Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sahsa Kyon Laut Aaya

This Sunday witnessed another new and a very intense performance of the play 'Sahsa Kyon Laut Aaya' which has been written by a famous playwright Sudarshan Majithiya and directed by Neeraj Kant. The play contained many dramatic elements both in content and form which were well appreciated by the audience. 

In the play, 'Dilbagh Singh' is much worried as he is not finding a match for his daughter as she is blind. In this desperation, he decides to marry his daughter, 'Harcharan Kaur' with 'Lal Singh' even after knowing that he is a murderer. But he does it in a deceiving manner as Lal Singh was not appraised that Harcharan is blind. On the wedding night, when Lal Singh came to know the whole story, he turns red with the anger, the feeling of being deceived was unbearable for him and in the rage, he decides to kill Dilbagh Singh. He goes to his friend 'Kashmir Singh' and narrates him the story, though Kashmir Singh tries to pacify him but all in vain. Harcharan also tries to counsel him that he should accept the circumstances as the course of nature and show some forgiveness even if he was betrayed but all this was not of much use as he was resolute to punish the culprit. But when he reaches the home of Dilbagh Singh, all the words of Harcharan start sounding in his ears, he was so much emotionally touched that he restrains himself from committing the crime and to the surprise of everyone, he comes back home. Midnight open air drama in Jammu

Balwinder Singh played the role of 'Lal Singh' with full zeal, Sajra Qadir as 'Harcharan Kaur' was also very impressive. Others who supported the play with their wonderful acting include Ashwani Bali as 'Narrator', Atin Tikka as 'Kashmir Singh' and Mohd. Yaseen as 'Dilbagh Singh'. The lights were executed by Neeraj Kant. Sachin Saini operated the music. Sumeet Sharma was the coordinator of the event and also did the presentations.

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