Friday, February 3, 2012

Prof Talat Delivers lecture to refresher course participants

In an unprecedented manner, Professor Talat Ahmad,Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kashmir today mesmerized the participants through his teaching skills and presentation content while delivering a talk on “Magnetism related to plate tectonics” to the 45 participants in the refresher course in sciences being organized by the Academic Staff College university of Kashmir.

Through his very beautiful presentation starting with the analysis of platetectonic settings, Professor Talat talked about lava types, rising plumes,magna eruptions, volcanoes, lava drainage tubes, continental drift, mass extinction through climate change and so on. Speaking on the occasion,

Professor Talat Ahmad, dispelled many myths about the processes going oninside our earth. In a reply to a question on the recent reports of amajor earthquake, Professor Talat made it clear that Kashmir cannot beseparated from the Himalayan belt and therefore the earthquake can occuranywhere in the Himalayas not specifically in Kashmir region.

To a question from a participant, Prof Talat announced that he will beestablishing study centers in Ladakh region of J&K to get the researchersfrom J&K interested in the study of rocks there.Dr. Farooq Fayaz, Director ASC , while speaking on the occasion expressed hisdeep felt gratitude for the voluntary offer of the Vice-Chancellor as aresource person. While it speaks volumes about his devotion and love forthe disciplines of pedagogy we get an insight into his priorities also asour Vice-Chancellor which encourages us to lead by example, said DrFarooq Fayaz.

“While the talk was inspiring and pregnant with scientific content,Professor Talat, as a master craftsman, unveiled the beauty of ourplanet-Earth.” said Dr. Manzoor A. Malik who coordinates the course. Manyparticipants interacted with the resource person where satisfied the way VC answered their queries. “ It was an exemplary teaching experience as atno point of time he gave us a feel that we are face to face with VC” “said a female participant from a Srinagar college. “ he is a great teacherand so humane , she added. Delivers talk on Plate tectonics to refresher course participants.

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