Friday, March 9, 2012

45426 ReTs Engaged 25054 Regularized

Minister for Medical Education, R. S. Chib informed the Legislative Council today that 45426 ReTs were engaged in the State since the inception of the scheme. He said of them, 25054 ReTs have been regularized so far.

Replying to a question of Jehangir Hussain Mir, the Minister said the proposal for enhancement of honorarium of ReTs has been submitted to Finance Department for consideration.

Replying to a question of Dr. S. Bashir Ahmad Veeri, the Minister told the House that in respect of administrative posts and non-clinical teaching and tenure posts of Medical Education Department and rest of the doctors have not been banned for practicing in the interest of general public.

The Minister said setting aside the circular instructions of Education Department, the High Court has also imposed ban on private practice by the doctors and adding that Government would take a decision soon in this regard.

Meanwhile, Minister for Social Welfare, Sakina Itoo told the House today that a joint representation of 32 villages of Mohar Garh Panchayat has been received by the backward commission.

Replying to a question of Master Noor Hussain, the Minister said the matter has been referred to the concerned Deputy Commissioner for details on socio-economic position of the area. She said as and when, the information is received, the cases would be placed before the commission for consideration.

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