Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Omar Abdullah enjoying PDPs frustration

The Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today sought to make light of remarks of his bete-noire People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti that he was running administration like a “headless chicken”, stating this demonstrated their (PDP’s) frustration and he was thoroughly enjoying it.Omar was talking to media after addressing a rally of Panchs and Sarpanchs organised by Rural Development and Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs departments at Parade Ground here today.
Though initially the Chief Minister restrained himself from reacting on this statement yet he could not resist the temptation to hit back and scoff at PDP leadership for long.So when he was first asked to respond to the statement, his reaction was, “Have you ever known me to respond to statements like this? I’ve never done it nor do I plan it.”However, when similar question was redirected to him at the end of interaction as whether PDP wanted to irritate or prick him with these kind of statements, he could not exercise similar restraint and mocked, “Neither I get irritated nor I get pricked by their these kind of statements. When they (PDP) use this kind of language for me, I feel very satisfied. Reason I feel as if I’ve done something really great job.”
“Lekin Jab Woh Khamosh Ho Jaatey Hain To Main Ghabra Jaata Hoon Kyunki Khamoshi Mein Mujhe Lagata Hai Woh Khush Hain. Jab Woh Bolana Shuru Kar Detay Hain To Main Khush Ho Jaata Hoon Kyunki Jab Woh Zyada Bolatay Hain To Is Say Lagata Hai Woh Ghabra Gaye Hai, Baukhla Gaye Hain Aur Main Aur Zyada Unko Ghabraaney Aur Baukhlaaney Ki Koshish Karta Hoon (In fact their silence troubles me as this gives me an indication that they are happy. However, when they launch a verbal offensive then I feel happy. Because this indicates their nervousness and frustration which I thoroughly enjoy by redoubling my efforts to increase their anxiety, irritation with our performance graph),” Omar said.
Interestingly even during rally, he did not leave an opportunity to take a dig at PDP leadership which had been lashing out at National Conference in general and Omar in particular over power crisis in J&K.
Criticising (PDP) for “shutting eyes to the revolutionary initiatives and considerable achievements” registered by the coalition during last three years, the Chief Minister said that those who were raising hue and cry over non-availability of power could not even help generate a single MW during their tenure. “They put Baglihar in cold-storage and closed Sawalakote, which was an initiative of Farooq-led government. They did not spend a single penny on power generation. Those who have covered their eyes with black glasses only see dark,” he added.        
Even Minister for Rural Development, Law and Justice, Ali Mohammed Sagar, joining the war of words with PDP on this occasion, said that those (PDP leadership) who had launched propaganda against the coalition government was in fact “very much frustrated by witnessing the success of Omar-led dispensation in all fields of life.”
“These people are jealous of the significant work culture put in place by the coalition and historic achievements registered to ameliorate the lot of masses,” he added and said that during their (PDP) tenure they could not even transfer one service to panchayats and urban local bodies and made these non-entity units.
“There should be some limit for making false propaganda, but opposition is devoid of all such traits and is upset to see the leadership qualities of Omar Abdullah who steered the boat clear of difficult water currents to the shore of peace, stability and progress,” he said.
SALMAN RUSHDIE’S VISIT NON ISSUE: Omar also played down the raging controversy in the country over Muslim organisations’ demand of denying visa to controversial India-born writer Salman Rushdie saying that he (Rushdie) was a non-issue. He said it did not bother Indian Muslims who were more concerned about their day-to-day livelihood issues.
“Is this the first time Salman Rushdie is coming to India? As far as I know has come before this also. Why suddenly is Salman Rushdie becoming an issue? Clearly there are those who are seeking to exploit this for political purposes given that there are elections in five states in the next month. I think we underestimate the intelligence of the Indian Muslims when we try and raise issues like this which have no bearing on the day to day concerns of the Muslims. I don’t believe there are very many Muslims in India for whom a visa to Salman Rushdie will be an election issue. They’re more concerned about their day to day concerns and their future concerns,” Omar said.
“Salman has visited India before. If it was the first time, he was applying for a visa, it might be different. I don’t think this is an issue that anybody (they) should really concern (themselves with). We’re more concerned with the day to day livelihood issues of Muslims in rest of the country,” he stated
Responding to a query, Omar stated that he had not received any request or invitation for campaigning in favour of Congress in Punjab or any other state so far. “As and when I get any such request or invitation from there, I’ll definitely go there,” he reiterated. 

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