Friday, April 13, 2012

Youth fomenting trouble through Facebook identified

Police have achieved a major success by cracking the whip on the administrators of the anti-Government and-anti police pages on the social networking site, Facebook.

Police said that these pages operated by youth were fomenting trouble in Srinagar and other major towns of Kashmir valley during the summer unrest of 2010.

Police source said that they have summoned four administrators of these major anti-Government pages and have identified 24 other youth, who will be summoned in coming days.

Those who have already been summoned for cyber crime are Muheet, Salik, Faraaz and Irfan Trambu, all hailing from Srinagar city. They have been questioned by the police and have confessed their crime to the investigators.

These four youth were the administrators of "Freedom of Dawn, Allaw, Hoshar Jammat, Ballaiy Khuda and We love Syed Ali Shah Geelani" pages.

Police have seized their laptops and desktops that proves their involvement, said a police source. They have also tracked their involvement through their IP addresses and other electronic evidence is also proving their involvement, said police sources.

Most of these youth are in their late teens and are doing undergraduate courses in Management and Commerce in various colleges in Srinagar.

Police sources said that their parents are also being summoned and these youth will be counseled.

Police were after these youth who were fomenting trouble in Srinagar city and other major towns of Kashmir valley for past few years, sources said.

An investigating officer told JK News that Police were after these youth for a long time. He said that a special police team was constituted to identify and nab them.

He said that they were uploading provocative and seditious material on these websites and pages besides making pejorative comments. "They were concealing their identity by using pseudonyms while running these pages", he said.

Police sources said that they had been investigating and monitoring the activities of these pages for long. They said that the administrators of these pages were interlinked to each other. These youth were passing on passwords to one another for operating and uploading information on these pages.

An investigating officer said that many of these administrators are based in Srinagar. However, some persons were operating these pages from Pakistan and European countries.

Police sources said that a Switzerland based Christian woman and some Kashmiris living in foreign countries were also involved in the cyber crime for fomenting trouble in Kashmir. They said that the woman visited Kashmir last year and met these youth to co-ordinate the activities of these pages.

Police had already registered two FIRs - FIR No132/2011 under section 66 IT Act, 13Unlawful activities (Prevention) Act and FIR No88/2010 under section 66 IT Act, 13 Unlawful activities (Prevention) Act against them.

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