Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moderate rains in Valley

Following a warm sunny day, moderate showers of rainfall lashed valley this evening. Rainfall was experienced in most parts of the valley accompanied by strong winds. Rainfall continued till filing of this report.

"This is just a brief spell of rain which will not cause any major disruption of life. It will get better soon," said Sonum Lotus, director meteorological department.

Meteorological Department has predicted moderate to light rain and snowfall across the state of Jammu and Kashmir from the evening of March 4 till March 7.

Sonum Lotus said higher reaches of the state will receive moderate snowfall. Plain areas of Jammu and Kashmir region will experience rainfall.

“From evening of March 4, we are expecting precipitation in the form of rain and snow across the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu regions will receive moderate rainfall as well,” said Sonum.

There will be a dip in the day temperatures while night temperatures shall rise by few degrees. Sonum ruled out the possibility of heavy snowfall anywhere in the valley.

He, however, cautioned people planning to travel across Jammu –Srinagar national highway.“People are suggested to consider the weather forecast before traveling in order to avoid inconveniences.”The month of February received persistent precipitation in the form of rain and snow across Kashmir, intercepted by brief sunny days. The total precipitation recorded during the month of February is 79 mm. In 2011, 100.9mm of precipitation was recorded, 88.9 mm in 2010, 108.9 minimum 2009 for the month of February.

The month of January has received more precipitation this year against past two year. This January recorded 60mm of precipitation which is above normal. In 2011, 54 mm of precipitation was recorded while in 2010, January saw 24 mm of precipitation.

This year December recorded below normal precipitation. While 48 mm of rainfall is normal for the month of December, 33mm of precipitation was recorded during this December.

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