Friday, February 17, 2012

Night long religious functions held to celebrate Hora Ashtami

Religious functions continued to be held in various ashrams in connection with Hora Astami during the last night.

As usual Bhagavaan Gopinathji Trust organized and celebrated the festival at Bhagavaan Ji’s Ashram Bohri Udaywala near here.

Hundreds of devotees thronged the Ashram and offered prayers to Bhagavaan Gopinathji.

Reputed artists including Naina Saproo, Ravi Bhan, Iqbal Koul, T K Dhar and Shanti Lal Sidha and many others presented their items. The hall reverbated with Bhajans and the devotees were enthralled.

The night -long prayers were offered for invoking the blessings of the Mother Goddess followed by mass prayers for peace and well being of mankind. The function concluded with Bhagawan Ji’s arti this morning. The function was also held at Bhagavaan Ji’s Ashram at Srinagar, Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi and other places.

The Hora Ashtami was celebrated at Krishana Satsang Bhawan Gareeb Dham Bohri with religious fervour. Anand Swami Pran Nath Bhat Gareeb mesmerized the audience with his Parvochan from Srimad Bhagvat Geeta and Shiv Puran in his usual extempore style. He while giving religious discourses said the Mother Goddess Parvati is liberal during the night in granting eternal peace to one and all irrespective of cast, creed and religion to perform the Satsang during the night. But the prayers should be with full faith and surrender.

The function started with Satsang from 6pm and culminated with Guru Pooja this morning.

Another function was held in Pushkara Swami Sewa Ashram Laxmipuram Chinore and Najafgarh New Delhi. The Hora Ashtami which coincides with Amar Divas of P N Koul (Poshmot) was celebrated with religious fervour and gaiety in the ashram. At Jammu Ashram the programme started with Yagna and it was followed by Guru Vandhna. The puranahuti was held in the afternoon which was followed by serving of prashad to devotees. The Bhajan Kirtan continued for entire night. The function was attended by Swami Kumar Ji of Geeta Satsang Ashram Muthi and he paid rich tributes to Swami Posh Mot
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