Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vasuki Nag temple to open for public on Baisakhi

With opening of the doors of the Vasuki Nag Temple at Gatha, Bhaderwah, on the day of Baisakhi, one of the most revered Naga shrine in Jammu region will be thrown open to the public for worship.

The doors of the Vasuki Nag temple at Gatha which houses the two beautiful standing statues of Vasuki Nag and Jivut Vahan are closed before the onset of winter and are opened after three months with performance of pooja on the day of Baisakhi. 

Vasuki Nag is the presiding deity of the Bhadarwah and there are four Vasuki Nag temples in the Bhaderwah dedicated to the Naga king, one at Gatha, second at Nalthi, third at Bheja and fourth at main Bhadarwah town, which is greatly revered amongst the local Hindu devotees. 

The idol of Vasuki Nag at Gatha, Bhadarwah, is marvelous and a wonder of art and sculpture. Two idols of Nagraj Vasuki and Raja Jivut Vahan, are made of black stone. The Gatha temple is supposed to have been built during 11th century and later different rulers undertook renovations and additions. 

The Bhaderwahi community living in Jammu has also built a Vasuki Nag Temple at Bharat Nagar, Barnai Road, Bantalab. Mohinder Rathore, one of the karsevaks, informed that before the on set of winters, the idols in the temple are covered, barring the feet of the deities. Then after three months on the day of Baisakhi, the doors of the temple are opened for devotees after pooja. He added that the meil, the annual congregation of local Bhaderwahi community is also held on that day.

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