Wednesday, April 4, 2012

LC adjourned due to lack of quorum

How much interest the members of ‘the House of Elders’ take in the essential services, like water supply and another one, the road communication, could be well realized from the fact that the presiding officer had to adjourn the House due to lack of quorum today and even on Monday.

Vice chairman Ajay Kumar Sadhotra adjourned the Upper House at 2.12 pm today when a discussion on the working of the Ministry of Road and Buildings was going on. Congress member Naresh Kumar Gupta was speaking on the subject while Minister of State for R&B, Javed Dar, was there in the House to respond to the discussion being held in the House. As only eight members were left in the House of 30 members, the Vice Chairman, had to adjourn the House due to lack of quorum.

Though the members of this House generally complain of non-seriousness on the part of ministers and bureaucrats, today several officers from the concerned ministry were seen witnessing the proceedings. The media-persons were also performing their legitimate job at the Press gallery. The House resumed the proceedings again after about 14 minutes. Earlier, the quorum remained at its low ebb ranging from 10 to 12 members. Even for four minutes, the House continued without required quorum.

The Legislative Council was also adjourned on Monday when the discussion on PHE, I&FC Ministry was going on. Deputy Chairman M Y Taing was acting as presiding officer. He had to adjourn the House due to lack of quorum. Two members abruptly moved out, when Muratza Khan was speaking on PHE Ministry. Only seven members of the House were left inside, excluding presiding officer. The House was adjourned till 4 pm. Interestingly, hardly 3-4 members returned at 4 pm when the house was supposed to resume the business. Even at 4.15 pm the required quorum could not be managed. The minister concerned had to reply and two members were yet to speak. Unfortunately, the House of Elders could not carry on its business. It is not the first or the second time. Infact, it has now become a routine affair in the Upper House. The public and the media is closely watching the performance the representatives of this ‘House of Elders’.

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