Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diabetic Foot project launched

"Diabetes India", an internationally reputed organization of Diabetes professionals, researchers and diabetologists, in collaborations with "Merch Serono", a Multinational Company (MNC), today launched for the first time in India, an All- India project on "Diabetic Foot" which will prepare a detailed guideline document for evaluation and management of diabetes related problems affecting the feet in Indian population.

The project was formally launched by Dr. Jitendra Singh, National Executive Member "Diabetes India" and nationally known Professor cum author of Diabetes, at a press conference in the presence of Merck Regional Sales Manager Anil Dubey and Area Business Manager Manoj Sharma.

In his address, Dr. Jitendra Singh said that there is virtually a diabetes epidemic sweeping the globe and even in Jammu and surrounding areas the prevalence of Diabetes is over 15 percent. The major challenge for the next decade would be diabetes in the young as more and more people in younger age group get afflicted by Diabetes and need to be protected from complications of heart, kidneys and eyes for longer number of years, added.

Dr. Jitendra Singh said that "Diabetes India" has earned for itself a place in the world arena for having pioneered several diabetes research initiatives in the past and for also starting free insulin schemes for poor children across the country. It was in recognition of Diabetes India's distinguished achievements in the field of diabetes research that Merck Serona, a reputed MNC had come forward to collaborate on an All India Project on "Diabetic Foot", he added.

Highlighting the importance of the project, Dr. Jitendra Singh said it is an irony that the commonest cause of foot amputation in India next to accidents is diabetes although it is a totally preventable cause. Dr. Jitendra Singh said that diabetic neuropathy causing numbness and lack of sensation in feet is as common as over 60 to 70 % in diabetes patients and also constitutes major factor for foot injuries, foot ulcers and foot infections in Diabetes.

Dr. Jitendra Singh informed that in the Diabetic Foot Project, a mass survey will be undertaken across the country to assess the level of diabetic foot problem and the local medical practitioners will be asked to fill a questionnaire which will form basis of treatment guidelines in the Indian setting.

He said a 14 member diabetoligists penal across India has been constituted and he was appointed incharge North India.

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