Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fault in Baglihar Power Project

Though the electricity requirement is going up considerably due to rise in temperature and loss to the State exchequer is increasing by Rs 1.15 crore every day yet one unit of Baglihar Hydroelectric Project remained non-functional despite the lapse of two weeks and uncertainty still prevailing over the time-frame within which the snag would be rectified and unit made functional.

Official sources told News Agency that engineers of the Germany based company M/s Voith Siemens, which had carried out electrical works of the first ever State-owned mega power project, has not conveyed any time-frame to the Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC) and National Hydroelectric Project Corporation (NHPC) for the rectification of the fault.

"The engineers of M/s Voith Siemens have only conveyed that they have detected the fault and will start rectifying the same within next one or two days", they said, adding "the material which is required to make the stator core winding has reached project site only this evening while as the machine to be used is the process is still in transit".

Fortunately, both the material and machine were available at Karchum Wangthoo project in Himachal Pradesh where M/s Voith Siemens is also carrying out electrical works, they said, adding "had this been not available at the upcoming project in Himachal Pradesh it would have taken more than a month for the company to export the same from Germany".

To a question about what led to the snag in the one unit of the project, they said, "either any metal or screw seems to have got struck in the stator core winding leading to earth fault", adding "M/s Voith Siemens has not conveyed anything vis-à-vis fault in writing to Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC) so far but they will have to share information with the Corporation prior to leaving the project site".

Due to non-functioning of the 150 Mega Watt unit of the project, the State exchequer is suffering a loss of Rs 1.15 crore every day and during the past two weeks, the loss to the exchequer on account of non-generation of 32 lakh units of electricity every day has gone up to Rs 16.12 crore, sources said, adding "as JKSPDC as well as NHPC are groping in dark about further time frame to be taken in rectification of fault the losses will go up further".

"What to talk of losses, the non-functioning of one unit is also leading to shortfall in availability of electricity and Power Development Department has started feeling the pinch of the same especially when the temperature has started rising", sources said.

"No doubt the fault will get rectified but the million dollar question is whose negligence led to the same", sources said, adding "it is the duty of the Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC) to find out what and where the things went wrong so that recurrence of such avoidable faults could be checked in future".

When contacted, Chief Engineer (Generation) of Baglihar, T K Koul confirmed that rectification of fault has yet to be started by M/s Voith Siemens. "Their engineers are likely to start the same within a day or two and it is difficult to specify any time-frame for the completion of work", he added.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sapphire smugglers

129 pieces of precious stone recovered
Sapphire smugglers gang busted, cop among 4 held

Kishtwar police today arrested a gang of smugglers in the state of blue sapphire and more appreciated arrested four of its members, including a police officer. Since taking office, 129 pieces of gems worth several hundreds of thousands of rupees were also recovered. 

Giving details, a police spokesman said that on the basis of specific information about smuggling remains Scarves sapphire mines, Kishtwar police launched an investigation quietly a few days ago for details about the traffickers involved in the looting of precious stones in the recent years. 

During the investigation, police learned that a Jeevan Singh, son of Mohan Lal Thakur, a resident of the scarf Affan, a police officer new recruits in the eighth Battalion currently published in Shopian IRP was the head of a trafficking gang involved in looting of the treasures of the mines blue bandana. 

As a result, their activities and the cell were monitored to obtain information about people agree with him the crime of smuggling of sapphire. As a result of significant evidence against the police, who was on leave, the police intercepted him along with three other people near the town of Kishtwar when traveling in a Maruti Alto car from scarves to Jammu. 

The four people were subject to registration for a special team of policemen led by dyspnea See, Kishtwar, and SI Anayat Abrar Hussain Chowdhary, InCharge SHO Kishtwar police station under the direct supervision of the SP Kishtwar, Bhim Sen everything. 

From the possession of four people, police recovered 129 pieces of sapphire crystal (74,860 grams) worth several hundred thousand rupees. Therefore, all were arrested along with relevant sections of the law. 

The other defendants were identified as Vinod Kumar, son of Gauri Lal Parihar, a resident of tissues kundal, Surjit Singh, son of Wazir Chand Thakur, a resident of the scarf Affan and Resh Kumar, son of Krishan Chand Thakur, a resident of kundal scarf. 

Police also recovered a number of vital documents such as business cards and letter pads gemstone cutters across the country in which the band would offer sapphire smuggling. 

Mobile phones seized by police from the accused were found containing the contact numbers of high-level traffickers out of state and photographs of different types of scarf sapphire, the spokesman said. 

A case under Article 5.4 of J & K Sapphire instrument recorded against them and launched further investigations, said the spokesman, did not rule out the possibility of more arrests and recovery of a wider dissemination of the smugglers arrested.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton

A marriage that divides Londoners

While hundreds of onlookers camped for a ringside seat at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday, many Londoners themselves, waiting for Saturday, when everything is finished.

At first glance, the special envoy of VAT news in the British capital, Eve-Marie Lortie, witnessed the excitement of the city.

The legendary Harrods department store has put on his thirty-six greet tourists putting forward bridal showcases to celebrate the bride and groom. In the streets, British flags are legion, and many Londoners caught up in the festive spirit and their attachment to the royal family.

"If Princess Diana was here, this would be a nice moment for her, testified a man proudly displaying the colors of the Union Jack. His son had grown up. I think they are wonderful. "

But if the princely marriage is the delight of some and the chaos that surrounds it is the misfortune of others.

Many residents of the capital do not hesitate to show their exasperation with the 600,000 visitors expected on Friday.

Some even leave town to avoid the frenzy. This is the case of Frederick, a Quebec based in London. "It'll be a little too full of tourists," he said. Now that I'm a local, tourists, there are a little too much for my taste. "

Even some Londoners want to pass away the wedding ceremony. "It was done deliberately to leave the day before the wedding, said a tourist Eve-Marie Lortie. We prefer to watch television alone well into our couch. "

Amendments in State Vigilance

State Government, which meets under the chairmanship of Prime Minister tomorrow morning Omar Abdullah, is likely to give its approval to the proposed changes in Jammu and Kashmir State Vigilance Commission Act came into force on February 15, 2011 . 

