Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unmetered Connections

PDD to maneuver application before SERC for extension in metering deadline

 The State Government has set to maneuver an application before the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) with the plea to increase the deadline for metering of regarding four.5 lakh electricity connections across the State in order that such an outsized range of shoppers don’t get deprived of power offer beyond April twenty eight, 2012, that as per the J&K Electricity Act, 2010 is that the last date for guaranteeing power offer through installation of correct energy meters.

Official sources said that following news-report during this paper that four.5 lakh non-metered shoppers wouldn't be entitled for power offer beyond April twenty eight, 2012 as per the provisions of J&K Electricity Act, 2010, the senior officers of the ability Development Department started deeply examining the relevant provisions of the Act.

"Even some officers of the ability Development Department unofficially contacted the State Electricity Regulatory Commission Members to debate the legal position and eventually it emerged that Department may adopt the recourse of moving an application before the SERC seeking extension within the deadline for metering of non-metered connections", they said.

However, for this the Department has got to chalk out comprehensive metering arrange for all the un-metered connections across the State and additional time-table needed to accomplish the task, that are very important steps before pleading the case before the Commission, sources said, adding whereas seeking extension within the deadline, the ability Development Department would got to justify before the Commission the delay behind meeting the sooner deadlines and elaborate how it'd accomplish this very important task at intervals the newly proposed time frame.

In response to a matter, they said, "the Commission will think about the applying of the PDD and extend the deadline by means of notification", adding "since the Commission has itself passed strictures against the PDD, the latter would got to bring clarity in its plans to complete metering exercise, that is important for preparation of applicable loss reduction ways and schemes".

When contacted, Principal Secretary, Power Development Department, Sudhanshu Pandey said, "I have directed the event Commissioner Power (DCP) to research matters and formally return up with the precise time frame needed to meter all the left-over non-metered connections", adding "we have found out comprehensive metering arrange, that is imperative to approach the SERC with plea to increase deadline beyond April twenty eight, 2012".

In response to a matter, he said, "DCP can return up with the time-frame at intervals on a daily basis or 2 following that additional steps would be initiated so as to make sure that non-metered shoppers still get electricity even beyond April twenty eight, 2012".

Among the four.5 lakh non-metered electricity connections, 3,99,697 are domestic, 43,339 non-domestic/ business, 3,022 agriculture, 249 public street lighting and 598 LT public water works. These un-metered connections are consuming connected load of 344.86 Mega Watts (MW).

It is pertinent to say here that SERC has been laying stress on the one hundred per cent shopper metering since 2007-08 money year when it issued initial Tariff Order because the metering could be a major step towards energy accounting and reduction of power losses.

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