Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex Renovation may take 50 years

The renovation work of Mubarak Mandi heritage complex is going on at snail’s pace and if the progress of the work goes at this pace, it will take over 50 years to restore this heritage complex to its pristine glory.

According to sources, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) which has been entrusted with the job of restoration of the Mubarak Mandi heritage complex is under constant pressure to intensify the pace of work to complete the project as early as possible.

However, in view of the delicate, artistic workmanship and old architecture, the ASI is not in a position to complete the work as early as possible, sources said, adding even after increasing the manpower the restoration of the Mubarak Mandi complex will not take less than eight to ten years.

Sources said if the work will go as per present pace the entire project will take 50 years to complete but the ASI being the only expert agency in restoration of ancient architecture so the work can’t be assigned to any other agency.

The Society is exerting pressure on ASI to intensify the pace of work by engaging more people.

Though started in year 2007, ASI has so far completed 80 percent work of erstwhile Army Headquarters and Foreign Office of Dogra regime while the rest of the complexes were yet to be taken in hand.

According to sources, the restoration work of entire Mubarak Mandi complex will need at least Rs 300 crore and it is not possible for the Central or State Government to provide such a huge amount at a time. So the project was divided into segments..... Palace wise by Mubarak Mandi Heritage Society, the organisation looking after the restoration work of the complex, sources added.

Sources said in the first segment two buildings of erstwhile Army Headquarters and Foreign Office were taken and they have been almost completed. The project was taken in hand in 13th Finance Commission and an estimate of Rs 53.9crore was projected for its restoration. Out of which, Rs 15 crore were sanctioned by Central Government so far but only Rs 8.57 crore were released, sources added.

The Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for the heritage complex were prepared by Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH).

Sources said under Mega Tourism Segment, the Heritage Society demanded Rs 24 . 92 crore for the restoration from Government of India (GoI) and it sanctioned Rs 16.80 crore only. Out of which Rs 3.38 crore were released.

In the 13th Finance Commission, Raja Amar Singh Palace, Dogra Art Museum, Badi Deodi, Royal Courts and Mahal of Raja Ram Singh Queens’ were taken, sources said, adding in this mega tourism project Raja Ram Singh Palace, Darbar Hall and Central Court Yard were included.

Sources said now the ASI has taken the work of Royal Courts, Badi Deodi, etc. Their drawings were completed and the work will start next month.

Admitting that work is going on at snail’s pace, Sujanya Sharma Executive Director, Mubarak Mandi Heritage Society said that restoration of old architecture being a delicate and artistic work it can’t be done in pace with modern technology.

However the Society has urged the ASI to increase its manpower to complete the entire project by five years to ten years, he said, adding that utmost care is being taken that the old architecture is not disturbed and the Dogra heritage and architecture is preserved for future generations.

He said the ASI has also taken up the work of Royal Courts, Badi Deodi etc. It has framed the drawings and will start the work next month. In the third segment Rs 78 crore were demanded out of which Rs 67 crore were approved and Rs 12 crore have been released, he added.

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