Changes intended to broader legislation and harmonize its provisions with the Law of Central Vigilance Commission, 2003, pertain to the classification, conditions of appointment and removal of Chief Vigilance Commissioner and Vigilance Commissioners. 

Authoritative sources said that when the government has begun the process of appointing the Chief Surveillance Commissioner and two oversight committees, several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other shades of opinion expressed reservations about some provisions of existing legislation. 

Taking the suggestions of cross-sectional view of the large firms is based qualification, the terms of appointment and dismissal of the Chief Surveillance Commissioner and the Surveillance Commissioners, the prime minister, Omar Abdullah discussed the various aspects of law and other issues meeting on April 7, 2011. 

Consequently, it was decided that the provisions relating to qualification, the terms of appointment and dismissal of Chief Vigilance Commissioner and Vigilance Commissioners shall be amended through an ordinance to make the most comprehensive and harmonized legislation with the provisions of the Commission Central Oversight Act, 2003. 

In the context of this decision, the Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Department prepared draft amendments to the principal Act, and it will be discussed by ministers tomorrow at 9 am, the sources said, adding that "it is quite possible that the Government give its approval to the amendments, since it aims to harmonize its provisions with the main event. " 

According to the proposed amendments, the State Government has redefined the classification of persons to be appointed as Chief Vigilance Commissioner and two Commissioners. Amendments to be moved into sub-sections 3 and 4 of Section 3 of the Act, sections 4, 5 and 6, the sources said. 

In the principal Act, sub-sections 3 and 4 of Chapter 3 of the Head of State Vigilance Commissioner shall be appointed from among persons who hold or have held a place in Indian Administrative Service or a place in either the Civil Service "Union or the State is not below the rank of First Secretary and Supervisory Board of Commissioners not less than the rank of Commissioner and Secretary. 

In the amendments, the rank of First Secretary to the Chief Surveillance Commissioner and the Secretary Commissioner for the curators of the surveillance is aimed to remove with the push of people who have expertise in monitoring, law, finance, policy and the 'administration including police administration. 

Under the proposed amendment to paragraph 1 of Article 4, the Chief Vigilance Commissioner and Vigilance Commissioners shall be appointed by the Governor by order under his hand and seal. In the principal Act, the powers of appointment are vested with the government. 

The sub-section 2 of the Act, which stipulates that the selection committee will recommend a panel of three people per seat in the Council of Ministers for the appointment was canceled, the sources said, adding that the sub-section 2 of chapter 5 of the Principal Act provides that each control commissioner shall be elected for a term of four years from the date it takes office or until he retires at the age of pension funds, whichever occurs first. "Now the government wants to change with respect to each control commissioner shall be elected for a term of four years or until he attains the age of 65 years," informed sources. 

According to the proposed amendments in paragraphs 3 and 4 of Section 5, the Chief Surveillance Commissioner or a Vigilance Commissioner shall, before entering his office, take and subscribe before the Prime Minister of the Interior, as indicated in the principal Act, an oath or affirmation. Similarly, the Chief Surveillance Commissioner or a Vigilance Commissioner may, by writing under this hand is not addressed to the Governor the Chief Minister to resign from office. 

The proposed amendments in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of Article 6 of the principal Act is designed to give the powers of removal and suspension of the Chief Surveillance Commissioner or a Vigilance Commissioner to the Governor rather than the government, sources said. 

As for the routine agenda is concerned, the sources said the government may grant approval to the settlement of Integrated Rural Electrification Program (PRSP) and the subsequent creation of JKEDA within the Department of Science and Technology, said sources, adding that the Council of Ministers also approved the agreement for the transfer of 91 kanals and 2 Marlas of land to Sunjwan State Department of the Interior for the construction of the seventh battalion of the headquarters of the IRP. 

The creation of Irrigation and Flood Control Division of Kupwara and regularization of daily wage workers Forestry Department (Planning) will be discussed by the Council of Ministers, officials said.

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Mubarak Mandi Bachao Andolan

A deputation of the Mubarak Mandi Bachao Andolan met the Governor, N.N Vohra, at Raj Bhavan here on Wednesday and presented a memorandum of their demands to him.
The six-member deputation led by Narsingh Dev Singh Jamwal, Convenor of the Andolan, demanded, inter-alia, handing over of the Mubarak Mandi Complex, Jammu, to the Archaeological Survey of India for restoration and preservation as a heritage complex and it should not be allowed, under any circumstances, to be used for a commercial purpose.
The deputation put forth their suggestions for the restoration and preservation of the Mubarak Mandi heritage Complex and had extended discussions with the Governor in this regard.
The Governor said that he would address the Chief Minister to convey their concerns.
A deputation of the Shaheed Major Rohit Sharma Memorial Trust, Mandi, Poonch, also called on the Governor last evening and presented to him a number of development-centric demands of the area.
The deputation thanked the Governor for providing 50 sewing machines to this NGO for distribution among the widows of the area.

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Jagati township in jammu

With the shifting of over 50 displaced Kashmiri Pandit families, the newly constructed Jagati township has come alive with hustle and bustle. The area, which was a barren land over some years back, houses one of the largest township of the State at present.

While a good number of families from Mishriwala, Muthi and Nagrota camps have already shifted their luggage to their new destination, others were seen busy in cleaning the floor and unloading the luggage from the trucks and other vehicles. As hope sustains life, the migrants are optimistic that they too will start a new phase of life in this township, which will be quite different from the last 20 years miserable conditions faced by them in dingy and stinking camps.

The township, which is first of its kind in the State will completely throb with full charm on May 5, which is considered an auspicious day as per Hindu mythology after the majority of camp inmates will shift to their new apartments.

