Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One way traffic restored fully on highway

The Srinagar-Jammu national highway remained open for one-way traffic from Jammu to Srinagar. The authorities allowed the passenger vehicles to ply on the road almost after a week due to the slippery road conditions.
Officials said that due to slippery road conditions at many places only one-way traffic including the passenger traffic was allowed to move from Jammu to Srinagar while no vehicle was allowed to ply in the opposite direction.
Deputy Inspector General of Traffic, Vijay Kumar said following improvement in the conditions of the road they allowed the full fledged one way traffic from Jammu to Srinagar today. “At least 1900 Srinagar bound vehicles crossed over to this side of the tunnel. Among the 1900 vehicles at least 890 vehicles were passenger vehicles,” DIG said.
He said they have cleared almost all the supply carrying vehicles which were stranded on the other side of the tunnel at many places.
On the movement of the traffic on the road tomorrow DIG said, “We have decided to allow both the heavy and the passenger traffic from Srinagar to Jammu tomorrow but the intending travelers are asked to cross the Qazigund by or before 10 AM.”
To avoid any mishap or traffic jams on the road they will first let the passenger vehicles cross the Qazigund only after which the heavy traffic will be allowed to move.
Reports from Banihal, however, said that amid restrictions for fresh vehilces, one-way traffic from Jammu to Srinagar was allowed to move on 300 kilometer long National Highway 1A, today while tomorrow there will be down traffic from Srinagar to Jammu in case of fair weather condition.
Official sources said that in the morning hours some Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) and State Road Transport Corporation (SRTC) buses were allowed proceed from Jammu to Srinagar but later at around 11 AM, the no fresh traffic was allowed to move.
The stranded traffic was allowed to move one-way from Jammu to Srinagar. As per official data, 2063 vehicles crossed Jawahar Tunnel till 7 PM. It included 695 trucks, 971 LMVs, 169 Oil Tankers, 16 LPG trucks , 41 gas tankers, 8 SRTC buses, 13 private buses, 60 army vehilces, 55 CRPF and 45 BSF.

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