Monday, September 17, 2012

Dogri film Reet released on 21 Sept 2012

Giving a boost to emerging regional cinema in Jammu and Kashmir, latest Dogri feature film 'Reet' is all set to hit screen at Hari Talkies, here, on Sept 21, 2012.

Coming on the heels of already released and well received regional films like 'Maa Ni Mildi', 'Lakeer' and 'Kuggi Maar Doari', noteworthy aspect of the maiden venture of Navrudra Productions is that the film 'Reet' has been indigenously produced by using locally available acting and technical talent.

Speaking in a press conference at the Press Club, here today, Pankaj Khajuria, producer and director of film, who is also acting the lead role, said that 'Reet' is going to be a UFO release and other than Jammu it will also be shown through satellite in cinemas at Kathua and Udhampur.

He said that shot on digicam, with digital music, the film is a story of love betrayed by the custom of 'Dohri', an appalling social practice where a daughter is married in the family of daughter- in-law.

He further said for making regional films we need not to look towards Bollywood as enough acting and technical talent is locally available. He said the lead in this direction has already been taken by producer and directors like Amit Choudhary-'Maa Ni Mildi', Shiv Dutt-'Lakeer' and Neelam Phull-'Kuggi Maar Doari'. By producing 'Reet', our production house intends to start a healthy competition so that better and better films in Dogri are made and more and more viewers show interest in seeing films in mother tongue.

Pankaj Khajuria shared dais with Rajesh Khajuria, director of photography and cast of film including female lead Ridhima Singh, Janak Khajuria and Kusum Tickoo.

The music of the film is composed by Arvind, lyrics by B S Dardi and Rajneesh Gupta. Other members of film's cast include Madan Rangela, Raghunanthan Singh Bali, J R Sagar, Upendra, Shammi Malhotra, Neelam Singh, Santosh Sangra, Subhash Jamwal and others. The production of the film is designed by Akhil Gupta

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