Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mehboobas remarks on Director Information

Mehbooba Mufti’s remark against Director Information were expunged by Speaker, Mohammad Akbar Lone today. He issued orders for expunging the remark made by Mehbooba Mufti against Director Information on March 25. It was immediately after her remarks made on that day in the House that the Director Information submitted in writing to Speaker that  Mehbooba Mufti may be advised to produce one single illegal order of recruiting any one single person in Local Body by him.

The statement was ordered to be forwarded by the Speaker to MLA for response. Today when this matter came up in the House, Mehbooba Mufti, Nazir Ahmed Gurezi, Ch. Mohammad Ramzan, Javid Mustafa
Mir, Rafi Mir and Ch. ZulfkarAli debated the matter. Mehbooba Mufti was repeatedly advised by the Speaker to produce single order in support of her remarks against Director Information but she was unable to produce any such order issued by him.

The Speaker accordingly said that the image, respect and honour of the officer is required to be respected. He said “his feelings have been hurt by such remarks and allegations made should have been supported by actual proof. Therefore, in absence of any such proof produced in the House in support of her claim against officer, the remark of  Mehbooba Mufti against Director Information is expunged from the records of the House.

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