Friday, July 29, 2011

KPs protest Indo Pak dialogue

A protest demonstration was staged by Joint Forum of Kashmiri Pandit organizations in front of Press Club here today to protest against the recently held Indo Pak dialogue. The demonstration was led by senior KP leader and president, All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference, (ASKPC) A N Vaishnavi.

The protestors displaying pla-cards and banners raised slogans denouncing the Indo-Pak talks as sham. They said that these talks would prove counter productive and would only encourage Pakistan and secessionist elements in the State.

The Joint Forum leaders who addressed the demonstration included Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo of PK, Rakesh Kaul of Kashmir Samiti Delhi (KSD), H L Chatta, general secretary, ASKPC, R K Raina, senior vice president, ASKPC, D N Kissu, chairman Non Camp and Virender Raina its spokesperson and women leaders Mohni Koul and Phoola Kaul.

They lambasted the Union Government and said that the manner in which the secessionist elements were facilitated to meet the Pakistan Foreign Minister is shameful. This smacks of a deep rooted conspiracy to undermine the position of the Indian nation and harm its vital national interests. The complicity of Pakistan in arranging meeting with these elements who are bent upon to break India has been established and as such the Government of India should have taken strong and appropriate measures, they added.

Instead it seems that the meeting was facilitated by the Government and was held in full glare of the media.

They said it has shaken the nation and created doubts regarding the sincerity and credibility of the Government in context of Kashmir issue. The manner and conduct of the Government gives rise to fears and suspicions that there may be a sell out being worked out at the cost of the nationalist forces in the State.

They said that time and again, the nationalist forces in the country including the Kashmiri Pandits have made it clear that there is no constituency in the country for negotiating or experimenting over the territory and sovereignty of India in J&K. The KPs have asked the Government of India to initiate a comprehensive dialogue process with the representatives of the community that would ultimately lead to the establishment of a separate homeland for seven lakh KPs in Valley, the added.

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