Spread over 716 kanals of land, the first phase of 2,112 Jagati township was inaugurated by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on March 4 this year when he issued on spot allotments to 11 displaced Pandit families from Kashmir valley.

Housing 4,224 two room tenements, the Relief and Rehabilitation Organization has so far issued allotments for 1,520 quarters among whom 700 families have taken possession by this evening, Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner, Vinod Kaul, told News Agency.

He said out of 2,112 quarters, which were to be completed in second phase, 700 more are ready for allotments while the rest 1412 will be completed within days. The allotments have been made to all camp inmates of Mishriwala, Muthi and Nagrota, he added.

He said the allotments for 1250 families putting up in Purkhoo will follow and those families who have given representation that their names did not figure in the allotment lists will be reconsidered but the Department will strictly follow the policy adopted by it for the allotments and no family will be considered, which had constructed its own house.

The township has all the facilities including 40 bedded hospital, one Higher Secondary and one middle school, a shopping complex with 58 shops, three community halls (two small and one big) with its own arrangements of water supply and electricity, 38 parks and 40 green patches along the main road.

While two small community halls are ready, the work on larger one will be completed by May 15 this year. The work on 40 bedded hospital is also going on at full scale and it will be completed by August this year. However till date the provisional medical center has been opened in the camp which has all diagnosis facilities like Xray, ultra Sound, dental clinic and Pathological lab.

The township has a provision for supply of 3.8 million litres of water per day while it will have 20 mva Receiving Station with 38 sub stations of 400 kva each. Besides two private schools have also started functioning outside the township. The admission process for children in the schools has started and till date 300 students have been admitted.

It may be recalled that the foundation stone of the Jagati township was laid by Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh on July 16, 2007. However due to the Amarnath agitation in 2008 and other problems the construction work was delayed.

"We hope our miseries will end to some extent," said Deedar Singh, who shifted to his new residence in the township this morning from Muthi Camp Phase first. Singh was all praise for the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh UPA, chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Union Health Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Revenue and Relief Minister Raman Bhalla and Relief Commissioner, Vinod Kaul who took initiative for construction of this giant township.

Same were the views of Ashok Kumar Bhat who had taken the possession of 156 Block B, Vishal Kumar Bharti and Raj Nath who had shifted from Mishriwala camps to start life anew in this township.

They expressed their total satisfaction over the policy adopted by the Government for the allotment of the quarters saying all the deserving people who were putting up in camps for over two decades now were given preference.

However some migrants demanded construction of two more shopping complexes in the township for accommodation of all those camp inmates who had set up their small business establishments in the camps for earning their livelihood.

Though the new destination is delinked from the city and the migrants doing the private jobs in Bari Brahmana, Gangyal, Digiana will face some problems but for a better life they are ready to give some sacrifice.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Preparations for Shri Amarnath Yatra 2011

Governor, N. N. Vohra, who is also the Chairman of the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, took stock of the ongoing preparations for the ensuing Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2011, at an over two hour long review meeting held at Raj Bhawan today. Among others the meeting was attended by R. K. Goyal, CEO of the Shrine Board, Preet Pal Singh, Addl. CEO, and other senior Board officials.

The meeting reviewed the up to date status of every item of preparation, including the planning and execution of civil works at various Camp locations and enroute to the holy cave shrine, finalization of the Yatris' Registration Process, management and operation of Langars and the telecom arrangements etc. The Governor stressed the crucial importance of ensuring timely action on all fronts and observed that he would be personally reviewing the Camps-wise arrangements in the coming weeks, visiting certain Camps as may be feasible, for that all concerned functionaries are enabled to deliver a smooth and comfortable pilgrimage for all the Yatris visiting the holy shrine. The Governor desired that the CEO and senior officials of the Shrine Board should forthwith fix the date, time and venue of all required co-ordination meetings, in the next six weeks, with the concerned Government agencies and all other concerned stakeholders, to ensure timely arrangements for the ensuing Yatra.

Briefing the Governor, the CEO stated that Shrine Board had since finalized the Camp-wise Action Plans in regard to the re-erection of the pre-fabricated huts, toilets, baths and other facilities for the use of Yatris and each of these works are being taken up in the coming weeks, starting with the Base Camps.

Referring to the first ever initiative undertaken last year, the CEO informed the Governor that the BSNL has formulated a time bound Action Plan for providing real time connectivity in the Yatra area, and substantially enhancing its capacity for the benefit of the Yatris and all agencies involved in the arrangement of smooth conduct of the annual pilgrimage. Efforts are being made to ensure that the telecom facility becomes available, subject to reasonable weather conditions, well before the Yatra commencement on June 29 this year.

The CEO disclosed that the Registration of Yatris procedure will be notified in the next few days, so that the intending Yatris are enabled to finalize their travel plans well in time.

The CEO informed that the detailed advisory for the benefit of the Yatris is available on the Board's website ( and the Do's and Don'ts would be printed on the reverse of the Yatra Permits. The CEO would take all necessary steps to repeatedly publicize the Advisory through the print and electronic media.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Dogra Certificate

The Union Home Ministry today decided to extend the benefits of height and chest relaxation for all three regions-Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh for recruitment in Central Armed Police Force (CAPFs) including the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Border Security Force (BSF), etc in addition to Assam Rifles. 

The order was likely to set at rest the controversy surrounding Dogra certificates in the state. 

An order issued today by the Union Ministry of Interior and signed by its Director (Personnel) Ajay K Singh said that the relaxation of the chest and height, which was previously in Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh regions of J & K Dogra apart, now would apply to people residents throughout the state. 

The minimum height would be 165 cm for male candidates and 155 cms for female recruitment in CAPFs and Assam Rifles for the youth of the entire J & K now. The smallest breasts will be 78 cm (minimum 5 cm expansion). The minimum height for the scheduled Tribe candidates will be 162.5 cm for male candidates and 150 cm for females. The minimum size for male breast ST candidates will be 76 cm (minimum 5 cm expansion). 

