Friday, April 6, 2012

KPs protest against sale deed of Vittal Bhairav

Kashmiri Pandits from all across New Delhi and NCR assembled at Jantar Mantar here today to protest the illegal sale of the famous Vittal Bhairav Temple in Motiyar, Rainawari, Srinagar in Kashmir Valley.

The protestors raising slogans against the J&K Government criticized it for its total failure in protecting this ancient shrine from land mafia. They said 400-year-old mulberry trees have been axed by the encroachers which has hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus.

The protestors while criticizing the Dharmarth Trust questioned its role in the temple saying the temple belonged to Hindus of the area and it was not managed by the Trust and hence had no right to auction the land of the temple.

They said incidents like encroaching the temple/shrine lands have increased in the last few years all over the Kashmir valley and Government was looking like a mute spectator.

The protestors demanded a firm resolve on part of the Indian State and its political leadership to reclaim Kashmir as a functioning secular society, arrest of the culprits involved in sale deed of Vital Bahriav Complex, restoration and reconstruction of the Shree Vittal Bhairav temple Complex to pre-1990 position by the Government, declaration of all the sales/lease deeds of temples/shrines/and other quasi-religious properties and lands as null and void through an ordinance, setting up of a commission of enquiry to look into the cases of temple demolitions, institute high-powered tribunal to vacate forcible, fraudulent, religious properties of Kashmiri Hindus and reopening of the cases of killings of Kashmiri Hindus at the hands of terrorists to award deterrent punishment to the perpetrators of genocide.

Meanwhile KPC president Kundan Kashmiri has urged the community to form a joint action Committee on the issue and fight it unitedly.

At Jammu ASKPC held a meeting under the chairmanship of its senior vice president R K Raina in which Governemt was accused of its failure in protecting Hindu shrines and temples in Valley resulting the illegal sale and occupation of these religious places by land mafia.

H L Chatta general secretary of the organization demanded issuance of ordinance till passage of shrines and religious places bill for their protection.

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