Sunday, July 31, 2011

kashmir university Kings

‘It is my kingdom and I am the ruler’ the kind of attitude that most heads and directors of various departments across the Kashmir University do have. They do have a mindset that whole of the department or center they are heading is their kingdom, the employees working under them are their subjects and they have every right to use them for their personal growth, home chores; incase of any resistance the person is abused to core.

There have been many cases in the varsity where heads have gone to all possible extent to bow down ‘resistant subjects’ so as to set examples for others not to resist and to be loyal to the kings of times.

Well, it could sensed, the moment an outsider talks to these ‘top academicians’ of the university all he/she would hear: "I, Me and Myself" who seem to have ostracized in their egos.

And most a time they would brag about their achievement much more than their actual worth. However, in their cocooned lives they think others are interested in hearing them without realizing that they are annoying and obviously irking someone.
When it comes to the permanent staff, they too are subjects, but the level of acceptance of orders from the king is least. However, the adhocs, contractual employees are the worst suffers being the ‘third class’ subjects of the var-sity they have to bear the brunt of their kings.

In case of the contractual employees, it is the heads or directors of that department who decides their fate for each day. And the ‘kings’ to best of their abilities use, abuse and reuse them in whatever way they can. Irony is that no one in the varsity is bothered about it. It is not that that those who are at the helm of affairs at top are unaware of these facts but they are putting a blind eye toward this menace.

Interestingly, about each other ‘lead academicians’ of the varsity would share all the scorns you probably would ever have heard of. This speaks volumes about their level of maturity they do possess. All that could be suggested to all of them is please realize that those “I, me and myself” syndrome is plainly egoist and suffering from a vaunted.

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