Without naming Dogra certificate referred to Home Ministry to certain orders relating to the issuance of certificates of Jammu region, which has been issued by the government in Jammu and Kashmir on 25.3.2011 and 7.4.2011while extension relaxation of the chest and height relaxation for the entire state. 

"The proposal to amend the existing order of MHA is in the public at the Home Ministry's website The proposal is also conveyed to the Government of Jammu and Kashmir and after comments from the State Government would be a final decision soon to be ' 'said the order. 

It added that the following amendment to the MHA to replace the word Kashmir and Leh & Ladakh regions of Jammu and Kashmir, all sections of people in the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir will be benefited. 

"Jammu and Kashmir will now be on par with states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura so far relaxed the conditions'', said MHA order. 

It added that there were orders issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to provide for relaxation in height and chest in the case of certain states / regions, and some communities. As far as Jammu and Kashmir is concerned, the conditions had been relaxed in Kashmir and Leh and Ladakh regions, it said. 

"As the central government wanted to recruit more people to CAPFs from Jammu and Kashmir, there are reasons for relaxing the conditions for all candidates from Jammu and Kashmir. India's government hoped that a relaxation of conditions for all candidates in the entire J & K would be welcomed of all segments of the population in the state'', it added. 

MHA said CAPFs the CRPF and BSF etc had escalated the level of recruitment during the last two years in Jammu and Kashmir. Even in 2009, 1109 constables recruited CAPF from Jammu and Kashmir, the number of recruits went up to 2309 years 2010th 

Sources said today's decision by the Home Ministry would supercede the earlier order dated 01.11.2011, 02.09.2011 and 4.4.2011.In in January as was MHA announced relaxation for people from Kashmir and Leh and Ladakh regions according to geographical criteria and extend the relaxation of the Dogra people during the ethnic tribal Community. 

In the Legislative Assembly budget session in March, posted sales Minister Raman Bhalla discussed Dogra certificate. But the proposal has led to angry reactions from the separatists, and even some traditional political parties, which alleged that this was a clear attempt to divide the state. 

Sources said Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had also requested the Centre to change its decision and extend the relaxation to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, instead of putting them in different categories of geographical terrain and ethnic categories. 

Besides Dogra, other ethnic tribes to the facility for relaxation in height and chest expansion were available, included Garhwalis, Kumaons, Gorkha and Maratha. 

Sources said with the expansion of the chest and height relaxation area in the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir by the Union Home Ministry modification of previous orders, was the issue of Dogra certificate can be solved.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

J&K top destination for all tourists

Minister for Tourism and Culture, Nawang Rigzin Jora, today extended a warm invitation to the people of Rajasthan to visit Jammu and Kashmir, a great land on earth known for its aesthetic splendor and magnificence.

The Minister was interacting with tour operators and media persons at a road show held at Jaipur in Rajasthan, organized by J&K Tourism Department.

The event was celebrated on the sidelines of "The Great Indian Travel Bazaar" (GITB). A number of foreign travel operators (FTOs) from South Africa, Japan, UK, USA, Germany, Thailand, China, Poland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, local agents from Jaipur, besides members of the travel trade fraternity of the State participated in the event.

Mr. Jora said the beautiful tourist places of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh were awaiting tourists from Rajasthan, which has traditionally been a great market for the J&K State. He added that the people of Rajasthan have always had a great fascination for the myriad tourist attractions of J&K, particularly the revered shrines of Shri Amarnath Ji and Shri Mata Vaishno Devi.

The Minister further added that tourist infrastructure had significantly been strengthened and upgraded at various resorts in the State, the people of which are known for incredible hospitality. He said State's people were bracing up for approaching tourist season. He said varied tourist attractions was created to receive tourists round the year and it was expected that a large number of tourists from Rajasthan as well as other states of the country would visit J&K for leisure and adventure tourism as well as pilgrimages.

The Minister also threw light on the initiatives and tourism products of the State particularly golf, adventure tourism (skiing, trekking, water sports) and pilgrim tourism.

Mementos were presented to all FTOs and a power point presentation highlighting the tourism potential of all three regions of the State was also given which was greatly appreciated by the audience.

The tour and travel operators of Rajasthan informed that they were keen to offer various tour packages for J&K State and assured the Minister that maximum number of tourists from other parts of the country would be visiting Jammu and Kashmir this year.

The Minister was accompanied by Director Tourism, Kashmir, Farooq Ahmed Shah, Deputy Director Tourism, Abid Maqbool Bhat, Dy. Director Tourism, General Manager, JKTDC, Shamim Wani, besides other senior officers of the department.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lakhanpur toll post records 25,000 cr imports in 2010

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah visited Lakhanpur Monday EVALUATION A first-hand for the completed modern toll plaza of the United Nations to add to the cost of R 32.20 crore  The Chief Minister was informed of the State Building Construction and Other aspects of a meeting of the Board to consider here presided progressive project, Press Officer this year.

 Omar, The State of Implementation in accordance with the stress of fast-tracking the project for use, comprehensive sex bad infection transmission. "The opening of the modern toll espanderebbe help prepare placed in operation for conduct that proper application of tolls and the Crusaders", said the project of a direct copy Concerned hundred to one hundred and initial implementation.

 Aides to Chief Minister, Mubarak Gul and Devender Singh Rana, MP, Lal Singh, legislatoris, Charanjit Singh, Subash Gupta, Secretary of Finance Commissioner, Sudhanshu Pandey, Vice Commissioner, Kathu, Zahida Khan, SSP Kathu, J. L. Toll architects Santiago, B. V. Karan Sharma And if Badiyal In today's meeting. Minister of State Finance Minister Abdul Rahim is key in good company.

