Saturday, March 3, 2012

Model village without basic amenities

Despite having been declared as model village about five years back, Pachound village in Dudu Basantgarh (Udhampur district) is still without basic amenities.

According to Naib Sarpanch Karnail Singh and Panch Subash Chander, have alleged that Government claims to provide basic facilities at the door step have remained on papers only, as there was no road connectivity and the villagers are compelled to cover a distance of about 25 km on foot and horse is still the major mode of transport.

Both said what to talk of electricity supply the people use the primitive method of Mashaal and candles for lighting. The people go to other ward for getting charged their mobile phones, while the people have been struggling for over a decade even for ration and they have to travel to another village to collect daily routine goods.

They added that there was no banking facility in this model village and there is also no healthcare facility and people have to travel to Kirkiri ward which is 5 km from Allopathic Dispensary on foot. At Government High School Pachound there are only six teachers including headmaster against 220 students. They said a TV set was provided to school in the year 2009, but till date there is no electricity provided yet. They added that Computer Lab was constructed by Rural Development Department but without computer and the electricity.

Both stated that the post of Headmaster, Middle School Kirkiri is lying vacant since long, both maintained adding that authorities have been approached many times but without any tangible results. The residents of the area have appealed the Chief Minister to look into the matter and redress the genuine grievances.

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