Monday, September 19, 2011

Diabetes camp in jammu

Dr Jitendra Singh inaugurates diabetes camp

A diabetes awareness programme was organized at Buta Nagar TRT here, today by Amar Balidan Trust (ABT). The camp was inaugurated by nationally renowned diabetologist and author Dr Jitendra Singh.

Besides Dr Jitendra Singh, Dr Sushil Kotru, Dr Bharat Kotru and Dr Isha Puri also rendered their services in the camp and examined the patients.

ASKPC president and chairman of the Trust, Amarnath Vaishnavi, ABT chief H L Chatta, P K president Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, D N Kissu, Piyaray Lal Sudeshi, Phoola Koul, Ravinder Raina, B B Gosani and Prof Rattan Lal Raina were among those present on the occasion.

While complimenting the organizers for initiative, Dr Jitendra Singh recalled the famous quote from D Joslin the father of modern diabetology. He said the diabetic who knows the most, lives the longest. Emphasizing that diabetes education is the cornerstone of any successful diabetes control or prevention programme, Dr Jitendra Singh said that there is a virtual epidemic of diabetes sweeping the globe and while the Government agencies and Health Ministry have failed to do enough and it is primarily the NGOs like Pir Panchal, Diabetes Care Foundation, Amar Balidan Trust and others who deserve credit for their constant endeavour in this direction.

Even in Jammu and surrounding regions, the overall prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes is over 15 percent, Dr Jitendra Singh said and added that the Kashmiri Pandit community has been the worst sufferer because after its displacement from the Valley, the community went through tremendous mental and physical stress leading to a sudden upsurge in diabetes.

Referring to his recent and 5th book on Diabetes published by Elsvier Publishers, Dr Jitendra Singh said that the greatest challenge for India during the next one decade would be diabetes in young and diabetes in pregnancy.

In his address A N Vaishnavi said that migration added to many problems of the displaced community. Suddenly coming from a temperate climate to a hot and humid climate has created many health problems for the displaced Pandits, he added.

He said it is natural that the migrants who adopted the lifestyle of the people living in hot and humid areas couldn’t escape from the common diseases of that area. 

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