Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tourist inflow in jammu kashmir

Tourism and police authorities claim that 2011 has so far seen the highest inflow of tourists into the valley since the eruption of armed insurgency in 1989. According to data available with the State police over 36000 foreign tourists have visited Kashmir. This is despite travel advisory issued by many foreign governments to their citizens intending to visit Kashmir. However State government has been approaching them to withdraw advisories because the conditions in the valley have improved considerably. Germany has already withdrawn the advisory and others are likely to follow suit. According to police sources, this year till date only 65 incidents of terrorist attacks took place which is far less as compared to any previous year's data. The reasons given for sudden increase of tourist flow are many. Firstly, this summer has been comparatively peaceful against what obtained in the valley during last three summers. Secondly, security forces are in full control of the border wherefrom infiltration takes place and they give no opportunity to the infiltrators to sneak in. Whenever reports of some terrorists trying to sneak in come, the security force take on them and deal with them befittingly. Improved and upgraded counter terrorism mechanism is showing good results. At the same time the economic factor is also at work and a large number of people connected with tourist industry in the state have realized that a situation of turmoil and uncertainty adversely affects economic life of the people. This is a healthy realization. Presumably it is possible that the tourism department has further streamlined the industry to make the tours of foreigners and national visitors more comfortable. In any way, it is a good sign that the tourist industry is catching up and is poised for a big jump forward.

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