Thursday, July 7, 2011

Evening Shift in Jammu Colleges

No more evening shift colleges in Jammu

Evening shift in the two undergraduate Colleges of Jammu i.e., Government Moulana Azad Memorial (PG) College and Government Gandhi Memorial Science College has been discontinued from the ensuing academic session, thereby putting irking students, especially those having lower academic merit.

The evening shift which was started with effect from 1990 in both the colleges in the form of Camp Colleges for the Kashmiri migrants (students) used to accommodate only Kashmiri migrants from their inception till 2000 AD.

Pertinently, the evening shift of these Colleges was affiliated with the University of Kashmir and not the University of Jammu. However, in the year 2000, the status was changed and the Colleges (evening shift) were affiliated with the University of Jammu thereby ending their affiliation with the University of Kashmir.

Another significant development with this was that notwithstanding the earlier status, students from Jammu and Ladakh provinces were also given permission to seek admission in the evening shift of these Colleges. Both the colleges used to accommodate a large number of students in the evening shift, boys as well as girls in contrast to the morning shift in which only boys were admitted then.

As per GGM Science College authorities, a total of 625 students were enrolled in the three classes i.e., B.Sc Part-I, II and III of the Science College (evening shift) last year i.e., session 2010-11 including 307 students in Part-I, 169 students in Part-II and 149 students in Part-III. Similarly, a total of 380 students were enrolled in BA Part-I, II and III in the MAM (PG) College, Jammu.

Even, the fate of the staff is not determined till date. Staff members (evening shift) of both the Colleges, while talking to KTNS said, “We are in a dilemma as what the government is thinking of our future as it hasn’t issued any orders regarding transfers or otherwise for the evening staff”.

When contacted, Principal Government MAM (PG) College Dr. Ajeet Angral said that the students studying in the Evening shift would be accommodated in the Morning College and no one would be made to suffer. Dr. Angral added that girls have also been admitted in the College thereby making it a co-educational institution. However, he didn’t give any clear reply regarding increase in the seats of the Morning College. Principal GGM Science College couldn’t be contacted due to his recent transfer.
However, Commissioner Secretary Higher Education Tanvir Jahan while talking to KTNS said, “We have merged the evening shift with the morning shift due to the lack of staff and other facilities/infrastructure adding that it was done for the welfare of the students.

When enquired about the fate of staff of the evening shift of both the Colleges Tanvir said, “They may be either transferred to some other colleges or absorbed along with the staff of the morning Colleges. However, she didn’t reply to the other queries and disconnected the phone.

When contacted, Minister for Higher Education Abdul Gani Malik said that the evening shift has been merged with the morning colleges, adding that the decision has been taken in consultation with the college professors and principals. Malik further said that it was felt that there was no need to continue the evening shift. He also assured that no student would be made to suffer and all the students studying in the evening shifts of both the colleges would be accommodated in the morning colleges.

However, when asked about the possible increase in the seats capacity of the morning colleges, he failed to give any clear information.

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