Thursday, July 14, 2011

Career of 7000 students at stake

Call it a total mismanagement of affairs or a half- hearted exercise of Board of School Education (BoSE) and Kashmir University, around 7000 students who took their Annual 12th class examinations (private) in March 2011 are being forced to waste one precious year of their academic session. It was BoSE which first delayed the conduct of examinations by at least three months and now Kashmir University which is not ready to take in these students to various colleges of the valley.
Interestingly, the results of the 12th Annual Examinations were declared by BoSE on June 28, whereas the college admissions were closed on July 1. As such, students were left with just two days to get all the required documents and complete the formalities, which by no means were possible.

Students further alleged that the authorities in various colleges were admitting the regular candidates but when it came to private candidates, their applications were rejected at once.

This poses a serious threat to the careers of thousands of such students with another year being wasted from their academic session.

“For private candidates, this delay can turn out to be more serious as we have already a year’s gap and now one more year could jeopardize our careers,” Suhail, a student told Kashmir times.

Caught in the middle of this official apathy, the students, who are running from pillar to post have been further insulted by Jammu and Kashmir Police, when they tried to meet authorities at Civil Secretariat, Srinagar on July 6.

Not only did the policemen allegedly beat the students, they arrested several students including the girls and lodged them in the police station. However, this has barely brought down the enthusiasm among the students as their delegation told KTNS that nothing could come in their way of making sure that one year of academic session does not go waste.

At the expense of insensitivity of the authorities, students are being made to chase after University, college and administration officials.

Thousands of these students alleged that after Board of School Education (BoSE), it is now Kashmir University which instead of doing its job, is asking the students to seek admission from various colleges in the valley.

Interestingly, the letter seeking the redress of students concerns written by Kashmir University to Commissioner Secretary Higher Education and Director Colleges according to students did not even reach there and it was only after student intervention that the matter was taken up before higher authorities.

“Initially the delay in the conduct of examinations, then the delay in results by Board of School Education and now KU officials instead of taking care of the college admissions are dictating terms and asking us to approach colleges on an individual basis. If we would have relied on the words of University authorities, the process would have been completely halted,” Iqra, a grieved student asserted.

Though students managed to reach out to the Principal, Gandhi Memorial College requesting him to spare some seats for them to which the latter consented, however the students allege that the University has been laidback in its approach in following up the case.

Pertinently, this serious matter has not even reached the offices of Commissioner Secretary Higher Education and Director Colleges even if the University officials claim to have written to them.

“University alone is not gong to solve this problem. The state government through the concerned authorities should direct the 36 colleges of the valley to makes some sort of arrangements for these thousands. We completely empathise with these students and do not want their precious years to go waste. However, we are already in the process of beginning new examination sessions and almost 40 percent of the syllabi has been completed. This is making their adjustment a little difficult. If the government gives a go ahead signal to the colleges to restart their sessions, University has no objections whatsoever,” Dr Nissar Mir, Deputy Registrar, Kashmir University said.

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