Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No restrictions on Geelani

“The allegation of Syed Ali Shah Geelani that appeared in certain local newspapers of the Valley, that he has been kept under the continued house arrest is baseless and far from the facts. He is not under house arrest and is free to go wherever he wants,” claimed a police spokesman in a statement this evening.

 He said, Geelani was in New Delhi for quite some time and came back to Srinagar on yesterday. “Syed Ali Shah Geelani resides in Hyderpora area and his house is on general road which leads to International Airport, Police Headquarter, Vigilance Organization, Indian Telephone Industries and other civil establishments as such the area remains under constant movement of VVIPs of civil/SFs as well as political and government personnel.              

 “As such, the area remains always under constant supervision of the Police personnel so as to counter any mischief that may be committed by any anti social elements to disturb the law and order situation or cause any damage to the public property,” the police spokesman claimed.

 He said any vigil kept on the road which is nearer to the house of Geelani is for the purpose of ensuring safety of the area and the installation, thus presence of the police personnel on the road  should not be linked with the movement of Geelani.

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