Wednesday, September 14, 2011

APSCC castigates Congress

APSCC castigates Congress for trying to divide Sikhs

All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) has castigated Congress party for “always trying to weaken
Sikh community and divide them in the name of different Sikh Sects”.

“Sehajdhari issue raised by them is a clear indication that all communal Hindu parties are in favor of dilution
of Sikhism which is not tolerable to any Sikh living in and around the globe,” APSCC chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina said in a statement.

He said that the issue of Sehajdharis cannot triumph over the faith of those who believe in strong teaching of Sikhism whether it is Amritdhari, Khalsa or clean shaved Sehajdharis.
“The definition of Sikhism is very much the belief in one god, equality, brotherhood and respect and tolerance for all religions,” he said.The chairman termed it “pathetic” that an issue was being raised during crucial time of SGPC polls and efforts are being made to turn Amritdhari and Sehajdharis against each other.He said that these seem to be well governed conspiracies of political parties and politicians sitting in Parliament.

“It is high time for Prakash Singh Badal to come forward, forgetting all vote bank politics if he feels that he is a true Sikh, as he and his party are totally managing the Sikh affairs since last few decades,” the statement said. “But at the same time he is unrecovered by the BJP and its allies like RSS and Shiv Sena, who always oppose the development of Sikh Community whether Sehajdharis or Amritdharis.” “Clear example of this is division of Punjab and creation of Haryana on the basis of religion, which Britishers did in India during their rule, and enemies of Punjab are now sitting in parliament on the basis of such vote bank,” the spokesman added.ASPCC chairman urged Anna Hazare to go to Punjab and Delhi to understand the importance of Sikh unity for the development and safety of India, as this will divide India on the basis of religion and such move will sow the seed for further division of India.He urged all Sehajdhari Sikhs to come forward and act upon the teaching of Gurus belief of oneness and faith for strengthening the oneness of Sikhs.

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