Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lekhak staged by Nav Durga Kala Manch

Balwant Gargi’s famous play ‘Lekhak’ was staged today by Nav Durga Kala Manch at its Performing Art Studio, Jammu, in its ongoing Friday Theatre Series.

The play, which is directed by Aaditya Bhanu, is based on a writer, who is busy in writing a creative script for Radio. He undergoes various kinds of creative tensions but finally when he was going to end the script, he gets distracted by his neighbour, his friend and his relative.

The play beautifully portrayed the struggle of a creative writer, his effort, his energy, which he puts in creating a script. Without realizing his mental tension as when he is busy in writing script, everyone visits his home and starts telling their own problems. The play also depicts the life of a common man, who is busy in himself doing something for him, but fails to do so as he gets unfocussed by his colleagues and his work is affected and he gets depressed.

Dilshad Shazi as writer once again proved his mettle by doing such type of serious characters except comedy for which he is famous.

Tarun Sudershan Vasson as his relative was very much in character of a villager and portrayed his worth of acting too.

Reetu Manhas as his neighbour, Kamaljit Singh as his friend and Kibu Bharat as his servant too beautifully enacted their respective roles.

Make up was done by Reetu Manhas while lights were executed by Sudesh Thakur. The music was handled by Parveen Kumar and the presentation was done by Aaditya Bhanu.

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