Sunday, April 8, 2012

Power cuts in Sainik Colony

The PDD (Power Development Department) may be having hundred and one answers to the question asked under the heading given to this article [ i. e. why can’t PDD make Sainik Colony free from cuts], but the reality is, that it is high time for the Department to stop gathering answers for this highlighted issue and be sincere in taking the responsibility for providing 24 hours electricity supply to the residents of the Sainik colony where almost all houses have since been installed with the Government desired electronic meters and the customers of this colony , who are graded to be the most honest consumers of the electricity, are paying their electricity bills very regularly . There is hardly any case in the colony where any outstanding electricity bill remains un cleared , unlike many of the Govt departments / agencies where outstanding bills for the electricity consumed , amounting in crores of rupees has been shown unpaid in the recent important headlines of the newspapers. The public has lost its patience to hear any more, the Govt's argument that due to power theft and because of the less load shown in the sanctioned electricity connections ,the power cuts are done to protect the installed transformer . Well, in the Sainik colony no visible power theft exists and if at all there is any one in the jughees of the labourers, it is purely with the connivance and blessings of the concerned electricity staff members who can be taken to tasks if the department is active and interested but definitely, for this act of the department , the residents of Sainik colony can't be penalised . 

It is a clear cut case of injustice with the people living in Sainik colony Jammu that they for absolutely no fault of theirs, are forced to bear the unlimited power cuts both during day and night and to have some other lighting arrangements, they go either for purchasing their own generators or lay hands on different types of inventors plus tubular batteries . Well, it sounds good to have these arrangements but in the present days of sky high pricing of these alternatives, can a common man easily afford items which could certainly be avoided if the PDD shoulders its due responsibility in providing electricity without any cut. 

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