Thursday, September 6, 2012

Open Eye Banks in Jammu Kashmir

Jammu and geographic area is probably the sole state within the country with none bank with the result that the most important efforts at effectively endeavour membrane Opacity, sightlessness don't bear any result.
The twenty seventh National Eye Donation period is being determined from August twenty five to September eight, during this State as elsewhere across the country, creating a powerful plea for donating eyes for giving sight to the poverty-stricken persons. however since there's no bank either within the Government Medical schools at Srinagar or Jammu, therefore the voluntary supply of eyes realize no place wherever they will undertake this noble service of giving sight to the unseeing.

Any person intending to build declaration for donating his/her eyes when death for anybody cannot do thus because the eyes of individual have to be compelled to be taken out inside six to eight hours solely. And once there's no bank within the entire State however will such work be undertaken in Jammu and geographic area wherever demand is on higher facet.

It is a incontrovertible fact that the govt. Medical school, Jammu did have a bank practical providing appropriate facilities to the membrane Opacity (blind person) quite some years back. it should be recalled that some eyes were additionally transplanted at GMC, Jammu. however because of lack of enough legal framework and lack of some infrastructure back-up, this bank became dysfunctional. however the govt. took no steps some to re-start the attention Bank either at GMC, Jammu or Srinagar.

Public Demand
In view of the pressing public demand for putting in of Eye Banks in Jammu and geographic area State, as elsewhere within the country for providing facilities to the donors to present their eyes for giving 'light' to the unseeing. whereas Human Organs Transplantation Act was passed within the country envisaging transplantation of human organs, as well as eyes, in an exceedingly recognized and registered health center by competent eye specialists.

Since the authorities failed to enact such a legislation, Eye Banks couldn't be opened or created operational in Jammu and Kashmir---not even within the Government Medical schools of Jammu or Srinagar. thus a significant downside is facing the individuals.

Ram Dass Dubey, general secretary of the J&K branch of National Blind Federation powerfully pleaded for straightaway gap the attention Banks in Jammu and geographic area for endeavour the matter of the unseeing persons during this a part of the country. Abdul Rahim, sixty two years aged, lamented that he wished to present his eyes for the noble reason for the blind however he couldn't do thus in absence of a bank facility within the State. He demanded appropriate arrangements for donors to serve the society.
Make Facility accessible

Shakeela Bano, a house mate in her 40s in Srinagar, expressed her keen need to try and do some noble work by donating her eyes for the poverty-stricken blind persons . She aforementioned " even when my death, my eyes can still continue to exist and see the planet through someone's sight. i believe it'll be an excellent service to the humanity. If the enlightened persons present their eyes, they'll serve the humanity. Urging the govt. for upgrading facilities for the persons with vision impairment, Tarlok Singh, a faculty teacher from Jammu town, was additionally desperate to register for donation of his eyes within the reason for blind individuals. Shakti Gupta, a university student additionally created a case for immediate gap of Eye Banks in geographic area, Jammu and Ladakh.

There are, per official figures nearly one.2 hundred thousand persons with membrane Opacity within the country and quite an sizeable numbers ar in Jammu and geographic area also United Nations agency want immediate attention and Medicare.

While the Central and also the State Governments are creating cooperative endeavors at providing upgraded medical services however the shortage of bank facilities hamper the efforts of popularizing eye donation as a family tradition during this a part of this country. therefore the authorities should take up this matter on priority basis.

Missionary Work
First of all, the authorities should return up with an acceptable law governing the transplantation of eyes in an exceedingly registered health center by the highest medical specialist in Jammu and geographic area. Secondly, a choice to start out Eye Banks in GMC, Srinagar and Jammu, be taken and later take this facility to different vital places within the State.

Thirdly, the authorities ought to depute young and bright medical specialist and a few different employees for advanced course in bank management and operational aspects at some prime health center within the country. Fourthly, once the attention Banks ar in situ and become operational, the govt. should keep on a full of life eye donation campaign in Jammu and geographic area. varied public awareness programmes are often launched by all agencies - officers, non-public sector and NGOs for meeting the curse of membrane Opacity sightlessness during this State also.

The Chief Minister, Omar Abdulah and also the Minister for Medical Education, RS Chib ought to straightaway flip their "eye" towards the intense downside of endeavour membrane Opacity sightlessness by straightaway gap Eye Banks in Jammu and geographic area like different elements of the country.
In addition, full-scale efforts should be place in by the Central and State Governments to squarely face the challenge of sightlessness and different eye ailments to create the society healthy and happy.

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