Monday, September 26, 2011

Stamps Exhibition in Srinagar

Rarest stamps of the world to be exhibited in Srinagar after 35 yrs 

In one of a rare kind of exhibitions to be organised after a span of 35 years, Jammu and Kashmir Department of Post would be showcasing a rare collection of one lakh stamps brought from all over the world tomorrow. Each of the stamps worth lakhs of rupees right now have been put in around 400 frames which would be put on display through a four day long exhibition.
Besides, Jammu and Kashmir will be the first state to produce My Stamps, where the common people will get to post their pictures on the stamps, which they could collect on the spot.“Customised My-Stamps, is surely expected to draw a lot of crowd to this exhibition. Especially, college, school students who as a means of putting their school buildings, mottos, taglines on the stamps and making it as a peculiar display,” John Samuels, Chief Post Master General, J&K told KTNS.

For making its venture My-Stamps a hit, the Department is contemplating to set up seven cameras at the venue, so that the visitors get to have a tailor-made stamp on the spot itself.The cost of one My-stamp is Rs 300 for students. For various institutions on the other hand, the stamp costs have been put higher.This unique stamps exhibition would also be displaying the oldest stamp of the world called” Penny Black” which got its name due to its black colour and the worth of a single penny at that time, when I came into being in 1840.

According to Samuels, the worth of Penny Black currently in few lakhs, and this should give the interested people an insight into the history of stamps the world over and their origin.The stamps displayed, specific to Jammu and Kashmir, would be from pre-independence period, especially Maharaja’s rule. Besides, traditional stamps have been brought from countries like UK, US and France to be exhibited during this four day long philatelic exhibition.

“United Nations (UN) has its own stamps which should also interest  a  lot of students and other people here,” General Postmaster said.The Department of post has specified a day for the letter writing competition, wherein  the school children are supposed to write a letter to their mothers. The best letters, would be acknowledged with cash prizes.“Letter writing spirit, cannot die down as it is not only a necessary but a novel means of communication. Though technology has invaded almost all means of communication, however the spirit of writing letters should not fade away, particularly among our children,” Samuels added.

What is more is that the children who have designing skills can try out designing stamps , the best of which shall be displayed on 14th November, Children’s Day.Besides, there are going to be some amusing stamps ranging from Harry Potter, James Bond, Bollywood to Mother Teressa.With an aim to bring Post Office closer to your doorstep, the Department of post would be  making available mobile vans to all those who are keen on having a look at the historically significant stamps could be taken to the venue.Besides, the Department of Post has already roped in hundreds of school children, Department of tourism and many allied departments to make this four day long historic event a success.

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