Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Liquor shops on Jammu Srinagar highway makes driving unsafe

Though alcohol laws, prohibiting drinking with driving are in place in the state, increasing number of liquor shops on the national highway puts a question mark on its scale of implementation.

Along the 300 km long Jammu-Srinagar national highway, the number of liquor shops are adding with each day. Scores of liquors shops can be found dotting the highway at short distances intervals. Besides bars and liquor shops, restaurants, food points and some rickety restaurants also sell liquor. The liquor selling outlets remain busy with customers, which not only include drivers but other commuters as well.

Though the sale of liquor along the national highway is lawful and hence licensed by authorities, legal experts see it as a major hurdle in the implementation of alcohol law and safeguarding lives.

“It is imperative to check the growth of liquor shops along the national highway to ensure the safety of commuters,” said advocate Nazir Ahmad Ronga.

He said a survey conducted in India has shows drivers to be most habitual to drinking. The national highway not only includes commercial traffic but private commuters as well, Ronga adds.

“On one hand, we have a law restricting drinking with driving and on flip side, license is easily been granted to liquor shops on national highway which is the most dangerous road,”Nazir says.

He said though setting up of liquor shops on highway is not restricted under law “but there is a need to check it. Proper guidelines should be followed before granting license.”

As liquor shops flourish on highway, hoarding warning commuters against the deadly consequences of mixing drinking with driving can be found every where.

Advocate M.Ashraf Wani stated that the law has to be amended to restrict the setting up of liquors shop on national highway

“The liquor shops on highway contradict the law for against drinking while driving. This has to be taking into consideration seriously,” said Ashraf.

He says liquor shops on highway provide temptation to the commuters who are already in habit of drinking.
“We are trying to stop a crime while providing way it too,” Wani said.

He stated that the law should be modified to completely stop the establishment of liquor shops on highway.
Besides, commuters also complain against the mounting number of liquor shops.

“Over the years, the number of liquor shop has increased two fold. People can be seen enjoying liquor at bar or restaurants,” said Muneer Ahmad, a trader.

He said he has often noted drivers purchasing or drinking liquor at these shops.“It is very unsafe for drivers to mix drinking with driving. Authorities should ban selling liquor on highway,” adds Tariq Ahmad, shawl vendor.

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