Monday, December 24, 2012

Ancient Shiva Cave Discovered in Reasi

An ancient Lord Shiva cave has been discovered on the high mountain near Thanpal in Salal area of district Reasi.

The area is tough terrain and nearly 2 hour on foot journey along Surman ‘Khud’. The villagers with their efforts managed to make narrow track up to the cave which is on the steep rocky mountain. On one side there is Salal dam and on the other at high mountain this cave.

The locals said that this cave was inaccessible due to its location but as they used to hear some kind of sounds from that area, nobody ever dared to go that side. A daring youth of the area namely Sunil Kumar, son of Paras Ram, armed with gun and assisted by 2-3 more youth, managed to reach up to the cave using ropes and his mountaineering skills. He saw a Shiva Lingam, stone idols of Shiva family, a statue of Saint and Hanuman. The cave appears to be almost equal to that of Shiv Khori. After this, the youth returned and told this matter to the whole village.

The next day, the village Sarpanch and some locals started digging track on the rocky mountain and with in few days they managed to reach there and saw the cave. They saw ‘Pindis’ and a big Shiva Lingam. The villagers narrated the matter to the local MLA and district administration. On their request, some officers including DC also visited the cave last week and they were astonished to see such a wonderful cave. They assured to develop the area and the cave for pilgrimage on the pattern of Shiv Khori.

There are two different routes one via Talwara-Siar Baba and Thanpal using boat over Salal dam and another one via Reasi Salal and yet another one via Bidda Dhayangarh Dam site.

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