Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hotmail is Now Outlook

Microsoft is giving its 16-year-old Web-email service a complete overhaul and a brand new name. and therefore the results are spectacular.

Starting on, it'll be known as Outlook.com. this is often a part of a brand new Microsoft strategy to use "Outlook" because the name for all its email offerings.

I've been employing a pre-release version of this new email service for the past seven days and it includes dozens of good options that simplify the otherwise-exasperating method of managing your email inbox. Examples embrace optional one-click scheduled cleanups of mail that delete all however the last message you bought from someone; a secure, built-in thanks to unsubscribe from newsletters; and simple strategies for making email sorting rules for brand spanking new and previous messages. I cut the amount of emails in my inbox in 0.5 once the primary day of using Outlook.com.

The new Web-email service conjointly incorporates social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, displaying profile photos and standing updates alongside email messages. And yes, you'll need the choice of obtaining a brand new, @Outlook.com address, though you'll be able to conjointly value more highly to keep on with your @hotmail.com address. Though Hotmail continues to be the leading internet email service world-wide with over 325 million users, in line with comScore Inc., Yahoo and Google's Gmail dominate within the U.S.

This is only 1 of the many dramatic moves at Microsoft this summer. the corporate is readying for the large fall launch of Windows eight, which can traditionally meld the desktop computer and pill operating systems in one place. It conjointly simply announced a brand new version of workplace 2013, that updates the software program to figure smarter with the online. If that wasn't enough, in June the corporate announced its upcoming iPad challenger, Surface, that favors Apple's model of planning and producing hardware in lieu of Microsoft's ancient software-only philosophy.

Not all of the options in Outlook.com can work as you expect. solely half my email contacts' names appeared with profile photos automatically pulled in from Facebook. This was as a result of those friends either weren't on Facebook or had registered for Facebook with an email apart from the one they were using to speak with me. I solely saw some friends' Twitter updates. Facebook chat is additionally inbuilt, however I rarely use this.

When Outlook.com's automatic linking to social networks did work, the result was magical. Dull, text-only contact names were suddenly enhanced by photos, some from individuals I did not recognize were on Facebook.

I did not have to depart email to visualize my friends' latest standing updates. I might click a thumbs-up icon to "like" the standing right in Outlook.com, or click a word bubble to comment, though this sent me off to Facebook.com. If somebody was registered on Facebook however we tend to weren't friends, I saw that person's profile photo and a link to feature the person as an acquaintance. I did this with one in all my longtime tennis teammates.

The overall look of Outlook.com is way cleaner and a lot of refined compared to Hotmail. Fonts are larger and easier to browse, and it's built-in, playful animations that created me wish to send emails: when I hit Send, the total message perceived to instantly shrink and be sent off removed from me.

Rather than cramming Mail, People, Calendar and SkyDrive (Microsoft's cloud storage service) into one screen, Outlook.com enables you to toggle between these classes using four giant tiles. And these tiles solely seem once you faucet a drop-down arrow, so that they do not take up area on your screen.

Microsoft Reboots Hotmail As Outlook
The previous Hotmail did a pleasant job handling photos. Outlook.com takes that a step any by seamlessly integrating SkyDrive. after I hooked up photos to emails, a message appeared within the composing screen prompting me to, instead, share the photos via SkyDrive, that sends thumbnail pictures in emails and links friends to the online to visualize actual pictures, instead of clogging my friends' inboxes with huge attachments.

Also during this email-composing screen, I might name the new SkyDrive folder that might hold my photos. folks that received these emails were delighted, like my sister, who said it had been simple to scroll through images—and she loved that there wasn't an advanced sign-in.

But what if you employ another internet mail service and every one of your friends already recognize that address and email you there? Outlook.com is barely too happy to import your contacts from different services, and it offers the simplest way to receive email from different accounts. you'll be able to conjointly send mail from Outlook.com on behalf of your different accounts, like Gmail. Outlook.com is technically in an exceedingly "preview" stage, however Microsoft said it'll take away the "on behalf of" later this year and simply send emails as if they were from your different account.

Outlook.com does not have a wise approach of automatically sorting necessary emails, like Google's Gmail Priority Inbox, that is my favorite feature in Gmail.

Microsoft's new Outlook.com appearance elegant and encompasses a remarkably user-friendly interface. If you are overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox, desire a higher thanks to type emails or would like a better thanks to share photos and files, Outlook.com may be a winner.

No have to be compelled to be kind here: telling individuals you employ Hotmail has been the web equivalent of admitting to necrophilia. however once a decade as a punchline, Hotmail simply attained the largest victory within the inbox game since Gmail. And it'd simply get you to modify.
This is setting out to look acquainted to the purpose of predictability. Microsoft takes one thing boring, partially broken, and completely entrenched: Windows, Office, Mobile. Toss nearly everything ugly and uninspired into the ash heap, place good individuals to figure on it, and pack it packed with Metro. Windows 8, Office 15, and Windows Phone have all turned stale things into vibrant, fashionable successes. And Hotmail—now Outlook—can boast a similar.

It truly appearance smart

But, come on, is Hotmail capable of a makeover? Hotmail? Even the folks that work on Hotmail can admit while not reluctance that the name itself is one in all the service's biggest liabilities. no one desires to mention Hotmail. no one desires it on their resume, on their card, or shared over drinks. it has been stigmatized notwithstanding how smart or awful it truly is—when was the last time you even checked?

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