Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hari Kirtan Mandli performs Mahamartiyunjaya Yagya

The two day long Mahamartiyunjaya Yagya on the auspicious occasion of Avtran Diwas (Incarnation Day) of Sant Shri Asa Ram Bapu Ji was organised by Hari Kirtan Satsang Mandli, Durga Nagar near here. 

The Yagya was performed yesterday which was followed by Kirtan and Satsang today.

A large number of devotees drawn from different parts of the Jammu thronged the Samaj Sudhar community Hall which was the venue of the Panch Kundies MahaYagya in the two day long religious function. They chanted the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and offered Ahuti to the Yagya. 

The Yagya was also solemnized to spread Bapu Ji’s message of universal brotherhood, love, peace, fraternity and prosperity of entire mankind irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion and language.

On the occasion president of Satsangh Mandli, Bushan Lal Bhat said that if any real relation exists in world it is that of Guru with disciple. While the relationship of the Guru with disciple emancipates the disciple form all, the bindings of ignorance, other all relationships increase bondage, he added.

He said it is the only highest grace of the Guru, which brings about the real welfare of the disciple and frees him from the bondages of the world.
The Bhajan Sandya was held yesterday and it continued upto late in the evening. The Kirtan was held today and it continued upto afternoon which was followed by serving of prashad to devotees.

Till day such type of five Yagyas have been performed since 2005.

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