Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JKVM representative to also boycott Apex Committee

Another Apex Committee member Dr R L Bhat has also decided to boycott tomorrow’s meeting. The decision to this effect was taken in a meeting of Jammu and Kashmir Vichar Manch (JKVM) meeting here today. The meeting expressed dismay over the attitude of the Government regarding the pressing issues facing the exiled Community. It appealed Dr Bhat not to attend tomorrow’s meeting in view of some reservations.

The meeting said that the Apex Committee was formed with the agenda to practicalise the PM’ s package for return but the Government has acted with adhocism towards the issue. Scheduled to take place in morning the meeting has already gone through three changes of time and is now supposed to be held in the evening. This shows the casual attitude of the Government towards the community.

Moreover the Government is trying to treat the exile of KPs and their return as if it were the question of the quantum of relief and rehabilitation package. The JKVM accused the Government of downplaying the fact of ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus and behaving as if a natural calamity had befallen the KP community and the only thing to be decided was the amount of package. The Government was actually be maligning the community by harping on the seven lac and 20 lac bit while refusing to address the larger political question as to how the aborigines of Kashmir came to be exiled, the meeting said.

Dr Bhat said had the Government been sincere in implementing the CBMS the first and foremost of which was passing of Temples and Shrines Bill, it would not have been hanging in fire. He said that in the first meeting as well as meeting with Home Minister the basic issue raised by him was that there should be assured safety on return and it should be return with retention and not the quantum of compensation only. He said unfortunately the Government did not shown any understanding of pain and plight of exiled KPs and it was only trying to hoodwink the community so the JKVM executive decided that Dr Bhat will stay away from the meeting.

Meanwhile Migrant Selectee Association (MSA) has urged the Apex Committee members to raise the problems of accommodation, electricity and water being faced by employees in Kashmir Valley who were appointed under PM’s employment package.

The MSA which met under the leadership of Sanjay Kaul said that employees face accommodation problems as three to four members are huddled in a small room.

KP Amity Council leaders have also urged the Apex Committee members to take up the issues concerning the migrants including enhancement of cash relief, age relaxation and implementation if employment package in letter and spirit in the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Sanjay Saraf its patron and others who were present included Sanjay Raina, Manoj Pandit and Suresh Saraf.

KP Joint Council coordinator Vinod Tickoo has also urged the Apex Committee members to raise the issue regarding the enhancement of relief in the meeting. While AMCCC chief Desh Rattan welcomed the Apex members for boycotting the meet saying that the Government has failed to settle the basic issues of the community.

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