 A PowerPoint presentation made during the meeting NEL, EL and work, and indicating exactly 90 percent and the State Office completely block major 240 parking spaces for trucks, building shelter weighs 9 scan driver reproductive Capannoli recreational complex construction of livestock facilities, storage, banks, coffee shops, and replace the water drainage systems and food hygiene.

 The Toll Plaza Nueva is SAPEV develops 156 Kanal E Kanal 108 A of the other land that should receive the plaque of Railways Add to Che is shingles. If downtime costs Rs 32.20 crore from Rs 28.48 crores years was estimated "in the project to the victims.

 Has your e Lakhanpur of Jammu and Kashmir and point to the main area of ​​access to transport. It sets Special Sale Online Post Vérifiez AM stabilized rate toll.

 Recorded at The dutiable imports Trade Post Lakhanpur increased cross 4,275 million Rs crore rupee to Rs 25,125 for 2000 to 01 in 2010 and raised Rs 904 crore export Duran LIVE at this period of Rs 13,777 crore. Similarly, the number of dealers with the United Nations recorder for increased sales Tax Department in 2004-05 22 58,426,417 in 2010-11.

 Income realization in the Courier State Account Lakhanpur toll Duran 2010-11 as "The Order of Rs 249.82 crore to Rs crore compared to 208.92" During the 2009-10 academic year growth Malthus ESIG 19:58 percent.

 Rather, he stressed the importance of United Nations Tax Lakhanpur toll ensure adequate and modern services for the application of marking and mark-up to the Plaza.

 Chief Minister inspected Nagri Kathu and that the number of Provincial Post varied. On the way back, "The Chief Minister visited Jammu Kathu Chenab Textile Complex TIA has inspected operation.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Train plies without driver

In a rarest of rare incidents in the Railways history and first time in Jammu and Kashmir, a Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) moved on the tracks without the driver and covered a distance of over 20 kilometers thereby catching the railway officials napping and exposing chinks in the safety measures.

Taking the incident seriously, the Divisional Railways Manager (DRM), Ferozepur Division, Vishesh Choubey ordered immediate suspension of five officials including the Manager of Qazigund Railway Station, from where the DMU moved, and directed Chief Area Manager of Kashmir valley to conduct a detailed inquiry into the incident, which has taken place due to gross negligence of the railway staff, and submit a report within a period of seven days.

Official sources said that after scheduled services on Qazigund-Srinagar-Budgam section, the Diesel Multiple Unit was parked in the yard at Qazigund Railway Station last evening and after completion of their respective duties the staff of the railways left for their respective destinations.

However, at around 1.45 am, the train suddenly moved from the yard and entered the main track without driver thereby catching the concerned railway staff napping. Due to sloppy gradient, the DMU continued to move freely and its speed even touched 80 kilometers per hour.

Sources said that Railway Protection Force (RPF) and State police personnel deployed for the security of the train, and railway officials were in sleep when the train started moving towards Srinagar. However, a police jawan noticed the movement of the DMU at Sadoora Police Station and informed higher railway officials, RPF and GRP officials.

Accordingly, the concerned authorities at other railway stations were sounded for necessary steps to stop the train. However, before any arrangement could be made, the DMU crossed two more stations Anantnag and Bijbehara, sources said.

After traversing several kilometers long distance and covering five railway stations, the DMU came to a halt due to steep gradient at Panjgam Railway Station, where the railway authorities with the assistance of RPF and GRP personnel had also erected poles and laid concrete blocks as well as large number of sand bags to stop the train.

Soon after the train stopped, the security forces personnel cordoned the DMU apprehending that some anti-national elements might be plying the train. However, none was found and finally it came to the fore that DMU moved on the track without any driver due to the gross negligence on the part of concerned authorities at Qazigund Railway Station.

Later, the DMU was taken back to Qazigund and parked there in the yard.

When the Divisional Railways Manager (DRM), Ferozepur Division, Vishesh Choubey came to know about the incident this morning, he immediately ordered suspension of five officials posted at Qazigund Police Station including Station Manager, driver of the DMU and some guards.

He also directed Chief Area Manager of Northern Railways, Srinagar, Opinder Singh to conduct a detailed enquiry into the incident and submit report within seven days as to how the train moved for such a long distance without any of the railway staff or security personnel noticing it.

"More heads will roll on the receipt of inquiry report as this is a very serious lapse on the part of concerned staff", the DRM said when contacted, adding "this incident has also put a question mark on the safety measures being taken in the Kashmir valley".

To a question, he said, "this is the rarest of the rare incidents in the railways and is fraught with danger of causing massive destruction".

About the possibilities behind moving of train, official sources said, "the train can move from loop in the yard to main track only when the link between them remains in position after parking of DMU and brakes are not properly applied", adding "even the possibility of someone intentionally removing the brakes and then positioning the track link cannot be ruled out".

When contacted, IG GRP, Naveen Aggarwal said, "prima facie the negligence on the part of railway officials seems to be the reason behind the grave incident but we have registered a case at Qazigund GRP Station under Railways Act for investigations at our level", adding "we will work on all the angles to ascertain the real cause behind the moving of train without driver".

