Thursday, May 3, 2012

SMC begins sterilization of dogs

Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) started the dog sterilization program within the school of Veterinary Sciences of SKUAST here these days.

Trainers Dr Sunil Chawla and Dr Amit Chaudhary who had trained the 5 veterinary doctors began with the surgery assisted by Vet and Para Vet surgeons. Seven dogs were sterilized these days. Before undergoing the surgery the stray packs were subjected to anti- rabies vaccination for immunization.

The male dogs were subjected to castration (removal of testicles) whereas feminine dogs were subjected to overiohysteriotomy (removal of uterus). The ear notching as an earmark of sterilization was performed on dogs which might determine them once released in their respective territorial zones.

The SMC plans to sterilize a minimum of thirty to forty dogs per day. The sterilization program can scale back the dog proliferation with time and it's the foremost humane methodology to curb the fast growing dog menace in town.

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