Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Main Bhi Anna

The theatre artists of Jammu today took a lead ahead and came up with a strong dramatic performance depicting Anna Hazare's crusade against corruption.

A handful of youth belonging to State's theatre fraternity performed a short play entitled "Main Bhi Anna' a tribute to the crusader languishing in jail while fighting for a cause against corruption.

The 30 minutes saga enacted at Mubarak Mandi beneath the idol of Mahatma Gandhi was a well knit oratory by different actors who highlighted the need for a change in the system and society for a prosperous and flourishing India.

Though the play was an impromptu presentation, hundred of evening walkers gathered at the venue and applauded the efforts of the artists in producing a scintillating drama against corruption.

In the play, Dilshad Shazi, the central character of the play attired as Anna Hazare took the centre stage with other actors joining him as 'Aam Janta' and supporting the valuable cause of saving a nation from turning into a total wreck.

Anil Kotwal, Tarun Sharma, Tarun Sudershan Vasson, Reetu Manhas, Sakshi Dogra, Mudassir Bhukhari and Saurav Verma wearing white Kurta Pyjamas and sporting orange and green bands participated in the play while presenting their parts in most stylish performances.

Dilshad Shazi's performance as Anna Hazare who sends a message of 'Ahimsa' across as a tool of strong representation against all political, social and economical ills in a democratic system was highly applauded.

The actor stressed on the need for a change in the society for an overall betterment of human beings and termed corruption as the cancer in the society.

Aaditya Bhanu directed the play which was highly appreciated by the audience and was a Nav Durga Kala Manch presentation.

Speaking on the occasion, Vikram Sharma the senior most stage artist of the state appreciated Aaditya and his team for taking up an effort through theatre. He said, since the theatre is the strongest medium of expression, Jammu artists' role in taking the lead is praiseworthy in this direction and Aaditya and his team deserves kudos for keeping the ethics of realistic theatre alive in its actual perspective".

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