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Cracks in Gojawara Houses

Shiv Sena condemns Drama by MLAs

Shiv Sena, Bal Thackrey J and K activists under the leadership of Block President Bhalwal Raj Kumar and other officials including Piyar Singh, Vikram Sharma, Dhanatar Singh Guddu and Roshan Lal Sharma took out a protest and eight hours Dharna in front of residential gate of BJP MLA Bharat Bhushan at Simaliyala Domana on Saturday. The activists of Shiv Sena raised slogan ‘Panch Krore Khane Wala MLA Haye Haye’ and ‘Dogron Key Sentiments Ko Panchar Karnay Wala MLA Haye Haye’.
While addressing the gathering Piyar Singh, Raj Kumar and Vikram Sharma strongly condemned the drama of forwarding resignation of 11 MLAs to high command and said if the high command is sincere towards the sentiments of people of Jammu from where the founder member of Jana Sangh Pt. Prem Nath Dogra was born, they must send the resignations to the Speaker of J and K Legislative Assembly. But the resignation was handed over to Incharge J and K Affairs O.P Kohli and National General Secretary J.P Nadda indicates a high voltage drama enacted by 11 MLAs when Ashok Khajuria, the Chief, had issued a whip to the party legislators to vote for the party candidate in the election then how these seven MLAs acted apparently for money considerations they alleged. The high command must send a letter to the speaker of J and K Legislative Assembly under anti defection law for cancellation of the membership of the MLAs of BJP they demanded.
President Ashok Gupta strongly condemned the statement of CM Omar Abdullah wherein he said that “we will resign, if charges of bribery to MLAs are proven”.
Gupta further added that getting seven more votes to NC candidate, proves the sell out of seven BJP MLAs and big corruption going on between NC and BJP. He added that aspiration, commitments and suffering of Jammu people was sold out in the open market by seven MLAs of BJP.
So called champions of Jammu should be booked under law as these seven MLAs have corroded the confidence of people of Jammu who voted them to power, said Ashok and added that Shiv Sena will expose political corruption and horse trading of ‘Aaya Ram Gaya Ram’ who have murdered the sentiments of Jammu people.

Qurrah for Hajj seats today
Govt to recruit 50,000
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations

Lord Hanuman jayanti celebrations began today at Pracheen Mandir of Hanuman Ji at Moti Bazaar. The jayanti of Lord Hanuman ji falls on April 18.

Pt Dushyant Sharma, head priest of Pracheen Mandir of Lord Hanuman ji said that the celebrations began with Ramayan Path, which will end at 12 noon tomorrow. A `bhajan sandhya’ will be performed on Saturday night followed by a bhandara on Sunday.

Rajiv Gupta, spokesman, said Hanuman Jayanti celebrations would last three days and will conclude with bhandara on Sunday.

A large number of people visited Hanuman ji temple at Moti Bazaar and offered prayers. They sought blessings of the God.

JK Govt takes over Centaur Hotel
Heavy rush of tourists in Kashmir
NHPC to invest Rs 2400 cr in J&K

Modernization of Jammu Rly Station

PIL seeking modernization of Jammu Rly Station filed

A public interest litigation (GDP) today announced the modernization of the railway station in Jammu and elsewhere.

In the petition filed by the Citizens' Forum through its President RK Chadha, it was alleged that the Jammu railway station is one of the busiest train stations in the country and more than 10 million, including pilgrims every year to reach this season.

"It is also a large number of security personnel that have to do with the security of the entire northern India. However, the Northern Railway has taken any step in the modernization and do not even have modern facilities, " said request, adding that "the parking lot is several feet below the front door, but no structure was provided to the elderly and sick."

GDP is presented by counsel Amit Gupta prayed that the Jammu railway station should be modernized and improved facilities to meet the needs of the people. "It 's duty to Northern Railway for the installation of escalators, with modern facilities such as toilets for passengers in passenger cars and beautify the surroundings and make available to the passengers of the train station" The GDP said.

Educational Tour concludes
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Multi crore hawala in Kashmir

Multi crore hawala scam unearthed in Kashmir, 3 held

Three people, including a New Delhi based broker have been arrested by police here in connection with a multi crore hawala racket involving a top pro-freedom and a mainstream leader of north Kashmir.

Reliable sources told Kashmir dispatch that New Delhi based property dealer, Hira Lal and two locals identified as Mushtaq Ahmad and Suleman were arrested by Shaheed Gunj police station last week for allegedly handling hawala transactions of two prominent leaders of north Kashmir. The two leaders, they said were siblings and come from a very influential family from north Kashmir.

The trio, sources said disclosed before the police that they had brought nearly Rs 4 crore for the siblings from a Pakistani national identified as Bilal Rahi.

“While one leader is associated with a Hurriyat Conference faction, another tried his luck in mainstream politics,” sources said.

The hawala money, sources said was used by the duo to purchase properties in New Delhi and Srinagar.

“The pro-freedom leader purchased nearly 10 kanals of land and a palatial house in Delhi, while his brother, who is in the mainstream politics purchased two houses, one each in Delhi and Srinagar. In Srinagar, he purchased a house in Rawalpora that belonged to a man identified as Darbari Lal for 87 lakh,” sources said.

“This is tip of an iceberg. It’s believed that many deluxe cars have also been purchased with the hawala money,” they added.

The duo, sources said paid a whopping amount of Rs 50 Lakh to two pro-India leaders, including a legislator who was named in the infamous 2005 sex scandal for carrying out election campaign.

Sources said that police has filed a case FIR 26/2011 under section 489 RPC in Shaheed Gunj police station and have started further investigations in this regard.

“In the coming days more arrests are likely to be made,” they added.
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BJP on Shah's killing with PM

BJP will raise issue of Shah's killing with PM: Rajnath

BJP today said he would ask Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a thorough investigation into the assassination of Ahmad Shah Showkat Moulvi order, the conspiracy behind the assassination in a suspended IED explosion last Friday.

Former BJP president Rajnath Singh accompanied by former Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Ravi Shankar Prasad, and former Civil Aviation Minister Syed Shahnawaz Hussain and other members of the BJP delegation visited the Shah family in Lal Bazar here.

This is the first time that senior BJP leaders have visited the family of a slain separatist leader.

"I assure you that not only the issue with Secretary of the Interior (P Chidambaram) but with Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh) for a thorough and exhaustive investigation into the incident to the (Shah) killing place," Singh told the family of the murdered priest.

"It was a good man and good intentions can not be doubted. For he was a man," Singh said if the BJP leaders visit of the Shah family in the lawsuit.

The BJP leader said, everyone around the country, including his party, has condemned the murder of the priest, as he had dedicated his life to public service.

"No contribution to health and education to forget. He wanted peace in Kashmir and India (the rest)," said Singh.

