Monday, September 17, 2012

Reforms in Medical Services of jammu kashmir

Office bearers of Medical Association in Jammu as well as Srinagar have welcomed some reforms in medical services announced by the Minister for Medical Education R.S. Chib. Medical and Dental Colleges in both regions are faced with acute shortage of faculty members which has been adversely affecting availability of medical support to the public at large. As far as Government Medical College, Jammu is concerned, against 48 sanctioned posts of Professors, 26 are presently lying vacant while as 23 posts of Associate Professors against sanctioned strength of 49 are vacant. Similarly, against sanctioned strength of 67 Assistant Professors, only 33 are in position while, as 34 are lying vacant. The Medical College Srinagar is also reeling under acute shortage of faculty members. As against sanctioned strength of 69 Professors, only five are in position and 64 posts are lying vacant. Out of 74 sanctioned posts of Associate Professors, 40 are lying vacant while as 72 posts of Assistant Professors are lying vacant against the sanctioned strength of 125. Likewise, out of 232 posts of lecturers, 124 are lying vacant.

There is widespread appreciation among the faculty community that reduction of time bar for an Assistant Professor to become a Professor in nine years time will prove an incentive to the juniors and will make many vacancies available for new recruitment. It has also come to light that the Medical Council and Dental Council had been intermittently threatening de-recognition for the reason of lack of adequate faculty strength with them. Therefore the issue had become of much concern and now that looming threat will be lifted when fresh recruitment process begins.

We hope that along with the reforms in the services sector of the faculties, the Government will also take further measures to provide more efficient and more prompt medical services to the public. There should have been a clause to that purpose in the reformed rules of service for the medical faculties. Maybe the Minister for Medical Education will focus on that aspect also at some time.

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