Monday, March 19, 2012

Tajikistan Ambassador in jammu Kashmir

Tajikistan Ambassador visits shrines of Shah -
i-Hamdan, Bulbul Shah

The Ambassador of Tajikistan, Saidbeg Saidov today visited the Shrines of Hazrat Bulbul Shah (RA) and Hazrat Shahi-i- Hamdan (RA) and paid obeisance there.

The Ambassador, who is the descendent of Hazrat Shah-i-Hamdan(RA) and belongs to Qulab Khatlan, is on a visit to Kashmir Valley. He visited the shrine of Hazrat Bulbul Shah(RA) and said that the great spiritual personality is considered one of the esteemed saints not only in Kashmir but in entire world. He said that it was under his spiritual influence that King of Kashmir Hazrat Sadr-u-din in 13th century adopted realistic way of life and proved his acumen under the moral guidance of Hazrat Bulbul Shah (RA) . He also paid obeisance at the shrine of Hazrat Sadr-u-Din (RA).

The Ambassador immediately after paying obeisance at Mazar-i-sharief of Hazrat Bulbul Shah(RA) proceeded via Aali Kadal and Zaina Kadal route to Khankah-i-Moula where he was received by Mujjawirs and respectable personalities of the area.

He was shown the historical sacred 600 year old holy manuscript of holy Quran written by Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamdani(RA). He offered prayers at Khankah. He was also presented a copy of Awrad Fatehya on the occasion.

On the occasion, Kh. Farooq Renzushah, Chairman Hazrat Bulbul Shah Trust, Er. Afaq Chesti, Chairman Khawaja Garib Nawaz Trust, Head of Department, Islamic Research Institute, Kashmir University, Hameed Naseem Rafiabadi and other respectable citizens of the area were present.

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