Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jammu artists show opens at Mumbai Jahangir Art Gallery

An art exhibition of 3 Jammu artists started nowadays at the Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, that is taken into account united of the foremost prestigious address for exhibition of up to date art within the country.

Academically trained, the trio of 2 young painters and a sculptor, taking part within the week-long cluster show titled as 'From Facts to Values', embody Rohit Verma and therefore the artist few Milan Sharma and Vikas Khajuira.

The canvases of Rohit Verma, the senior most amongst the cluster, are continuation of his series whereby he creates a parade of dream characters depicting variations of moods and expressions. Contrary to the 'hardware world where the guts tends to become laborious, his feelingful and soothing compositions imply the colourful poignancy of human soul.

Milan Sharma's paintings on the opposite hand are expression of 'poetic fancy', a sort of act of celebration; 'the joy of living, being a fiesta of colors' where pictures from memory flow into the current moment.

Vikas Khajuria's sculptures principally in mixed materials like wood and stones, rather than about external facts, visible to any or all to ascertain, prefers to travel inwards to his artistic mind, off from the exactitude of the physical eye to represent objects as they exist, below the gaze of 'objective creative intellect'.

Talking to Excelsior, Rohit Verma said, since Mumbai is that the Mecca of art connoisseurs and critics, it's a dream of each up to date artist to exhibit and prove his mettle, here. we tend to are happy that we tend to were able to exhibit at Jahangir Art Gallery, where the conventional wait list is minimum 5 years.

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