Monday, September 3, 2012

Tunnel Digging Stoped at IB

Tension has once more increasing informed the International Border (IB) at Chechwal in Samba sector when Pakistan not permitting the Border force (BSF) to hold out any work on the tunnel before border fencing fearing that it'd be exposed as security forces had detected that tunnel was leading toward Pakistan.

Official sources confirmed that job on any creating by removal of the tunnel by the BSF authorities between border fencing and 0 line has been stopped in anticipation of firing by the Pakistani Rangers.

The BSF had managed to dig earth before fencing and was nearing Zero Line once the Rangers objected to the work and needed it to be stopped. The Rangers told the BSF to prevent work or, otherwise, they might open firing.

Sources same the Rangers were afraid that the BSF would expose their game set up by creating by removal right up to the Zero Line, which might establish that the tunnel was originating from West Pakistan.

"Anticipating international embarrassment when the exposure of their set up of creating by removal underground tunnel into the Indian territory, the Rangers weren't left with no choice because the BSF was near reach to the Zero Line on the IB to determine that the tunnel had been mamma from West Pakistan side’’, they added.

The Rangers objected to the creating by removal work and got it stopped, sources same however additional that the BSF resolve to finish feat to Zero Line to show West Pakistan for constructing tunnel within the Indian territory.

According to sources, whereas the tunnel was twenty five feet beneath the world within the border fencing at village Chechwal, it had been concerning forty feet underground before the fencing. The West Pakistan authorities may need mamma the tunnel a lot of underground between Zero Line to frame fencing to confirm that the work wasn't detected by the BSF jawans manning the border space.

Sources same the tunnel would have its origin concerning two hundred feet within West Pakistan. it'd are mamma from close to a post of the Rangers. They additional that the Rangers were currently fearful of obtaining exposed and face embarrassment at the international level because it was established that the tunnel had been created by Pakistani authorities into the Indian territory for facilitating infiltration of militants and export narcotics.

The BSF had started creating by removal before border fencing to seek out out alignment of the tunnel and its origin when groups of geologic Survey of Asian nation (GSI) and BSF authorities had detected 540 meters underground tunnel within the Indian territory at forward village of Chechwal in Samba sector.

A farmer had detected the tunnel on Gregorian calendar month twenty seven whereas operating in his fields because the land had caved in at 3 straight points leading towards West Pakistan. The BSF and GSI groups later detected that the tunnel had been mamma 540 meters within the Indian territory resulting in village Chechwal. The exit purpose of the tunnel was additionally detected.

Few days back, the BSF had started creating by removal work before border fencing to seek out out any alignment of the tunnel.

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