Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SR College holds special workshop for IAS KAS

SR College of Competitions organised a special workshop for IAS and KAS aspirants at the college premises.

On the occasion, Dr Raj Shekhar of Ayush IAS, New Delhi was the resource person.

During this special workshop, counseling sessions were also held wherein topics of Economics, Science and Technology and Current Affairs were discussed in length.

While speaking, Dr Raj Shekhar briefed the students about changing trends in the IAS/KAS

exams through discussions on Planning Commission and achievement of different plans, National Development Council, Evolution of Indian Economy and comparison of Indian economy before and after economic reform.

Banking and related issues like monetary policy of RBI, Fiscal policy of Government regarding various taxes and expenditures of different Ministries and schemes besides trade, current Economic Survey 2012 and budget were also discussed in extensive detail as these areas form the bulk of economics’ questions in the Civil Services.

"Goods and Services Tax (GST), Inflation, Credit Rating Agencies were also discussed and deliberated upon the young aspirants, who in turn, also showed keen interest in such topics of importance," he maintained.

Director, SR College of Competition, Parveen Kumar Sharma said that they have started evolving new

strategies to guide students for excellence in these competitive exams.

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