Thursday, May 3, 2012

World Bank aided project machinery rotting in KGP

The machinery procured for the multi-crore rupees World Bank aided project for leather technology course in Jammu and Kashmir is rotting for past seven years in Kashmir Government Polytechnic, Srinagar.

The machinery was purchased by the State Procurement Implementation Unit (SPIU) between 2004 and 2007 for over Rs five crores and was dumped within the painting booth that was additionally purchased at the value of crores of rupees for providing sensible coaching to the scholars of automobile branch within the KGP, Srinagar.

The Leather Technology course was started by the department of Technical Education with World Bank funding its machinery with the target of boosting the leather trade within the State that raw material is instantly obtainable.

The course was started in KGP, Srinagar with the intake capability of forty students per year so the youth of the State will begin their own units as this trade has ton of potential within the State.

The machinery was procured by the SPIU on the requisition of then In-Charge Principal of the KGP, Srinagar, Tuha Andrabi, who is presently In-Charge Joint Director, Polytechnics. when procuring the machinery it absolutely was not put in in any respect inflicting huge losses to the State exchequer and with the changing technology the machinery has currently become obsolete and carrier of many students has been ruined over the years.

For past nine years solely thirteen students, with seven in 2006, five in 2007 and one in 2008, passed out from the KGP, Srinagar in Leather Technology course. Sources said that every one the thirteen pass outs couldn't notice any job within the State and had to travel for any coaching in Leather Technology outside the State thanks to poor quality coaching within the KGP, Srinagar before obtaining employment.

However, the Leathery Technology department within the KGP, Srinagar has 2 lecturers, one demonstrator, one instructor, one attendant and 2 orderlies who are drawing lakhs of rupees as salary for sitting idle.

The KGP, Srinagar admits forty students for the Leather Technology each year and when initial year the scholars are forced to shift to different branches with the result the department has become defunct by currently.


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