Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Industrial workers stage dharna

The Federation of Unions of Industrial Workers (FIUW) held a protest demonstration against prevailing red-tapism in the corridors of the State Government virtually jeopardizing the process of operationalizing the dysfunctional units in the State apparently in collaboration with Corporate houses and Management of Industrial units pulling strings from behind.

The industrial workers from Kathua, Bari-Brahmana, Jammu and construction workers from Udhampur joined the protest as solidarity with workers of Singer India Ltd (SIL).

Speaking on the occasion, president FIUW, Nirdosh Uppal, said that the State Government has rejected the permission to SIL, for its disclosure vide SRO 237 of 2005 and retrenchment of workers vide SRO 238 but the Government has shown non-seriousness for reopening the factory. The workers of SIL unit resisted under the platform FUIW as 300 workers and their dependents were arbitrarily deprived of their livelihood.

"The management of SIL approached the BIFR in 2005 with contention to declare the Unit as sick industry for getting the relieves and other concessions from the State Government and other related institutions. After BFIR announced Draft Rehabilitation Scheme (DRS) and prescribed various concessions, the management and workers approached to the Government for restoration of electricity and ignoring all other concessions prescribed in the DRS", he said adding since September 2011 HCM’s directions notwithstanding, files rotated for over seven months depriving 300 workers of their livelihood.

Uppal said the Federation has expressed grave concern over dilatory tactics being used by the State Government not to provide legally admissible relief and an attempt to keep dysfunctional to support needs and aspirations as well as a conspiracy to deny livelihood to hundreds of workers and their dependents.

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