range of individuals would have led to law and order problem", sources added.

While four counters are opened in Kashmir at Nunwan, Chandanwari, Baltal and Tourist Reception Centre Srinagar, 2 counters are opened in Jammu, they said.

Board’s CEO Naveen K Chaudhury admitted that on-the-spot registration counters are opened, however said there was absolute confidence of permitting unregistered pilgrims for the yatra.

"There were some issues on the primary day of the pilgrimage however not one unregistered yatri has been allowed to proceed towards the holy cave when that", Chaudhury said.

The CEO said the registration for the pilgrimage was still open and to this point over four lakh persons have registered themselves for the yatra.

Chaudhury appealed to the yatris to not embark on the pilgrimage while not securing a legitimate registration as this might cause inconvenience not solely to themselves however additionally to the opposite yatris.

Asked regarding the high range of deaths within the ongoing pilgrimage, he said the pilgrims aren't coming back ready for the arduous journey even if the SASB had disbursed a vast awareness campaign regarding the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

"The deaths have taken place even when deploying numerous doctors, paramedics and life saving equipment. The pilgrims don't escort previous acclimatization for this journey", he said.

He asked the devotees to right away contact the closest medical camps in case of any health issue to get timely medical attention.

DDC reviews arrangements for Budha Amarnathji yatra

A gathering of district officers and Baba Budha Amarnath Sawagat Samiti was convened these days beneath the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Rajouri Saugat Biswas to finalize the arrangements for swish conduct of Baba Budha Amarnath Yatra 2012 at Mandi (Poonch) commencing from July, 19, 2012. The representatives from Army and GREF additionally participated.

The Deputy Commissioner directed the involved officers to confirm necessary facilities like water offer, medicare, ration, power offer, cleaniliness of venue, construction of temporary sheds for langer and storage of ration, maintenance of road and bathroom facilities etc.

Chief government Officer, Rajouri Development Authority Subash Sharma has been appointed as Nodal Officer for the yatra whereas Tehsildar Rajouri and Dy SP (Hqr) Rajouri can assist the Nodal Officer for swish conduct of the yatra. Besides, 2 management rooms are got wind of which is able to perform around the clock at Sunderbani and Rajouri.

Amar Nath Vaishnavi Passes Away

Prominent Kashmiri Pandit leader, who had the excellence of achieving the sobriquet ‘Father of Community’, Amar Nath Vaishnavi breathed his last, here today.

The eighty seven years previous Vaishnavi had the honour of being the RSS Pracharak throughout the age of legendary Shama Prasad Mukherji and Atal Behari Vajpayee. He had played an important role throughout Praja Parishad Movement.

Vaishnavi was the person behind curtain in serving to the Ladhakhis for not being discriminated throughout their agitation when he was a physical education teacher posted at Leh.

The dynamic Pandit leader had the honour of serving as a supply of inspiration for Kashmiri Pandit Community throughout the abundant hyped Parmishori Agitation in Srinagar.

The President of All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference Mr Vaishnavi additionally contested elections in 1996 on BJP price tag.

Meanwhile, varied organizations and leaders have deeply condoled the death of the senior leader.

Minister for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation, Raman Bhalla expressed deep sorrow and grief on unhappy demise of Vaishnavi. He prayed for peace to departed soul and courage to bereaved family in-tuned this irreparable loss.

The Minister for Agriculture, Ghulam Hassan Mir whereas paying made tributes to the KP leader said that Vaishnavi was a secular minded one that perpetually worked for mutual brotherhood and communal harmony among varied sections of the society, adding that he are remembered for his untiring efforts in supporting the explanation for Kashmiri Pandits especially and Kashmiris generally in living a peaceful life in Kashmir.

The members of All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference in an emergency meeting have expressed deep sorrow and grief on his unhappy demise, whereas KK Khosa on behalf of Kashmiri Pandit Sabha has additionally expressed heartfelt condolence on his unhappy demise. He said that community has lost a good leader whose contributions are remembered for an extended time, adding that he perpetually remained active in representing the explanation for community while not compromising on principles.

Dr KN Pandita, Convener JKNM, Surinder Ambardar, Political Analyst and Ajay Bharti, President, JKVM NCR have additionally condoled the death of the liberty fighter

21024 pilgrims perform darshan on Day six

As several as twenty one,024 pilgrims performed darshan at holy cave shrine of Amarnath ji in South Kashmir Himalayas these days taking total range of darshan throughout current year’s annual pilgrimage that started on June twenty five to one.22 lakh.

Meanwhile, 2 a lot of pilgrims together with a girl died enroute 3880 meters high cave shrine taking death toll throughout last six days to fourteen.

Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) Director, Amarnath shrine, B D Mengi said twenty one,024 pilgrims these days paid obeisance before holy Ice Lingam of Lord Shiva in Shri Amarnath ji cave shrine. With this, total range of yatris having performed darshan of Lord Shiva’s Ice Lingam throughout six days of yatra has gone up to one,22,427.

According to a politician spokesman, the push of pilgrims is increasing day by day as thousands of yatris these days reported at base camps of Baltal and Nunwan (Pahalgam) for his or her onward pilgrimage to the holy cave.

He said weather was pleasant these days at Pahalgam and on each the tracks.

Meanwhile, a hearth broke out in a very personal tent outside the cave shrine of Amarnath ji, police said.

The blaze occurred thanks to leakage of gas within the tent outside the cave shrine last night.

The fire was doused inside minutes, they said, adding, the tent had minor damages.

More than seventeen,000 yatris left for Amarnath cave shrine this morning from Baltal and ancient Nunwan Pahalgam base camps.

According to yatra officers at Pahalgam and Baltal base camps, the pilgrimage was progressing smoothly.

They said ten,250 yatris, together with girls, youngsters and Sadhus, left Nunwan, Pahalgam for Chandanwari, the last motorable halting station on the normal route.

Yatris at completely different halting stations en route additionally started their onward journey this morning whereas those that had darshan started their come back journey.

They said seven,142 pilgrims additionally left Baltal for the holy cave.

The authorities have created all arrangements for swish yatra on each tracks and base camps, they said.

A Met Department spokesman said the sky would stay cloudy and with one or 2 spells of rains on each the tracks these days. there'll be no giant amendment throughout future twenty four hours.

A contemporary batch of three,348 pilgrims these days left for the holy Amarnath cave shrine from Bhagwati Nagar Yatri Niwas here beneath tight security arrangements this morning.

The batch comprising 2199 males, 922 females, seventeen youngsters and 148 Sadhus left the bottom camp at five am for Amarnath give way a convoy of 127 vehicles, together with forty SRTC buses, twenty eight personal and fifty nine light-weight cars.

Meanwhile, 2 a lot of pilgrims, together with a girl, died en route Amarnath cave shrine.

Forty-year-old Rekha, a resident of Gujarat, died of cardiac arrest at the shrine last night, officers said.

Hailing from Haryana, Jagbir Singh, aged 64, died of a vast heart attack at Panjtarni on ancient Pahalgam route yesterday, they said.

With this, the death toll since the commencement of the annual pilgrimage rose to fourteen, the officers said.