Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Settlement operations completed in 1739 villages

Out of 7054 villages of 82 tehsils, Settlement Operation in 896 villages in Kashmir and 843 villages in Jammu has been completed and the record deposited with the concerned Revenue authorities while at least 4000 employees including 2000 Patwaris and 400 Tehsildars/ Naib Tehsildars are required to complete the task within ten years.

Replying to a discussion on starred question of Ajay Kumar Sadhotra on Settlement of Revenue records in the Upper House today, Minister of State for Revenue, Housing and Urban Development, Nasir Aslam Wani said that Out of 7054 villages of 82 tehsils, in the State, at present, the Settlement operations are going on in 4519 villages of 39 tehsils. He disclosed that the measurement work in respect of 2287 villages in Jammu division has been completed out of which record of rights of 1739 villages (896 in Kashmir and 843 in Jammu division) has been completed in nearly 30 years and deposited in the record rooms concerned.

Although there is no intentional delay, there are many other factors responsible for slow pace of settlement work such as shortage of sufficient manpower / machinery, non-availability of dedicated manpower, engagement of existing Settlement staff in multifarious activities, sub division and fragmentation of land holdings, lack of financial resources required for the Settlement operations, non-cooperation on the part of land owners, he added.

Mr Wani disclosed that it requires two years on an average to complete the Settlement work in a particular village, provided a Patwari is assigned this job exclusively with no other activity like preparation of relief cases, preparation of land acquisition cases, electoral rolls for various types of elections, reporting for various types of certificates, attending and order and other miscellaneous duties. During last Settlement, the average time frame for the completion of a village was about five years notwithstanding the fact that Patwaris and other field staff were dedicated for the purpose and there was hardly any multifarious duties to perform by the Settlement staff.

Referring to the time frame, Mr Wani said department was not in position to give definite time frame under the circumstances mentioned. For this purpose the organization is required to be equipped with men and machinery and other infrastructural facilities, Although no specific time frame can be given it is lengthy process involving 21 steps including preliminary verification, preparation of papers before measurement, preparing rough map, field measurement by means of ETS, writing field book/ Khasra Paimaish, generation of record rights and then computerization.

He further claimed that nearly 4000 dedicated employees including 2000 Patwaris, 400 GQs, 400 ETS machines, 400 surveyors, 400 computers and 40 GPS are required to complete the task within ten years.

Earlier, Mr Sadhotra expressed displeasure over the slow pace of work and apprehended that work is going on for the last 30 years and in next 50 years, the job can not be completed. He said this settlement has become a big joke with the people of J&K. Huge funds have been spent but output is very poor. He also demanded inquiry into the Rs 170 crore funds spent on the settlement so far. Naresh Gupta, Jugal Kishore, Murtaza Khan, Sheikh Gulam Rasool and Jahangir Mir also participated in discussion.

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