Monday, September 3, 2012

Ravi Canal Project

CM intervenes to clear prestigious Ravi canal project

After robust protest by the senior Minister, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah nowadays intervened to induce clearance for the development of remaining portion of the celebrated Ravi Canal project aimed toward transfer revolution in components of Jammu province.

Rs 275.15 large integer project of construction of Balance Portion/Extension of main Ravi canal upstream Ravi watercourse from Basantpur right upto the influx of Reservoir of Ranjit Sagar Dam was caught in officialdom hurdles for past two-and-a-half years when it got cupboard nod in 2010.

Minister for PHE, control and Irrigation, Taj Mohi-ud-din, told wood shavings that government minister Abdul Rahim Rather was sitting on the file of the project, finance's that area unit raised by his Ministry on its own. He same that the project can irrigate one.33 hundred thousand acres of land in 3 districts of Jammu province that eighty two klick canal and five hundred klick tributaries were created thirty years back.

He same that he shot off a letter to Chief Minister concerning Finance Ministry making hurdles in clearing the project last week and was assured that the project are cleared. Taj Mohi-ud-din same that the file was cleared nowadays when CM asked Finance Ministry to clear it and therefore the work on the project would be launched before long.

The Minister same that State has suffered loss to the tune of around Rs 9000 large integer owing to non-implementation agreement with geographical area for drawing water for irrigation and power share from Ranjit Sagar Dam throughout past thirty years.

Frustrated over non-clearance of the project despite his diligent efforts, the Minister last week proclaimed boycott of the longer term cupboard conferences to pressurize the govt.. Last week the Minister boycotted the cupboard meeting in protest against the non-clearance of the file by the Finance Department. "It is waste of your time to sit down in an exceedingly cupboard meeting whose selections aren't honoured", the cathedral told wood shavings once asked concerning his boycott to the cupboard conferences.

The Cabinet in its call (No. 41/2/2010 dated 15-02-2010) had granted approval to the project of construction of the Irrigation and control Department starting off at village Satwain upto Basantpur wherever existing Ravi Canal starts. the cupboard had directed the Irrigation and control Department to organize an in depth Project Report (DPR) for project and submit it for the approval when getting all necessary approvals and concurrence of designing and Finance Department.

The Cabinet had additionally shaped a sub-committee consisting Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Minister for Rural Development, Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs and Minister for Public Health, Irrigation and control. Its job was to look at all relevant aspects of dispute with geographical area.

The Cabinet sub-committee in an exceedingly robust letter (No. PW/Hyd/P&S/IWT/2009/702 dated 25-06-2010) to the geographical area Government declined to lease out five hundred acres of land to the geographical area for the development of Shahpur Kandi Barrage from that Government of J&K was to draw water as per 1979 agreement. The letter same that even the compensation for the land provided for Ranjit Sagar Dam wasn't given to the State beneath 1979 agreement.

The letter asked the geographical area Government to compensate the losses suffered by J&K State for past thirty years owing to non-implementation of the agreement by geographical area. It demanded power share of forty % from Ranjit Sagar dam to compensate the previous power loses. The letter additionally vulnerable the geographical area of legal re-course just in case it fails to pay the compensation.

According to Minister, the Finance and therefore the Law Departments of the govt. of Jammu and geographic region raised queries as if it looked they were pleading the Punjab's case. The Minister said: "Former justice of Supreme Court of Asian nation, V N Khare, whereas hunting the documents given to him for judgment asked him that facet area unit the Law and Finance Departments of J&K." He had asked area unit they pleading Punjab's case or J&K's?

The judgment of the previous extra law officer of Asian nation Amarendra thermoplastic additionally criticized the State's Law Department and same J&K's case is real.

The Finance Department in its queries had declared the project as wasteful expenditure just in case geographical area didn't permit drawing of water from Ranjit Sagar Dam. Minister Taj Mohi-ud-din same that J&K isn't drawing water from geographical area territory however from its own watercourse and from its own territory at village Satwain and geographical area has no locus standi in disallowing drawl of water from Rajit Sagar Dam whose sixty five % territory belongs to Jammu and geographic region State and therefore the State has zero.69 MAF water share from the RSD that has the guarantee of presidency of Asian nation.

The Finance Department had additionally raised the question of termination of the all water sharing agreements by geographical area with the neighboring States in 2004 to that cupboard sub-committee had already provided the solution. The Minister same that the queries of the Finance Department and Law Department were unreasonable and it looked if they were batting for geographical area and not the Jammu and geographic region State.

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