Thursday, April 5, 2012

CM regrets medias boycott of session

The Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah in his address on the concluding day of the current budget session in the
Legislative Assembly, today in a lighter way, expressed his feelings over the media’s boycott of the House proceedings earlier during the session.

While lauding the role of the media for its exhaustive and extensive coverage during the current session, Omar also said, “I have a little complaint. We get one opportunity to speak on Governor’saddress. But unfortunately, the media persons were not present here and we didn’t get the required coverage. But anyway we are thankful to the media for its extensive and exhaustive coverage of the proceedings”.

Lauding the members of the House for their participation and hard work, Omar said, “This has been a long and important session of the Legislative calendar. There were many good things during the session. There were harsh, bitter as well as sweet words exchanged, but this all happened in a cordial and good environment. I hope we carry the same in Srinagar. The motive for which people have voted and send us
here has been very truly served. We didn’t waste their votes and have come up to the expectations of the people by utilising the time in a better way.”

Throwing up yet another pun, Omar also added, “Thankfully property of the House remained intact. No fans were broken, no tables were broken and no mikes were thrown”. Chief Minister also thanked the Assembly staff, secretariat staff, officers, Chief Secretary, security personnel and others for their co-operation in conducting the session smoothly and successfully. Lauding the members of the House, he said, “Quality of our members was far-far better. The questions they raised made us accountable and we were on our toes all the time. This reflects the home work and efforts put in by  the members from both treasury and opposition benches” Omar also appreciated the balanced role played by both Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.

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