Singh said the BJP delegation had arrived with a message of peace and stands ready to satisfy those who want peace in the valley. "Kashmir, the crown of India and we want to do is, it seems. We seek the cooperation of all who want peace here," he said.

In the past the BJP delegation paid homage at the shrine of Hazratbal on the banks of Dal Lake. They also visited the Gurudwara in Chattipadshahi Rainawari in the area of the city, where many Sikhs had gathered on the occasion of Baisakhi.

Before concluding his four-day visit in the state, the Working Group, some delegations met with both parties to discuss the situation on the ground. The delegations included in the study group called Pahari Cultural Forum, All India Muslim Democratic Federation, civil society group of Uri and a group of women.
22,000 candidates to appear in JKCET
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Railway lines in j &k

Udhampur to Katra and  Banihal to Qazigund Railway sections to be ready by Dec 2012

Arguing that there has been significant progress and Udhampur-Katra routes Banihal-Qazigund rail, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the Northern Railway, RK Gupta said today that both parties would be willing to rattle the train before December next year . However, the twin cities of the state capital would be connected by rail by 2017 taking into account the time spent in performing the difficult task of building more bridges and major world's longest river Chenab.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, Mr Gupta said that a total of 42 tunnels with a length of 120 km in the Udhampur-Qazigund and 17 of them have already been completed while work is paced accelerated in the rest. "As for the gallery of 11 km between Qazigund and Banihal is concerned, the 10.5 km part is completed and yet to be completed in September this year," he added.

"After completion of the excavation remaining line began operations, the installation of sophisticated ventilation system and installation of reactors less track so that the entire section Banihal-Qazigund rattle ready to train in December 2012," says CAO that while the longest tunnel of revelation is under construction about 400 meters below the Jawahar tunnel to avoid the snow line and provide connections to transportation to and from the years between two parts of the state.

In addition to galleries, Udhampur-Qazigund portion has a total of 122 bridges, construction of two mega in the river Chenab and Anji River. While the bridge over the Chenab River would have the honor of being the world's highest and longest span railway bridge, the Anji Bridge is the fourth highest.

"Out of 122 bridges, 59 so far and we have completed the work quickly on the rest," Gupta said while revealing that the first cable cranes for the construction of world's tallest bridge over Chenab enter into force in May and second since August this year.

Information on the Udhampur-Katra section, the chief administrative officer of Northern Railway has shown that the completion of the block of 1.8 km long diversion tunnel No. 1, drying procedures and posing tunnel reactor No. 3 all other works have been performed.

"The construction of the reactor will be completed in December this year, while work on the tunnel Tunnel No. 1 and No. 3 was completed in March-April next year, and this section would also be willing to rattle the train before December next year, "he said.

To a question, said that if a provision of Rs 1,100 crore has been kept in the railway budget for the project during the current year, however, "we can achieve more, if they can happen." Last year, an amount of Rs 950 crore was spent on the project.

About the security infrastructure in the Valley, Mr. Gupta said the police stations, posts, guard posts and barracks for GRP personnel have been created gradually and police stations and posts in seven stations have already been delivered to the GRP. "All the security infrastructure must be in place later this year," he added.

Reported that the construction of 165 km along the road to reach project sites, Northern Railways has provided road connectivity to 30 households directly and indirectly to many more. In about 95 km long road was built during the project and the entire 260 km of road length would be delivered to the State Government for the subsequent maintenance.

"We intend to metal in the streets, but it would only be possible if the State Government shall extend full cooperation in this regard," he said while revealing that a businessman who was awarded the metal work along 17 km of road to Kantha Kouri, was unable to work due to lack of cooperation at the state government.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JD Institute Won Photography Contest

Jdians win in photography, mood contest held at WIFW

The establishment of the currency in the field of fashion design, has students of JD Institute of Technology Fashion and the opportunity to participate in implementing the first of Asia fashion event, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW).

Earlier, Sunil Sethi, JD, president of the FDIC, inaugurated the five-day WIFW Lounge in FDIC and said he always encouraged students and fashion designers. This year they will be happy that the students of JD Institute members are committed to fashion designers and brotherhood, he said.

JD Institute students also had the opportunity to participate in photography and competition in the mood board WIFW.

In photography JDians deep Ishan Gupta Megha winner of the contest were declared bankrupt in prize mood Gupta Priya Dhillon and Nagma.

In today's Fashion Week, JDians also had an interactive session with leading designers Ritu Kumar, Bal Rohil, Anita Dongre and Manoviraj Khosla and participated in a quiz competition organized by Sabyasachi.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ramnavami Birthday of Lord ram

The first day and night of the first fortnight of the Chaitra month is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the legendary king of Ayodhya Shri Ram, who is remembered as a benevolent ruler among the Indian masses. 

The Ram bhakti tradition in Goa is prevalent since the arrival of Madhavacharya, a well-known spiritual leader of South India belonging to the Vaishnavite sect, in the twelfth century. 

Places like Colvale and Pomburpa in Bardez, Dongari in Tiswadi, Khadki in Sattari and Pilgao in Bicholim have temples of Shri Ram. 

The festival of Ramnavami will be celebrated not only in Ram temples but also in other temples on Tuesday. On this day, a wooden idol of the infant Ram will be placed in a well-decorated cradle and lullabies praising the deeds of Ram will be sung. A special folk drama will also be staged by folk artists depicting the birth of Lord Ram. For eight days before the festival of Ramnavami, devotional programmes are organized in the temple of Lord Ram. 

Ramnavami will also be celebrated with great pomp and religious fervour on April 12 at Shri Ram temple, Askawada-Mandrem. Besides, it will also be celebrated in an unique manner at the residence of Ramkrishna alias Bhau Desai, at Junaswada Mandrem. A huge procession is taken out from Ram temple at Askawada which winds up at Desai's residence.

