Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Haji Yousaf death exonerates CM Nasir Rana

Clearing Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah and his aides---Minister of State for Home, Nasir Aslam Wani and Political Advisor, Devender Singh Rana, of all the fees within the a lot of publicized death of National Conference employee Syed Mohammad Yousaf alias Haji Yousaf, a magisterial probe into the incident has found that he (Yousaf) died thanks to cardiovascular arrest and not owing to any assault by personnel within the Chief Minister’s workplace or by Police."After examining fifty seven witnesses and creating physical examination of hospital, Crime Branch, likewise because the Chief Minister’s camp workplace in Srinagar, I actually have come back to the conclusion that Yousuf died thanks to cardiovascular arrest with none external/physical assault, force, injury or mischief upon his body or thanks to negligence of any authority," further District Magistrate Mohammad Akbar Ganaie said in his 41-page report."The deceased on the morning of September thirty, 2011, was even walking as he was seen by witnesses and planning to the lavatory likewise that shows that he was normal", the report said, adding "the allegations leveled within the media concerning the deceased don't seem to be based mostly on facts, as no matter they need stated is merely out of imagination or some motivation".It is pertinent to say here that media had carried stories mentioning that personnel within the Chief Minister’s camp workplace might have assaulted Haji Yousaf that might have led to the death of the National Conference employee. so as to bring facts before the general public, the State Government had ordered a magisterial inquiry below Section 176 CrPC and Ganaie was appointed Inquiry Officer."The reason behind Haji Yousaf’s death on September thirty, 2011, at concerning 9:45 am in police hospital, Srinagar may be a natural death thanks to heart attack and not an act of the other person from Chief Minister’s camp workplace or Crime Branch Headquarters or from Police Hospital," Ganaie more said, adding his findings are supported by the post-mortem report and different medical reports besides oral and documentary evidences obtainable with him."These conclude absolutely to the actual fact that the deceased died thanks to myocardial infarction (heart attack)," he said, adding "any reasonably misbehaviour or torture may be a distant dream as throughout the keep at Chief Minister’s camp workplace, the deceased wasn't alone for one minute and through that point Omar was having numerous engagements with completely different persons from a BBC crew to heads of civil society".The report more said, "they would have found some foul (play) because the meeting hall (where the CM met Yousuf) may be a little one and has adjoining waiting area where different persons expect their flip to satisfy the Chief Minister", adding "it has relevancy that the CM was with the deceased for simply ten minutes within the presence of Muhammad Yousuf Bhat and Abdul Salam Reshi likewise as Minister of State for Home, Nasir Aslam Wani in an exceedingly hall when there have been security personnel and personal persons around whose statements were recorded, however none of them has deposed concerning any overt or physical assault on the body of the deceased throughout the time he was with Omar Abdullah". Describing the sequence of events based mostly on the examination of the witnesses and proof on record, the report said, "Yousuf, Reshi and Bhat met the Chief Minister, who asked concerning the transactions of cash between the deceased and therefore the different 2 National Conference workers", adding "to this, Yousuf had confessed to the CM that he had received the quantity from Bhat however had not been able to pay him back until date". "This had come back maybe as a surprise to the Chief Minister and accordingly he directed Yousuf to pay back the quantity inside shortest time potential or otherwise the Chief Minister can send this case to Crime Branch," the report more said, adding "on this, Yousaf informed the Chief Minister that it had been out of the question for him to rearrange the large cash at short notice and he required a lot of time"."At this time, the Chief Minister directed the MoS Home to possess the matter verified by the Crime Branch, who in flip known as on IGP Crime to touch upon the matter and take action as per law. Accordingly, IGP Crime took away not solely Yousuf with him however the opposite 2 conjointly to Crime Branch headquarters," the report maintained.It said the assorted medical tests conducted on Yousuf throughout his keep at the Police Hospital were traditional and his abdomen pain had conjointly been treated by the doctors. "He had no criticism when he was examined (by doctors) at eight.30 pm, 12.00 pm, 2 am or 8.30 am. Cardiac arrests are common within the society and it happens instantaneously before needed medical treatment are often provided...As is going on within the gift case", the report added.Besides Chief Minister and his aides, the magisterial probe has conjointly exonerated the police hospital authorities and Crime Branch official of any Medical negligence whereas Yousaf was in custody. "It are often safely said that there was no medical negligence", the report said

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