Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jayanti of Bhagvaan Gopinath 2011

Jayanti of Bhagvaan Gopinath celebrated with religious gaiety

The 113th Mahajayanti of Jagadguru Bhagvaan Gopinath was celebrated at Bhagvaan Gopinathji Ashram, Udaiwala, Bohri, today with religious fervour and gaiety.

A large number of devotees thronged the Ashram from early in the morning and their number swelled to thousands in the afternoon. The Mahajayanti celebrations started with Paduka Poojan in the morning which was followed by serving of prashad to Sadhus. They were also offered dakshina (offerings in cash) which has been a tradition since Bhagvaanji’s lifetime.

After the Sadhu bhandar, the prasad was also served to devotees and this continued till late in the evening.

On the occasion devotional songs were recited by the devotees which continued till late evening. The celebrations concluded with Aarti at 7.15 pm. There was intense activity throughout the day in the Ashram.

The Ashram has become a Sidha Peeth for the devotees who visit there daily to pay obeisance to Bhagvaan Gopinathji.

The Ashram as well as the administration had made elaborate arrangements for the devotees. The activists of the Trust were deployed as sewadars to guide the devotees on the occasion.

As per a Bhagvaan Gopinath Trust handout, Mahajayanti was also celebrated at various Ashrams of Bhagvaanji throughout the globe. The functions were held at Bhagvaanji’s Ashram at Kharyar Srinagar in Kashmir Valley, Gole Gujral, Jammu, Pamposh Enclave and Vikaspuri, New Delhi, Chambur and Kandivilli, West Mumbai, Kashmir Bhavan, Kothrud, Pune, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jaipur and other places in India and abroad.

All these Ashrams and Satsang Mandals of Bhagvaanji are working to disseminate his ideas of spirituality and universal brotherhood, the handout added.

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