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Devotees at Chountra shrine

Over one lakh devotees pay obeisance at Chountra shrine

Over 40000 pilgrims visited the holy shrine of Chountra Mata situated on a scenic hillock in-between village Rang Bulandh and village Thail in tehsil Ramnagar and Majalta of the Udhampur district during the  7th Navratra. 

The Akhand Joyti of Mahamaya Chountra Mata which was lit at Narsingh ji Mandir, Ramnagar on April 4, 2011 on Ist Navratra was taken to the shrine on the 7th Navratra in a colourful procession followed by thousands of devotees chanting bhajan and kirtan.

MLA, Ramnagar Harshdev Singh, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Basantghar, Amit Sharma, Block Medical Officer, Ramnagar, Dr. Rajesh Gupta, SDPO, Ramnagar, Station House Officer also visited the shrine.

According to the Mela Officer, Naib Tehsildar Ramnagar, over one lakh yatris performed darshan at the shrine during Navratra days.

Akhand Path for Everlasting Peace
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Release of GDC publication

During a visit to Government Degree College (GDC), Udhampur, Prof RNK Bamezai, Vice Chancellor, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (SMVDU) along with Prof Sham Lal Gupta, Director Colleges, Department of Higher Education, today released the "Institutional Calendar" of the college.

On the occasion, Principal of the College, Prof Nutan K Resutra along with teaching and non-teaching staff and PG students of the college were present.

Addressing the audience, Prof Bamezai stressed on the need to blend the traditional and the modern for the better performance and develop a model of approach based on Gandhian and Nehruvian models so that the local and the global are blended to face the challenges ahead.

Prof Sham Lal Gupta lauded the endeavours of the college for infrastructure enhancement and said that colleges play important role in producing the adequate human resource which is must for the sustenance of any economy.

Earlier, Prof Resutra presented the welcome address and outlined various initiatives to be taken during the current session.

On the occasion, Ashok Kumar, Joint Director, Department of Youth Services and Sports and Rajguru, Sportsperson were honoured for their immense contribution for the development of sports campus activities. Besides this NSS volunteers Kuljeet Singh, Pankaj Sharma, Shivani Bhat, Bhahishan Singh, and Kannav Sharma were also given prizes for their participation in a symposium held during NSS workshop.

Prof Sudhir Singh, Convener, IQAC, conducted the proceedings.

JK News June 2011 
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Panun Kashmir on Amarnath Yatra

PK takes serious view of curtailing Amarnath yatra

Panun Kashmir (PK) has taken a serious view of the decision taken by Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) to curtail the period of Amarnath yatra by 15 days this year.

This decision is in utter violation of the spirit of the yatra and smacks of a design to obstruct the smooth passage of the age–old traditional yatra of the Hindu fraternity, PK president, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, told reporters here today.

While condemning the decision the PK leader alleged that it seems that the decision was taken by the Board under pressure from the quarters inimical to the yatra. "We are in agreement of the contention of the Baba Amarnath Yatri Nyas, Jammu, which is spearheading the movement against the ill advised decision of SASB and extend our full support to the Niyas in its endeavour’’, he added.

He said the PK would appeal to the individual members of the SASB to rise to the occasion and respect the sensibilities of the Hindu society in this regard and not to do anything that hampers the articles of faith and tradition.

PK national spokesperson, Ravinder Raina announced the decision of his organization to organize the 3rd phase of the Kashmir Sankalp Yatra in the third week of April this year . The yatra, which will be led by Mr Chrungoo will cover states of Maharastra, Delhi and Rajasthan . The main purpose of the yatra is to launch an awareness campaign on Kashmir, he added.

He said the 21-day yatra will focus on secessionist conspiracy in J&K, Amarnath yatra period curtailment and homeland demand for KPs in the Valley of Kashmir.

Mr Chrungoo said that PK also welcomed the movement initiated by civil society led by , Anna Hazare against corruption. The war against the corruption has fundamentally taken the position of the second freedom struggle in this country.

Those present in the press conference included Jagdish Raj Dogra president , SD Sabha, Jammu, Upinder Koul general secretary PK and O P Sharma its patron.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Degree courses in Polytechnics soon

Technical Education Minister RS Chib said the government will soon start courses at universities in the country for students who have completed their studies in these institutions.

The minister was addressing a joint meeting of officials of the colleges, ITI, officers of the nodes and the presidents of the Institutional Management Committees (IMC) met to consider the physical and financial achievements registered in the industry.

Mr. Chib said nodes of public schools to create new, to these schools actually became functional use. He asked the President, IMC of new job-oriented professions according to the needs of specific area.

Later the Minister visited the Institute and went to various engineering wing. He headed for the proper maintenance and cleaning of the buildings on the premises of the Institute concerned. He asked the director of the adoption of stringent measures against the erring officials have been negligent in maintaining the lawn of the university.

The meeting was informed that 18 new technical colleges will be functional in this meeting, adding that eight government buildings were also identified and the remainder will be held in private accommodation. A sum of Rs 15 crore for projects in PPP mode ITI sector had been booked, told the meeting. Up to 10 ITIS under the Project for Improvement of Vocational Training (VPK) have been approved for Rs. 21.50 crore have been received.

The themes, including the creation of jobs and the hiring of private buildings for 18 schools newly created council of Engineers in Kashmir Government Polytechnic, Srinagar, Government Polytechnic, Jammu, Leh and Kargil, improvement of the rate structure for private schools and faculty compensation adjustment agreement next academic department heads and principals also discussed threadbare.

Previously, Director of Technical Education Sourab taken Bhagat informed about the programs and new initiatives in the department, the implementation of administrative and technical inspections and implementation of computer system containing personal data.

Among others, the government director Jammu universities, NH Malik, head of the Department of ITI Jammu, officials of the new universities knot, Joint Director, colleges, Inderabi, the deputy director, Riaz-ul-Amin, and NK Gupta, BMI were also attended the meeting chairman.

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